Sunday , May 28 2023

My Wife’s First Big Lover

This entire story is abosultely true. I had never heard of the work “cockhold”, until two monthes ago. I stumbled upon it on the web. I thought I was weird until reading some of the other stories here and I decided to share mine.

It all started a couple of years ago. My wife had not been with very many guys before we were married, so I thought I would let her try sleeping with someone else. When I first told her the idea, she said, “No way. I’m happy with you.” That night I told her what it would be like while we were having sex. She became very turned on by the thought of seeing another man and letting him have sex with her. I told her lets try it that weekend. She said ok, but she was still very nervous and unsure.

The weekend and came and the plan was developed. She did not want me to be there, so she said she would go out with our two neighbor friends, Kelly and Tiffany. That night I treated her to a warm bath and washed every part of her body. Then I dried her off and helped her get dressed. She was so turned on already that she wanted to have sex. I knew that if she did, she would change her mind when it was over so I told her not yet. Wait until you get home and you can tell me about your experience. They left about 8:00pm and now the waiting game began. I watched t.v. and paced the floors. The time went by so slowly. I tried going to sleep, but couldn’t. Finally she came home at 4:00am.

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