Monday , January 30 2023

My wife is seduced by friends

My name is Peter and I thought I had most things going
for me. I have a reasonably good job trouble shooting
for big power plants and I have a gorgeous wife. In
fact my wife Jenny was better than gorgeous she was a
knock out. Her 5ft 8inch figure with log slender legs
and 36c bust, coupled with her long auburn her and
come to bed eyes had long made her the envy of every
man that laid eyes on her. Yes all in all I feel I am
was a lucky man and at 29 years old both me and my
wife had lots to look forward.

And yet, and yet I wanted one thing more. I wanted a
promotion. I wanted not to have to be sent around the
country at a drop of a hat or more particularly at the
say so of my boss Jason. I knew if I could get one
grade higher I could become office based and have the
more settled life style that would allow me and Jenny
the chance to raise children.

Jenny had dropped enough hints recently that she was
ready to start a family. Coming from a catholic family
she was expecting to have several children and she
kept saying that time was marching on. She was right
of course but I just needed that promotion.

And so here I was again working away and holed up in
this cottage in the country for two weeks. Still my
wife had agreed to come and spend a few days with me
which brightened my mood. That was until my boss Jason
rang to say he was coming up to the cottage as he had
to carry out an additional audit. Great I thought,
there goes my chances of a romantic time with Jenny.

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