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Nun, boys and mom

My best friend asked me if I wanted to be an altar boy with him. I wasn’t sure but he convinced me by telling me we could sneak some wine after mass so I agreed. I had training from the priest but it wasn’t difficult, he said he would tell us what to do during mass and we just had to listen.
The first mass went well and after, Jimmy and I cleaned up and sure enough, we were alone in the storage room where they kept the communion wine. We both had a drink and Jimmy said, “hey! Wouldn’t it be neat if we jerked off in here?”

We were both just young teens so we jerked off all the time. We sat in some chairs and pulled our pants down. Being young, it didn’t take long to work up a boner and soon we spit on our hands and started stroking. We were just really getting into it when sister Mary walked in.
We tried to hide, pulling out pants up but she said in a voice only nuns could manage,
“You are naughty little boys! In the church! You both need to be disciplined. Pull down your pants and bend over the chairs! NOW!”

You never disobey a nun so we did what we were told. Usually the nuns used a paddle for spanking but sister Mary started spanking me with her bare hand. It really hurt but at the same time it was really nasty and my cock got hard again.
“You really are a naughty little boy aren’t you Johnny Look at you! Your penis all hard. What are we going to do about this?”
To my shock and also jimmy, she reached under me and grabbed my cock!
She started stroking and said, “we’re just going to have to take care of this! Can’t have you walking about with a stiffy!
Jimmy had his cock in his hand and was jerking while watching. Then sister really blew our minds. She bent over and held onto the back of the chair.

“Pull my skirt up Johnny and stick your cock in my nun cunt!”
Oh shit! I’d never even seen a real pussy! I lifted the skirt up and she didn’t have panties on.
“Well, don’t just stand there! Put it in me before I ask jimmy to!”
I shook myself out of my daze and shuffled up close to her ample ass. I probed her cunt with my cock and she reached back and helped me to put it in.
“Oh sister! Oh god!”
“Don’t blaspheme young man!”

“Sorry sister but it feels so good!”
“I know honey, you can say oh fuck. That’s not blasphemy.”
Jimmy was watching dumbfounded.
“Well come on over here jimmy! I’ll help you out too.”
He came near and she took him by the cock and pulled him in front of her. She pulled him close and put his cock in her mouth.
“Oh fuck sister!”
“Better,” she mumbled around his cock. This was all too much for 13 year olds. I felt my thighs start to tingle.

“Aw sister! I’m gonna shoot it!”
“Me too!” Cried jimmy.
She spun around and knelt on the floor.
“Shoot on my face! In my mouth!”
She opened her mouth wide and we jerked our cocks and the cum spurted out in long ropes that painted her face with white stripes. She took the cum with her fingers and licked it off.
The next Tuesday o went to the church rectory where there was a pool table. No one was there so I just shot some pool alone. After a bit the priest, father Charles came in and asked if he could join in. We shot a few times and then when I had to lean way over, he got behind me and shoved his crotch against me.
“Wha, what are you doing?”
“Relax Johnny! You’ll like this, I promise!”
He reached around and unbuttoned my jeans then pulled them down along with my underpants. He pulled his trousers down and he had a big hard cock. He spit on it and rubbed it around my asshole.

“Just relax boy and we’ll both have some fun!”
He pushed and his cock popped in.
“Ummmpphhh!” I grunted as it felt really good! He spit some more and slowly shoved all his cock up my ass.
“Oh shit Johnny! Your ass feels good!”

“Mmmm, your cock feels good too. He started going in and out and each time the head of his cock rubbed a certain place it felt especially good. He reached around and started rubbing my cock. After about a minute of that I felt my orgasm building. Then all of a sudden I groaned loudly as I started spurting cum all over! I never felt anything like it as my cum kept spurting, the father Charles yelled,
“Oh yeah Johnny! Here it comes!”
He grunted and I felt him spurt into my ass! I couldn’t believe it felt so good!
My cock stayed hard and father Charles pulled out and bent over the table.
“Your turn Johnny! Spit on your cock and fuck my ass!”
I got a big gob of spit and rubbed it on my cock then I pushed it in his asshole!
“Oh wow! That feels neat!”
He chuckled, “yes Johnny, it does!”

I did what he did and reached around to jerk him off. It didn’t take long before he was cumming all over the table and I was filling his ass with cum.
The next day jimmy was there with me and I told him to come into the storage room. I told him what had happened with the priest. At first he told me that was gay and no way he would do that.
“No man! It’s just really awesome! There’s this bump in your asshole that feels really great when you rub it with a cock and wow, when you cum it’s amazing! Man, I came all over the pool table. And when I fucked him it was really great! It was tight and I filled the fucker with my cum!”
“I still don’t know man, I don’t want to be queer!”
“It’s only sex man. How about if you fuck my ass first and see how much I cum? That way I’ll be the gay guy.”
“Okay, but only to try it.”
“Great! I’ll pull my pants down and lean over this desk then you spit on your cock and get it really hard and put it in.”

I got in position and he spit on his cock. He put it in position and pushed it in.
“Oh shit man! Ohhhh yeah!” I moaned.
“Oh wow! You’re right Johnny! It’s really tight! Oh yeah!,!”
He started fucking my ass.
“Ah god,! Jimmy! You can’t believe how good it feels! Ohhhhh shit!!”
“Oh god, this feels as good as fucking the nun! I can’t believe it!“
I was jerking my cock while he fucked my ass. It only took a few minutes and I felt my orgasm starting.
“Ohhhh yeah!!, it’s coming! I’m gonna shoot all over the place! Aaaahhhhh fuck!!”
I threw my head back and the cum squirted out forcefully and laid a stripe across the table!

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