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Nafeesa fucked by driver Abdul

I am Nafeesa aged 21, doing my PG. My elder sister Ameena had an affair with our driver Abdul and they fuck regularly either in the car or at home in the bedroom. Abdul was a handsome guy and I too am interested in getting into sex relationship with him. I was already close to my lecturer who stays back to help me in the lab. He is Latheef, nice fellow, married, but very fond of me.
I tried to avoid his advances but he is very handsome and very well behaved and loveable. In the lab he used to touch me in places which set fire in me. I do not expect he will do this, but it so happens. His cock was a good shaped tool, which I like to suck. When the crowd in the lab is thin, Latheef sir used to unzip and take out his cock and put it right in front of my face.
I cannot but suck it. He will take it back when somebody moves inside and is likely to see us. His cock was always erect and he had a knack of hiding it. He was not in a hurry to fuck me. When I suggested fucking he said not today later sometimes. I used to go home dripping in my panty. Sometimes the wetness used to come out. I cover it with my shawl.
Abdul used to come to the college to pick me up. I did not know then that by that time he would have fucked Ameena two or three times. My heat would not have subsided and the taste of the cock of Latheef would be lingering in my mouth, when Abdul opens the door for me. Since nobody would know it I thought why not ask Abdul to fuck me and lower my tension.
I knew that my sister Ameena would know of it. Ameena had told me a lot about the sexual proves of Abdul. She said he had immense holding capacity and can go on and on for any length of time. My problem is not for holding capacity. I am already at the brim. All that I want is that he should just enter me, thats all. I will blow into pieces.
When Abdul opens the door my eyes wander at his crotch. He wears white cotton pyjama. Sometimes he does not wear any undies. I could notice the shadow of his long rod dangling between his thighs. I usually sit in the rear, where Ameena sits in the front along with him. In the rear I can conveniently go on pressing my pussy with my hand and keep the heat on till I reach home.
As soon as I reach home I just run into the bath room and masterbate with my finger or any object getting into my hands. if I happen to go abroad and go for shopping I could go and buy a nice dildo which will have plenty of work in our home. Becase of this gentleman Latheef, I have to think of sex only all the time I am awake.
If he just fucks and make me reach my climax, I can forget about it and go about with my other work. Because he leaves it half done, I go around pressing my pussy and think of sex always. When I see Abdul, I think about his cock, or any other male member I can think only about the probable length of their cock, its shape or its color etc.
Sometime I used to think that I am a weird character. Not at all normal like any other girl. Once when I went to a big shop I asked for some hair removing wax or cream. The sales girl showed me a variety of brands and started to explain the features. I bought one and brought home and asked Razia to help me to apply it. She did it happily because she too can use it.
We both stood with all the public hair removed. It looked beautiful. But people will appreciate only when one sees it. We cannot go on showing it all friends and relatives like a new dress of jewel. I appreciated Razia and she appreciated me. She ran her hand over mine and I over hers. It was smooth and fine and shining. Suddenly Razia bent her head and kissed my pussy.
Her lips lingered over my pussy and over my clitoris for a little longer time than is necessary. It felt very good. I asked her to kiss once more. She wants to make me happy, afterall she is my sister. I should also make her happy. We kissed on each other’s pussy. Till we get a male cock we will practice lesbian habits. Ameena thinks she is superior and does not join us nowadays.
Our father informed that they have got a good alliance for Ameena. A boy in gulf. They send his photo and family details. He is said to be well educated and with good family background. He is said to be making lot of money. From the photo he looked handsome. They should have sent the photo of his dick. The day for the marriage was fixed.
Frenzied shopping of jewellery, clothes and other items for the whole family. Our papa came with other relatives. Groom and his relatives came. Nikha was conducted as per the practice. Bride and the groom met. He came to get to know us. He had an array of younger brothers. The couple went out to meet relatives and then for a honey moon. Ameena looked happy and cheerful.
We got her for a moment. We asked her how was it. She said she got a pounding machine. So far so good. She seemed happy. Within a month there was a proposal from them for two of his brothers to me and Razia. Poor Abdul having fucked Ameena for some time, felt the sense of loss and was frantically trying to contact me or Razia.
We both travelled with him daily and he could not get us singly. I just wanted to try him once. I asked him that I will accompany my mother when she goes to the doctor. Once Amma is inside, we knew it will take two hours for her to complete her treatment. The doctor himself massaged her whole body. I came out and asked Abdul we will go for a small shopping.
Abdul was happy. We went to a shop, I bought some pills and a packet of condom. I asked Abdul to take me to the secluded spot whether he used to take Ameena. He looked up and smiled. We went to the woods and I asked him to come and sit in the back seat. The fellow never wears any underwear and when he was entering the car I could see his tool dangling between his legs.
He knew I am also going to get married soon and I stretched myself in the back seat and asked him to kiss me in my pussy. He untied my pyjama and I spread my legs to the extent possible and he buried his face into my hairless pussy. His strong tongue was working on various pleasure spots and I was very aroused.
He then took out his tool and he came on me and inserted his cock into my pussy. I was no virgin, but this is the first time I am subjected to a real fuck. Abdul took his own time, causing me pain, to make a total insertin and e started to fuck, he managed his weight on his own hands and did not make me feel the weight. He went on and on. I got my first orgasm.
My whole pelvic area received the pleasures of the climax. But Abdul was going on pounding. Again I was working up for my second. And it came abundantly. But he was not aware of it went on pounding. I asked him to bring it to a close. After two more strokes he pulled out his tool and wiped it in his own lungi. I got up. My own fluids were there in abundance.
I had a towel and wiped it clean and we went back to pick up our amma. I did not speak to Abdul not even thanked him. I told Razia about my experience. Our marriages were getting close. All the purchases were already over. We have to under go the ceremony and get ready for the nuptials. Ameena had gone with her husband abroad and now it is our turn to go.
Both the marriages were conducted together and we had two bedrooms made ready. The person who married me was employed in the govt service and the person who married Razia was a business man. We both had separate houses luxuriously furnished. We left to enter our new life with out husbands.

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