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Neha’s erotic office tryst

Trn Trn… The sudden sound of alarm filled the room with a loud blast. Neha suddenly woke up with a start. It took sometime for her to realize the blaring of alarm clock. With a long sigh she turned towards the side table and turned off the alarm clock. Since it was already 5 AM she was running late for her office. The Delhi traffic will take another hour and she had to be in office by 7 AM.

She took off her clothes and picked up the toothbrush lying on the washbasin. While brushing her teeth her eyes inadvertently turned towards her figure. At 33 her body had matured perfectly. The ripe perky breasts measuring 34 C with brown nipples were envy of other girls and turned every male head wherever she went. Not to mention her jet-black hair flowing till her waist added to her misty alure. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches she was a beauty everyone desired but only a handful can touch. At 33 she was still single but it didn’t matter to Neha. She was finding her place in the corporate ladder and marriage can wait. Rest she had few lovers in past to service her ever growing needs. Even last night she had dreamed of a hard lund (dick) ravaging her and she had woken with a start. She needed to get laid soon.

After finishing her chores. She ran towards the car. Neha lived in a sprawling mansion in the posh suburbs of Vasant Kunj in South Delhi. This locality was famous for having the houses of some top politicians and celebrities. No doubt her colleagues thought that she was one of the silver spoon children of the big shot. But reality was far from it.

The house was owned by her father Girjadhar Sharma. Mr. Sharma owned few pharmaceutical factories in the beautiful town of Dehradun. He was a millionaire and had every luxury a man can dream of. He had always dreamed of a son who will carry on his business empire but when Neha was born in 1988 July, he was disappointed. He wanted a son.

His disappointment was further increased to despair when the doctor advised the couple that they can’t have more children since Mr. Sharma’s wife was frail and any more pregnancy can kill her. The love of his wife Mansi kept him sane. But sometimes while drinking his usual Chivas whisky alone, the sadness used to return and he would start cursing Gods.

The honking of the car behind her brought Neha to present and she moved her car to change the lanes to faster ones. But the traffic was not moving. Neha slid down the window.

The cold August breeze relaxed her. The slow drizzle of rain brought back memories of childhood and Neha was once again lost in those memories.

She had tried her best to win her father’s approval. But every certificate she won, every debate she won or any exam she cleared with top ranks had no effect. It seems Girjadhar Sharma had locked himself in his own world and accepted his fate. He would have to pass down his wealth to his undeserving daughter and that thought was like a constant knife in his aching heart. His wife Mansi, like any housewife had accepted her fate and had devoted her full time in giving her daughter the best of everything. With ever absent father, mother and daughter grew closer and became more like best friends.

That’s why it was so hard for Neha to leave her mother after education and come to work in Delhi. But she knew that if she didn’t leave, her father’s aggression would drive her mad. If she can’t win her father’s approval then she will find her own way in the corporate world and would renounce her father’s undesired wealth.

After fighting the traffic for an hour Neha finally reached her office. Airdream telecom company where Neha worked occupied two blocks in the very famous DLF phase 3 area. She parked in her usual reserved spot. For a second, she waited in the car and read the reserved parking sign again.


Giving herself a mental HI five on achieving this corporate ladder of Vice President, she got down her car.

A tall thin man dressed in the security uniform came running towards the driver side.

“Good Morning, Neha Mam!” Saleem saluted perfectly and moved ahead to take Neha’s bag. She handed over her bag to Saleem the security guard after returning his greetings and started walking towards the executive lifts with Saleem following her.

Saleem was studying Neha from behind. At 45 being head of security he made sure he got the morning posting at the VIP parking area. Watching Neha in the morning was his morning ritual more important the breathing for him. Sometimes he thought himself as the obsessed lover like the character of Mark Wahlberg from the movie fear. Mark had fantasized and obsessed about teenager Reese Witherspoon and here he was obsessing about a 14 years younger Neha. Even today in the Red silk saree with matching sleeveless blouse Neha was looking gorgeous. Her milky skin attracted Saleem and involuntarily a sigh escaped his mouth.

Neha was very much aware of the lustful glances of Saleem. She was aware that Saleem had lusted about her since she had joined this company 4 years back. She always enjoyed this morning ritual when Saleem Molestationd her from his eyes and she pretended totally unaware. Today however she gave an extra swing to her ass so that Saleem can enjoy the show. The sigh which escaped from Saleem was the proof of her power over him.

The lift was open when Neha and Saleem reached to the lobby. The receptionist got up and wished her politely while giving Saleem a mysterious look. Neha ignored the standing receptionist and took her bag from Saleem and went inside the lift. However, before the doors can close a middle-aged bulky guy in a white sports jacket was rushed in. He was panting loudly like an elephant forced to run. Neha looked at him with disgust. She hated guys who can’t maintain their body and ate like pigs. But she specially hated this guy. With short greyish hair and a double chin face Naveen stood around 6 feet 3 inches. However, his good height was marred by his excess weight of 120 Kilos. He was 28 but looked more like a 45-year-old. However, he didn’t care. He was the son of the chairman and was head of Human Resources. He ran his department like his person fiefdom and no one said anything sine he was the heir apparent of Aidream Mobile.

“Good Morning Neha. This red saree is too hot. ” Naveen replied was openly ogling at the Neha’s ample cleavage.

Neha ignored his stare and replied nonchalantly “Good Morning Naveen. It seems you can’t give up eating unhygienic oily food and your unnecessary compliments.”

Naveen ignored the jibe. Apart from becoming the chairman he wanted to marry Neha. However, he wanted to play cool and wanted Neha to come to him. He never let go of a chance to show off his wealth and power to Neha.

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