Thursday , March 30 2023

My wife knew more people than I at this extravagant party

It was all about her people and those with whom she
worked. It would have been forgettable but for the
fierce storm raging outside, letting loose cracks of
thunder which made women jump and squeal, and
especially but for the silver-plated bonus of the
electric Diana, who may have been one of my wife’s
people but who was also at the peak of an illicit,
dangerous and thrilling affair with me.

I was at the edge of the big room, leaning my lanky
frame indolently against the wall and watching her
avidly, and she knew that’s what I was doing as she
chatted with a group of people including my wife,
because her eyes kept flashing in my direction. I was
watching Diana, slim and sexy in her little black
dress, when an impossibly bright flash of lightning
dragged my eyes to the big windows. Bang. All the
lights went out.

Ladies who did not like blackouts, and that means most
of them, screamed and moaned. My brain, however, was
faster than a lightning bolt and I moved quickly and
directly towards the point where Diana had been
standing. I groped for and found her hand in the chaos
and pulled her clear of the throng and into the
corridor. I pressed her against the wall and kissed her
urgently but briefly.
“Quick,” I whispered. “We may not have much time.”

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