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Old beggar make me pregnent

Hi friends i am bhuvana,young and beautiful girl my age is 24 and i am studying in MCA,this is real story happen in my life,every day i use to fallow this web site,because these stories are very close to my real experience.

now i want to share my real story happen in my life,i am living in small town and my schooling and plus two also completed in my home town only,after completion of my graduate i got a seat in mca in my home town and my family are very happy to get seat in my home town i studied very well and iam class first student and i have gud structure i am 5.8 height and gud structure and good skin tone,many of boys in my college and out side boys praposed to me but i did’t have intrest in love my world is only study…days are passing very quickly every day iam going to college by bycycle around two kilometers distance from my house to between my college to house my graduation college and play ground and one water canal and one bridge on canal….as usual i went college one day i saw a old beggar his age around 46 near the bridge and he did’t have clothes also simply he sitting in bridge and sleeping,i think he is mental patient.he is looking into sky and singing and doing his actions,i see and observe him continuously one week he did’t beg any thing,if we give some thing na he takes not asking any thing to any one….
every day i see him and feel bad one day i decided to do some thing to help him…that day i taken food and i bed sheet i put into my parents also don’t know this and i started college by half an hour late i reached the bridge he is not there in bridge i feel sad and weight 5 min in bridge he is not there…..i found him he is inside the bridge and sleeping.near by bridge i park my bycycle and get down the bridge…this is the mistake done my life,my life was changed in that day it self….coming to the poin i get down and stand infront of him and wake him and he take food and eating…that time i feel happy that time he is in nude and i saw his dick,i never seen before any one dic even childrens also….i feel shy and shock on that movement…..his dick was full of dust and looking like a rod its around 7 inches long and 3 inches thick look like a rod…..after finishing his eating he feels very happy and hug me tightly,that moment i loss my control and my body was shivering because that is the first time one person touch my body.his dick was touching my legs..i fell erect….after that i left that place and went to college and in college also that picture is in my mind only next day as usual i taken food and start college by late becuse i need to meet that beggar na…..same like he slept in inside the bridge and i wake him and given food…after finish his eating he spoke to me some thing but i did’t understud.suddenly he takes my hand into his hand and place into his dick i shocked and feel shiver in that movement,suddenly he touches my boobs….feel shiver in my 24years life no one touch my boobs.i resist him but he hug me tightly and press my boobs and given kisses in my lips…his mouth was full of bad smell i feel ugly and vomiting ,after ten minutes of his deep kises slowly i got erect and my body is going to surrender him..after that he put me in his bedsheet and pressing my boobs and kissing it hardly i feel moaning…”uuuuuuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…hmmmmmmmmmmmm”
after that he remove my panjabi and bra he is the first person looking my boobs after seeing my boobs he is going more wild my boobs are 34 size red and brown nipples…..he kissing my boobs and sucking it hardly i feel hell..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,after few minutes he remove my phanti and underware and sucking my pussy like Rocky…he was sucking around fifteen minutes i got ful mood and he put his tool in to my hole i feel heavy pain and that time iam going to die…he never look my feelings and put his cock in my hole fucking like a mission i moan loudly….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,dengu……..fuck………………………………after ten min slowly my pain gone and i also enjoying his strokes..he given deep strokes hardly his dick going to touch my womb…around 20 minitues he fuck like a mission and finally he release his spream in my hole and remove his dick ..his dic has ful of blood and hair of my hole and he slept on me 5 minutes me also don’t have energy to wake both slept 07 min….that time i fee bad because i fuck a beggar and some what happy i taste real hard sex experience…..he wake and given kis on my lips and his cock is ready for another round….i beg him my body is not ready to take another and all…he is not listen my words and fuck me like animal another 15 min……release his spream another time and went out…slowly i wake and wear my dress and went to home…..that hardcore action i got feaver and i did’t go 4 days to college and my dreams and feelings are in that hardcore action only……..5th day i started to college and as usual i saw him in bridge he take me into under bridge and given hug and crying i feel bad and i am also given kis and that day he fuk me like Rocky….shown hell given deep strokes and me also enjoying that day we both are fucking around two hours and he slept on my boobs….after that i suck his dick again he got mood and fucking my hole and slept togather……this was going every day….we both are fucking like husband and wife……he make my boobs so bigger and every moment his lips in my nipples after one month passed my periods not came and i decided i got pregnency and i feel very happy………

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