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My Wife Shares Me With Another Man – My wife had a secret that I never knew about

What was I going to do? I never knew I had these kinds of feelings. I was never that good in bed. But last night with my wife and what she asked me to do for her. I just didn’t know. Could I really share her with another man? Not only that could I even be with another man. Did I love her that much to do this for her. I will admit when the idea came up she was a lot more adventurous in bed I got to do things that she doesn’t like. If this was a sign of things to come and it made her happy well what was I suppose to do.

The fun that we had leading up to it was great. I got home from work one night and there she was standing in the kitchen with nothing on holding a carrot gesturing me to walk over to her. If I had to tell you who my wife looked like just picture Allyson Hannigan but a little taller. Her body was so perfect. The light shining of her breast creating a perfect picture shadow on the kitchen floor. She was now rubbing the carrot between her legs over her clit in circular motions. I could see the shine coming from the carrot. I knew she was enjoying this.

When I got closer she lifted the carrot to my lips and told me to suck it. It was a bit weird. But trust me. I would do anything for her right now. My cock was so hard. It was almost hurting. I have never had a hard on like that before and I was not letting something like this spoil it. I opened my mouth and she slowly slid it in. She was telling me what to do. “I want to teach you the art of sucking a man’s cock” I almost chocked. “You have to your throat adjusted to it first before taking more in”. I was doing the best I could since this was my first time but my gag reflex’s got the better of me.

She pulled it out and demonstrated for me. This was amazing. To think that my wife was like this. She was always so prim and proper when it comes to our sex lives. (She told me what changed her. Obviously that is another story for another time. Trust me you will love it). I went to adjust myself and she slapped my hand away. “You leave that to me.” She handed me the carrot and said watch me and then do it. She had my shoes and pants of before I even go the carrot to my mouth. She pushed me back into the chair and started the demonstration.

She held the base of my Cock like a vice. She could sense that this wouldn’t take long and was applying the pressure to help slow the process. “First you assess the cock, then lean in forward and lick it like this…” She slowly liked from bottom to top then back down again. She kept constant eye contact with me the whole time. “Now when you get back to the top you like the eye and you do this a few times….” I was doing the best I can to keep up with here with the carrot but watching this display of cock sucking was amazing. “Now that you have done that here is the best part. First do it slow and allow for yourself to adjust and then pick up your pace and try not using your teeth too much.” Then she started

I didn’t know how long I was going to last. I kept trying to do what she had asked me. I was watching her head going up and down on my cock. She kept paying special attention to the top of my penis. Every now and then she would suck it like a lolly pop and making a suction popping noise when she released it from her mouth. I loved it the most when I looked down and could see her frantically with her other hand fingering herself. I have never seen my wife do this. I have always wanted to. But she refused. Watching her suck my cock and play with her pussy was driving me over the edge.

Just then I realised why she was playing with her pussy because she was lubing her fingers up for what was to come. She took her mouth of my cock but kept her vice like hold on my penis. She placed her tongue at the base and slowly started going to the top of my cock. As she did this she looked up at me again and said “Now I know that this is something that they will love” Without any warning she place two fingers at the base of my anus and slowly slide them in. Now we were entering a whole new thing. I didn’t want it to go this far but the feeling was amazing. She started to move them back and forwards. This was begining to be too much.

She started going faster and faster. Now she was taking me fully in her mouth. This moment was the moment that changed our lifestyle and marriage forever. She kept going she could feel it building up. I started to squirm as the feeling I just wanted it to last as long as it could. She was still looking at me with my cock in her mouth those eyes piercing into my soul. I will never forget that look. She stopped for a brief moment but still pumping my ass with her fingers. “Don’t fight it. I want you to cum in my mouth. Let me taste you.” She placed her lips on around the tip of my cock and in one swift move. Took the lot and started deep throating me.

This was it; I was finally going to cum. My wife in the past has always said no and let me cum on her tits or her ass when I was doing her from behind but never would swallow. She pushed her fingers as far as she could and held them there. I started holding the back of her head and could tell she was enjoying every moment. I tensed and she held her position. Wave after wave of cum just kept pumping out. This was amazing. I didn’t want it to stop.

She wouldn’t move her head. Once I stopped she just kept sucking and sucking like she was disappointed that she didn’t get as much as she wanted and was hoping for more. I had to stop her as the feeling was too much. I looked down at her as I lifted her head of my cock. She had cum around her chin and could still see that she had some in her mouth. She slowly made her way up to me and told me to open my mouth. This was going too far. Maybe I could suck a guy of once in a while if this was going to be the pay off. But tasting my own cum. I don’t know.

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