Monday , January 30 2023

Namrata’s sexual Fantasy Chapter 2

Namrata was simply amazed by the lesbian sex she had with Vandana. She had enjoyed sex so much with men and boys but it couldn’t have been as good as with the other woman, Namrata thought. Because other woman knows how to fuck you so good, and she never gets tired. She can just go on doing it to you, and you can do it to her, until neither of you can lift a finger anymore.

After the thrill of their first climaxes subsided, Vandana put on music and they lit cigarettes and poured whisky in their glasses. The music and the gin made Namrata feel so good that she stood up and started dancing in front of Vandana. She swayed in her high heels before Vandana’s fascinated gaze. She ran her hands over her body, and moaned softly, and danced naked in front of Vandana. Soon Vandana, half-hypnotized by her whisky and Namrata’s murky, irresistible sensuality, stood and began to dance, too. Like Namrata, she caressed her own body, and the two naked women circled each other in the glowing tube-light, swaying in time with the music, yearning and swaying and teasing one another as their bare, excited bodies drew close together, then tantalizingly slipped away. They danced until the record played itself out.

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