Monday , January 30 2023

My wife is a public prey

The story is challenging enough, that is, how the whole thing developed. Having not had meaningful sexual intercourse with my wife for some years now, well, I began thinking about HER needs. Perhaps toys and a variety of penises were the answer, however I further thought perhaps something deeper was involved here. What my wife REALLY needed was a man who would fuck her long and deeply…(forget the toys). And this wouldn’t be easy, as she was never with anyone other than myself since she was sixteen years of age.

The Plan:
To keep this story of moderate length and straight, I began then to seriously consider my options…that is…for available men I mean. Eventually the list shortened to my good friend Al, who handled our automotive maintenance regularly, and whom I knew Susan (my darling wife) was…well…much attracted to. His dark brownish hair, handsome face and muscular body…well…most women would respond somewhat with lust. Yet there was something more to her gazing at him whenever my wife and I were near him. And so I decided to call Al and have a serious conversation regarding Susan’s needs as a woman and wife.

Al of course asked me what in the hell was I suggesting? So I answered plainly: “…look friend…my wife and I both have known you for years…and I’m not entirely unaware of how you two are together alone…when I’m at work, and she’s here with you and the car. She’s constantly telling me of her admiration for you, and now I really do need your help…understand?”

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