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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit Chapter 1

Anil, Winnie’s hubby joined the company in senior position and was to report direct to Rohit. The MNC Rohit worked has people reporting to him direct as well as reporting thru another boss like Anil. Rohit was quite impressed with Anil and they were more like friends and colleagues. Rohit has also put in place in-house partying to relieve stress and the sales force were encouraged to bring their wives along to join the party and the parties were thoroughly enjoyed by all. They were all in fact looking for the next party and needless to say lots of liquor flowed and so is good quality food. Some times even dancing was on.

It was one of those parties when Anil introduced his wife Winnie to him. At that time she was about 36 or so and was undoubtedly a ravishing beauty and full of energy. She was also aware that she is beautiful and made good use of her beauty, Quite frankly Rohit was impressed by her but she being the wife a senior colleague who joined recently only, he decided to be extra cautious and just said Hi and mingled with other colleagues and of course flirted with Ritu, Reshma etc. However his eyes always searched for Winnie and on a few occasions their eyes met with her just smiling at him. On her part Winnie was quite impressed of Rohit of how he carried himself with dignity mixed with naughtiness and as to how he freely mingles with all the colleagues. She felt here is one person who is smart and confidant and despite being the Boss is moving freely with others. She already heard that he is a demanding Boss and a taskmaster but at this party he did not look like that. She realized that he is a professional and he does not mix business and pleasure. Unknowing to her admiration crept in and her eyes too were searching for him and she smiled as they met on a few occasions. But that was all that happened that day and they left for home.

Rohit invited Winnie and Anil for a dinner and selected a nice place to meet. Obviously his taste is good and the ambience excellent. Anil and Rohit talked about the business and sales initially before he said Anil we can talk this any time and let us not convert an evening in to a business conference. So they wined and dined and Winnie too took a glass of wine. She flirted teasing him that he is a taskmaster etc but he did not respond either because her husband was around or has his own reasons. When her husband went to the rest room she bent forward to talk with him giving him the benefit of looking at her cleavage. Her pallu fell by design rather than chance and he had the full benefit of those lovely tits. She could see that he enjoyed this generous show of her tits but still his eyes shifted away only to come back and then shy away from the lovely sight. She enjoyed his discomfort and her passion grew. She teasingly asked him if enjoyed the company of Ritu and he knew immediately that she was aware of his flirting with Ritu and others. So it was while consuming the wine she made up her mind that he seemed a wee bit reluctant and she wanted to flirt with him. She knew that in going for flirting she may cross her limits but decided to take care of the situation as it arises but she also thought may be Anil would love to se her seduce his boss.

However she was not sure whether she really wanted to cross limits and seduce him. And so the evening passed and as they finished the dinner Rohit asked the couple how they came and he replied by Taxi, Rohit offered a lift back home since they happened to live in the same area and Anil realizing his wife’s mood offered to sit in front leaving Rohit with Winnie in the back seat. She was chatting with him in the journey touching him with her hands and allowing her pallu to fall to let him have a glimpse of her lovely tits in the dim light. Rohit was at a loss for words as he was usually the one who seduced women and he already slept with some of the wives like Ritu and others as he is no saint. He dropped them and went home but was disturbed by the way the evening went. He started thinking of the evening and the lovely view of her cleavage he saw but was not sure where this is leading and he felt he needed to be careful as her husband is a senior who has joined recently and he does not want any trouble in official situations. He also did not want to hurt Anil. That night Anil and Winnie had sex and they had some of the best sex with Anil banging her Rockygy and pounding her ass too and also taking her breast in his hands and pinching them. Anil remarked that it looks as if you are very turned on and you seem to be enjoying teasing my boss, she just smiled and he replied that any way I got some of the best fucks in recent months. They had some wild sex that night as she was horny.

Rohit met Winnie again in another party, this time a private one given by one of the clients of his MNC. Many were known to him and he was talking with them and was sitting with one of the persons he knew for long time and sipping a drink. The businessman received a call and he excused himself as he has to leave urgently. Anil walked in with Winnie and said you seem to know a lot of persons here and Rohit replied that he was here for quite some time and some of them are rich businessmen and as he was a member of the clubs he knew them. Even as they were chatting another said Hi to him and he invited him to join. The conversation went on and Rohit introduced the businessman to Anil and Winnie. The client then joined and he was introduced to Winnie and he said that she is really dynamic personality and she blushed. The client before hand requested Rohit not to leave as he needs to talk to him for a few minutes. And they continued to chat and Rohit could understand her mood. Then some one called Anil and he excused himself and joined the caller Leaving Winnie in the company of Rohit as this business bigwig too left by that time. However she was cautious too and mildly flirted but still managed to show him those lovely tits.

After meeting the client privately, he dropped them home and the couple had another great night of sex and Anil said yes I am sure you enjoy teasing him and showing off and in the bargain I am getting the best sex. Actually she turned active and fucked him, she on top riding him with all furiousness and he having a great night with her big melons. He was too deeply enjoying his fuck to think ahead of this. He fucked her Rockygy style again and again that night. The thoughts of Winnie teasing his boss and the discomfort of his boss excited Anil and he was in full blast and fucked her repeatedly pounding her in her pussy and ass and climaxing in her hole.

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