Tuesday , March 21 2023

My wife’s best friend photographs our loving

“Go to the bedroom and get naked” Erica told me.
Turning to Dianne with a grin she added “We’ll be in
there in just a few minutes.” Dianne grinned back at

I was only too happy to obey, but I wondered what they
had in mind. Bondage, maybe? Not really Dianne’s style.

Not a threesome: Dianne was clear that when we married
she was taking that “forsaking all others” vow
seriously and expected me to do the same if I wanted to
keep her.

It wouldn’t be lesbian action either:

These women had known each other since elementary
school. When they wanted to dump their high school
boyfriends it was Erica who got the game of strip poker
going and cheated the boys naked before leaving them
“standing” there.

On the other hand, when I came into the picture Erica
supported everything Dianne did to land me. On our
wedding day it was Erica who gave Dianne a bath and
bikini wax before helping her into the wedding dress.
At the reception she told Di “I feel like I just gained
a brother!”

Yeah, there’s no telling what those two have planned
for me I thought as the last sock came off. Any minute
they’d be in here. My penis was rising to half staff

Any minute now.

Any time now.

I wonder what’s taking so long.

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