Thursday , June 1 2023

Niki’s fantasy was to be forced into submission by her boss.

I didn’t often bother sorting through the resumes and CV’s of candidates, but I had a friend in the HR department that knew I wanted to hire a new personal assistant. Not that I particularly needed one, but the budget allowed for it and I was wanting a pretty face and a sexy body nearby.

He sent me one for a young girl. Her experience wasn’t very extensive, but she was only 19 years old – that was to be expected. Her educational background looked promising, though – good grades, attending university, membership in an honor society, etc. What sold me was the small Post It note my friend had left on the top of her resume:

“Short, sexy Indian girl.

Full breasts, long wavy hair.

Innocent eyes behind glasses – penultimate hot nerdy chick.

Absolutely would fuck. Trust me: hire her.”

I don’t think I can be faulted for taking my friend at his word. Wouldn’t you? He was right, too. She was the perfect combination of a desirable, gorgeous body and a quiet, gentle demeanor. Adorable and inviting. Exactly the kind of girl I’d love to bed. First day of work she comes in wearing tasteful black pants that were tight and form-fitting enough to show the promise and appeal of her luscious legs and the curve of her ass. She’d paired this with a fitting (but not especially tight) button-up collared peach shirt. Her hair was in a long but loose braid and reached just past the small of her back. Her lips were full and shaded with very little lipstick. As far as I could tell, she wore little other makeup. But her look, for my tastes, might be described best as beyond tempting. Unfortunately, she spent most of her first day with HR (I’m sure my friend was delighted) doing the generic paperwork and orientation. I saw her a few times and introduced myself (she stuttered awkwardly meeting her boss-to-be, a sign I hoped meant she’d be easy to sway to submission). However, at the end of the day she was sent to meet me for any particular instructions. I told her we were generally business-casual, and what she wore was fine – but that I’d appreciate seeing her in a dress if she had some.

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