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Namrata’s sexual Fantasy Chapter 1

There was a sudden sound at the door of the office and the two women looked and Namrata cried out.

The security guard of the school, Mukesh Tiwari, was standing there in the doorway. Mukesh looked at the two women lying naked on the floor. He was totally confused. In fact, he had heard some sounds from Principal’s office and he came there to check. Before that day, Vandana always used to inform Mukesh when she stayed back for some work after regular school hours. Vandana had forgot to inform him today and also to lock the door after she got water for their drinks 15-20 minutes back.
Mukesh was 28 years old pathaan and married with 3 kids. He was well built with athletic body.

Namrata was shocked and dismayed but Vandana was calm. “Koi baat nahin, ab tu andar aa hi gaya hai to tu bhi hamare saath aish kar le” Vandana vinked at him and Namrata.
Namrata was really stunned at her boldness, but the whisky and the erotic atmosphere combined to weaken her to the point of yielding.
“Tera lund to hamen nangi dekh kar khada ho hi gaya hoga” Vandana said lustfully, looking at his crotch.
Mukesh couldn’t believe his luck. Without delay, he stripped his clothes. His lund dangled like huge salami halfway down to his knees. It was at least nine inches long. His balls were huge, like two hen’s eggs hanging in a pink sac. Namrata was now grinning from ear to ear. Mukesh’s lund was straight up in the air.
Namrata looked at his penis and sat there with her mouth open and said, “hey bhagwaan…” She reached over and put her hand on his lund, she could not reach all the way around it, and said, “maine pahle kabhi itna bada lavda nahin dekha.”

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