Thursday , March 30 2023

My wife makes me her willing cuckold again as we spend a wild three days in Dallas

My name is Matt and I love to watch my wife Alana fuck
other men. In case you did not read our previous story,
“Alana”, which can be found in Directory 68, allow me to
give you a little of our background. My wife Alana is
strikingly beautiful, with amazing green eyes and long,
thick dark hair. She is 37 years old and she still turns
heads as she walks down the street.

She is 5’4″ tall, and even though she carries a little
extra weight in her butt and thighs, she has an amazing
body. She has three young sons from a previous marriage
and when we met her once spectacular D-cup boobs had
sagged from breastfeeding. As a wedding present I had
paid for a top notch surgeon to redo her tits to their
original glory, and she is now a perfect embodiment of
sexiness and beauty.

I am 41 year old successful attorney. I was a confirmed
bachelor when Alana and I met a year ago. I keep in good
shape and have always enjoyed a healthy sex life. In
contrast to my confident demeanor in business, I have
always had a slightly submissive side sexually, due
mostly to my feeling that my not quite six inch dick was
on the smallish side. My wife, on the other hand, enjoys
being somewhat dominant and take charge in bed, so we
are a perfect match.

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