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My Wife Gets Fucked at Our Friends Party

My wife Vi looked just great – red pleated skirt, black low cut top, red high heels and as we had just got back from holiday, she was bare legged, her dark brown tan on legs, shoulders, face making her look very attractive and sexy, her slim size 10 figure accentuated by her trim waist, the top tight over her lovely little boobs and bra, fine gold chains around her neck and ankle. So, wasn’t too surprised to see her being chatted up by a young good looking guy, probably mid-30s, twenty years younger than me and Vi, made me feel very proud I had a wife so attractive and exuding sex appeal!

We were at our friends Sunday afternoon party and as the weather was sunny and warm we had spilled out into their garden. We had spent the first twenty minutes together then split up to circulate amongst friends and people we hadn’t met. After chatting to friends it was a good hour before I went to seek out Vi but left her to continue chatting with her young man, secretly glad she was deep in conversation with one of the most eligible guys at the party, someone I didn’t recognise, presumably a friend of our friends.
At some stage someone put on some music, sixties Tamla Motown, and when I went in to check, Vi and her man were dancing. Vi is a good dancer, I’m not, and so was he so she was enjoying herself, I left them to it, going out into the garden to chat with an old golfing friend. It must have been another hour and a half when Vi came out to find me.
Where is your boyfriend I asked. His name is Paul and had to leave, collect his wife at the airport, Vi replied. Do you want to stay or shall we go? I felt she was a little down so agreed, noticing the small red mark on her neck. Was that a love bite? When we got back I was surprised to be asked by Vi if I wanted sex. I don’t need to be asked and we went to the bedroom, pulled the curtains shut and made love, Vi very amorous, very horny, Vi going on top so she ‘could feel me deep inside her’. When I climaxed, shot my lot up inside her, Vi gave out an appreciative ‘oh yes, that feels fantastic, so very good’ before coming off me only to put my cock in her mouth to suck me for a good five minutes.
Only then did I notice how wet Vi’s knickers were. They were on the bed and my hand fell on them. I picked them up, smelt the dirty, dusky aroma they gave off, very exciting, and had to ask, ‘At the party…did you and Paul have sex?’ She gave me a dirty look, ‘…what a thing to ask your wife…and anyway, what do you care? You left me with him, why should you care what we got up to?’ I snorted in feigned disgust ‘I did no such thing… you were deep in conversation with him when I did come to get you…and you were dancing with him when I came back much later…’
She ignored my answer, ‘You left your wife high and dry…’ I cut in, ‘I left you with a very good looking young guy who was obviously taken with you, a very attractive mature lady with a sexy tan, a short skirt showing off her tanned shapely legs, high heels, low cut top…I felt very proud of my wife, pulling a young good looking bloke!’
She placed a hand on my neck, ‘You were proud of me? Why?’ We kissed and as I broke off, I told her, ‘I have a very attractive wife who dressed to kill, a wife who exudes sex appeal, and it worked. She pulled the only good looking young guy at the party and he was obviously very happy engaging in conversation with her…so, did you have it away with him?’
Vi gave me a look of deep suspicion, suspecting a trap, ‘Why did you leave me alone with him then? You must have wanted it, otherwise you would have come over to join us…you left us alone, hoping something would happen…’ I gave her a quick peck on the check. ‘Darling, I’m not angry or jealous…fact is I’m very proud of my wife having it away with a young good looking fella! You going to tell me all about it?’
And so Vi told me all about it. The chatting was very enjoyable she said. He wasn’t just good looking but had a great personality, very knowledgeable, very funny, and knew the firm Vi worked for. They started their conversation in the lounge where he was very complimentary about her tan, comparing notes about the place we’d been on holiday on the Algarve.
At some point they got drinks top-ups and went into the garden, talking to some of our friends before returning to the lounge when the music started. For a long time it was fast records like ‘Dancing in the street’ then someone put on slow records.
‘That’s when I should have said I must get back to my husband but I didn’t, I wanted to keep dancing with him and with his arms around me I began to feel very sexy. So did he, I was very horny when I felt he had a hard on I just pressed against it, he pressed back. Then we kissed, really passionately…amazing, you could have walked in at that point and got really annoyed! But you didn’t turn up and when we stopped kissing he said ‘shall we go somewhere?’ I told him I was a happily married lady and he shouldn’t lead me astray but I couldn’t have sounded very convincing, he took my hand and we walked to his car and we did it on the back seat.’
‘Just like that?’ I asked. ‘Did anyone see you?’ ‘No,’ said Vi, ‘it was a Range Rover, the back seat can’t be seen from outside, don’t think so…Following a passionate snogging session I eventually opened Paul’s flies, eased out his cock, took it in my mouth thinking he wanted a blow job. He didn’t, he wanted the real McCoy and after ten minutes of me sucking Paul asked me if I’d like to ride him. Sure, that’s what I also want! So I pulled a few inches of my knickers away, slid down on his cock, what a fabulous feeling that was, he was so big inside me! Then it got better, I rode up and down on him, I went into an amazing mindblowing ecstasy, moaning out, I rode him for another good ten minutes before he finally climaxed, shot his whole lot inside me, great feeling, felt the warmth his stuff all over my tummy. Then I returned to the real world and realised I had a husband somewhere so went back, freshened up and went to look for you, trying to walk properly with my knickers soaking wet with Paul’s stuff.’
So that was how my sexy wife got fucked at our friends party, the first time with another guy in 23 years of marriage, making me a very happy husband who now has a wife who has tasted fresh cock and no longer objects to us looking for a single guy to join us for a threesome and happy knowing I have no objections to her going on the date with that guy at work who has been asking her out for months!

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