Sunday , November 27 2022

My wife got banged – My Inner Development to Be Sissy

Hi I am Ravi, 28 year old from Delhi 5.8, slim, hairless and minimal facial hairs. I am married for 3 years, my wife Shivika is 24, 5.4, slim and beautiful. I was in crossdressing since my school days. I use to wear my sister’s and mom’s clothes when nobody used to be at home. In 12th class I lost my virginity to a college guy whom I met online but that another story, I will tell you guys later. Even in college and after that before marriage I had many boyfriends and they all fucked me as there girlfriend. But things got changed after I got married arranged by my parents. Even in front of my wife I once had tried to wear female clothes but my wife didn’t liked it and got angry on me.

The story I am going to tell you today is of how my wife got banged by a group of people and how I restarted crossdressing with my wife’s approval and help. 6 months back we went to Bangkok for 1 week holiday. We stayed in a 5 star hotel there which had an awesome pub. So after roaming around whole day we came back to hotel and went to the pub after getting fresh. I was wearing jeans and t-shirt and Shivika was wearing a short black dress with hot smokey makeup and high heels, she was looking so hot even more hot then the hookers.

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