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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit Chapter 3

She is mixed in different thoughts, how she used to spend time in her kitty parties and with friends, how the gossip she heard changed things and finally that lucky night when Rohit cane back and they had a steamy sex, She recalled how Rohit took ice-cream from the Fridge and used it effectively. She felt a strange feeling, the coldness tickling her but yet made her nips stiffened . Rohit then started slowly licking and his tongue slowly started swirling around her nips.

He put some more and started sucking them while they are still covered with the cream. Rani pulled her hubby closer and she was moaning and hissing sounds were coming from her. Oh Rohit, do not stop, go on, and go on suck them hard. Rohit continued to kneading her tits and the passion overtook and he increased the pressure. Oh she recollected what a pleasure it was and how she responded, My God she is not able to believe it even today.

She fondly recalled how she was enjoying the pleasure and decided to return the favor. She took the ice cream and rubbed it her hubby’s chest and started licking his hairy chest and bite his nips and she now thought I should put this all over his hard cock one day.

With such fond memories filling her mind she sort of dozed off.

Let us now come back to Rohit and find whether he is still in thoughts or actions.

But what disturbed Rohit even more was the look on Nisha, First she looked a bit sour, possibly she was angry he never called her again, Rohit thought it was surely a mistake on his part, as she may have felt she was just used by him, though Rohit never intended it to be. He always treated her as precious as Nisha has a unique beauty of her own.

That made a deadly combination to resist and he was attracted to her not as sex idol but simply by her grace and elegance and beauty. Then as they were leaving the look on her face again left him with mixed feelings and ideas and guilt as well. To Rohit it looked as if she felt jealous or was envious of Winnie travelling with him, may be he thought she wanted to be with him instead but then quickly dismissed those thoughts as she also gave a certain feeling of being detached as if she too is not bothered any longer and that she is not certainly craving or crazy for him. All in all she was sending mixed signals

He could not but recollect the time they spent and the pleasure they had. His mind drifted to the past. How he kissed her came to him in a flash Rohit this is not correct, I am married woman and any one can see us……… just bent and kissed me on my lips and his other hand was on my navel. Oh how tasty are your lips? ……. his tongue was circling her nips and kissing her aureoles and his hands were tweaking other nip and fondling the other tit…….. proceeded to suck her tits and then lick her own juices her mouth………………she kisses. his lower shaft and swirl it over and he says oh Nisha You are a real good cocksucker,,,,,,,,,,,And then she says, Rohit no more teasing fuck me now.

And then more thoughts She lay there sipping my drink and turn and rest my hand on his chest, playing with his hair and playing with his nips, enjoying the company of this vibrant man and yet looking out and drinking the beautiful sight of the garden with exotic flowers on one side and a lovely lush garden on the other side, a breathtaking scenario of shear natural grandeur created by the persons who worked to make it a most romantic place…….. his tongue was going deeper now and possibly found her G-spot too and he was fucking her with his tongue.

Rani woke up briefly and found her husband still dozing, she stirred him but Rohit was too deep in thoughts to wake up and she went back to her own thoughts.
Back to time, he began thinking But again the blushing on her face when their eyes met first time in lunch said it all, yes indeed there is some chemistry and Rohit, who was initially too preoccupied with work and commitments did not bother to just ring her after the fucks and later the change in Rani brought some changes in him too. Rohit admitted to himself it was a mistake and felt bad he has not called her and thought he needs to placate her, he needs to make her feel happy and not feel as if she was used and discarded.

He thought irrespective of whether we have any more fucks, as of now he thought he does not want any more affairs with any, he should assure her he has no intentions to hurt her and to make her feel happy and important, tell her in a pleasing way that she is someone special and only work pressure was the culprit due to which he cannot communicate.

He thought anyway I need to now ask Anil to fix a social meet so there will be time to unwind before the year end pressure starts building up again. But again he thought he cannot again post pone talking to her on the pretext of a social meet. He was a man perplexed at the moment with the thoughts of Winnie and Nisha racing through his mind, not surely in a state where he can take a stand.

The drinks in his belly surely are not helping him too. One thing he realized though is try he might it will not be easy for him to keep the thoughts of these two women away from his mind. He felt Ok let me think again fresh tomorrow or later but the thoughts were not leaving him. He suddenly realized it is one thing to fuck and forget and another when you feel attached as Rohit had his share of fucks and they simply met had some good time and then fucked and they may or may not meet again. It was purely individuals meeting to fulfill their needs or lust . Sometimes get favors but so far he has not felt the kind of bond he now felt with these two women. He wondered what is in store for him in future.

Let us now catch with his wife. Rani too was lost in her own thoughts. As she saw her hubby close his eyes and relax, she thought she will not disturb him now, she thought naughtily anyway I may disturb him once we reach home. She just gave the excuse of shopping just so she can be with her hubby and spend some time. Then she herself was surprised at her choice of her night wear and inner ware but then she already decided that she needs to have as much quality time as she can with her hubby.

One of her close friends have given her advice that she should dress more sensuously and not the usual routine dull things. She then thought why not try and see results, after all if he did not like she can always stop using them, She was thrilled when he joined her in trial room and she tried her bra in his presence and his words were ringing now. “let us get out of here before I do something”. She felt a sensation even now that she can have that effect on her hubby still and he was so fond of her.

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