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Nicki Minaj sex stories part 2.

Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry clap after Nicki finishes singing/rapping her song she and Niall had written “You are really quite good aren’t ya’” said Liam, “Bloody marvellous” says Zayn, “And you wrote that Nic?” Asks Harry, “Yeah, me and Niall did it together, you guys like it?” “Fuck yeah!” Shouts Niall, Nicki giggles and Zayn remembers why he fell in love with her 3 years back. They had just started college and Nicki and Zayn had a relationship that lasted 9 months, Zayn got over her and Nicki got over him but whenever she giggles it always reminds him. The 5 have been friends since halfway through their first year at college, Nicki and Harry were already friends before college but they found Zayn, Niall and Liam along the way.

Onika, or Nicki as she likes to be called had come to London at the age of 16 from Trinidad and the rest had been living in England their whole lives. Harry had come out to Nicki in year 12 and told the rest once they had been friends for over a year. They all supported him whatever sexuality he was. Each of them were single and they liked being single but it sometimes was hard to be single. “Let’s all just go back to our dorms now its getting late and we have got classes tomorrow” Liam said “Alrighhhhht, gosh Li, why so fucking responsible?” Nicki says and they all erupt in fits of laughter because, quite frankly, Liam was very responsible and it was good but sometimes bad. “Night guys” Nicki says as she hugs them all, “Night Nic” they yell as they go their separate ways to their dorms.

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