Saturday , June 3 2023

Neighbor finally gets a taste of Indian wife. – Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor

Manisha had changed and was wearing her sexiest night suit. It was not the skimpiest; she had many that exposed lot more than what they hide. This one was slightly conservative, yet one that revealed the right amount of skin. I had presented this night suit to her on our first anniversary. It was a bright red colored two-piece suit that adorned her flawless skin beautifully. At the time, I bought her this she was a bit small in size but now after Tushar’s birth her breasts stood out magnificently.

“So you actually have cheated on your wife?” asked my wife

“Several times,” replied Kishanchanji

“Are you proud of it?”

“Of course! Why shouldn’t I? I was able to attract quite a few women and was able to satisfy their hunger as well,” he retorted.

“What exactly do you get by bedding other women? Weren’t you happy having sex with your wife?” Manisha asked curiously

“I very much liked sex with my wife but that is besides the point.”

“I have a need for variety. There are so many incredibly beautiful women in this world. How could I restrict myself to just one?”

That was a typical man’s response. I would in her position perhaps say the same thing.

“So you need to go on a rampage having one night stand with every woman you meet?”

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