Thursday , March 30 2023

Naughty stepdaughter

The feeling of my wife’s mouth on my cock was a very welcome wakeup that morning, she was working her mouth like crazy creating a wonderful suction and working her tongue on the head each time she came up for air. Then it hit me, she had never given me head like this, and I remembered she had already left for work. I looked down to see my 17 year old stepdaughter, naked and sucking my cock like crazy! I must have jumped, because she looked up at me and smiled, well, as best she could with my cock filling her mouth, I must have looked pretty shocked because she giggled, but I grew even harder and she started sucking even harder.

This was a fantasy come true, I had been lusting after her for about 3 years, right after I met her mother, when I first saw her in a bikini. I never made a pass but looked as much as I could, peeking a few times to see her naked, and what a sight! Great body, firm round ass, long brown hair and a set of 36D’s with pale pink areoles and pencil thick, half inch high nipples, I must have jacked off 3 times a week to thoughts of her, as well as sometimes imagining it was her I was fucking instead of her mother (who had a great body, DD’s and loved to fuck and suck). But here I was with her naked and sucking me like an expert!

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