Tuesday , March 21 2023

My wife Jenny meets up with a bunch of us guys in a hotel and gets used as a fuckslut

It was the night I had been waiting for, the night my
wife Jenny was going to be gang fucked. Everything was
in place the room at the hotel was booked, the guys
were ready and my slut wife was horny and willing to be
used as a sex toy by the men. It has long been a
fantasy, but this night made it reality.

Jenny was hot, on the week leading up to the gangbang
she was wet most of the time, in the car while driving
she would open her legs and get me to feel her wetness,
one day coming back from an antique shop she was so
horny that we stopped on the side of a country road,
parked under some trees and I fucked her like crazy she
was so turned on, she didn’t care who might see us.

She stripped off her top and skirt and I mounted her in
the front seat of our car. I couldn’t help but look at
my hard cock pumping in and out of her dripping pussy
and thinking, this is going to be what Greg sees and
feels on Friday night. Greg is a friend I found for her
on the web. Greg has already played with her once
before, fingering her and jerking off on her tits while
I watched and jerked off in a chair in a hotel room
approximately 3 months ago.

But on Friday it would go to the gangbang level, Jeff,
Robert and Callum were also going to be there with the
three of us, that works out to 5 cocks and 1 pussy, and
man was my slut wife gonna get a good fucking she

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