Tuesday , January 31 2023

Older black man treats best friend’s niece as play toy

As a young girl of 23, I am very sexually adventurous and enjoy pushing the limits. Coming from a small-town in rural America, I moved away to the big city only to find myself dating one big black man after another. The pure shock and taboo of a little country girl like me dating a much bigger, black man made the hookups, relationships, and random sex that much more exciting.

This tendency toward the taboo also showed itself in my sexual desires for older men as well. In addition to black men, I regularly enjoyed affairs with men at least 20 years older than me. Although I lived a “normal” outside life, my sexual conquests were filled with deviant desires and hardcore roleplay.

As it so happened, my uncle’s best friend was the real-life version of my every fantasy. Over 20 years my elder, he was an older sexy black man who I could only imagine to be a kinky freak in the bedroom. He had several piercings, including a tongue ring. I would often imagine how good that tongue ring would feel flicking across the swollen pink slit of my pussy.

Although I had never truly let my desires for Uncle Harry cross the line, it was clear we were both hot for each other. Harry would always give me a tight hug when we saw each other…several times, I could feel his large black cock, hard as rock, pressing into my stomach. Uncle Harry also tended to make dirty jokes about the amount of young black men I went through, teasing me that one of these times I was going to come across a black man who fucks me so good I’ll become his little sexual slave.

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