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Older black man treats best friend’s niece as play toy

As a young girl of 23, I am very sexually adventurous and enjoy pushing the limits. Coming from a small-town in rural America, I moved away to the big city only to find myself dating one big black man after another. The pure shock and taboo of a little country girl like me dating a much bigger, black man made the hookups, relationships, and random sex that much more exciting.

This tendency toward the taboo also showed itself in my sexual desires for older men as well. In addition to black men, I regularly enjoyed affairs with men at least 20 years older than me. Although I lived a “normal” outside life, my sexual conquests were filled with deviant desires and hardcore roleplay.

As it so happened, my uncle’s best friend was the real-life version of my every fantasy. Over 20 years my elder, he was an older sexy black man who I could only imagine to be a kinky freak in the bedroom. He had several piercings, including a tongue ring. I would often imagine how good that tongue ring would feel flicking across the swollen pink slit of my pussy.

Although I had never truly let my desires for Uncle Harry cross the line, it was clear we were both hot for each other. Harry would always give me a tight hug when we saw each other…several times, I could feel his large black cock, hard as rock, pressing into my stomach. Uncle Harry also tended to make dirty jokes about the amount of young black men I went through, teasing me that one of these times I was going to come across a black man who fucks me so good I’ll become his little sexual slave.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with Harry, or “Uncle” Harry as I tended to call him. So it was only natural that when he visited the new city I was living in, he asked to see me. When I received a message on Facebook informing me he would be there in a week and would love to visit me, I couldn’t help but feel a tingle in my pussy. In spite of his obvious sexual advances toward me, I had always been able to resist Uncle Harry because we were always in the presence of my uncle. Now, we were going to be thousands of miles away…and alone. I quickly messaged Uncle Harry to tell him I would love to see him and then proceeded to play with my little pussy, imagining Uncle Harry and all the things I hoped he’d do to me.

When Uncle Harry arrived, I’d made sure to dress my sluttiest. He actually asked me to pick him up at the airport. I arrived early enough to be waiting for him in the terminal. I had on my tightest black skirt (no panties of course), paired with a tight shirt that practically made my firm young tits spill out of the top. I spotted Uncle Harry and immediately felt my pussy start to cream. He was such a sexy older black man and I could see the outline of his thick cock through the sweats he’d worn to be comfortable on the flight.

His eyes finally spotting me, I saw Uncle Harry lick his lips at the sight of me. That tongue ring of his lingering on his lips and sending a chill down through my spine and into my pussy. By the time we reached each other, I practically had a gob of pussy juice running down my leg. Uncle Harry pulled me into him for a deep hug and I could immediately feel his hard cock pushing against my stomach. Perhaps it was the fact that no one knew us in this big airport, or out of sheer sexual desire, but I started grinding myself against Uncle Harry, making his hard cock rub hard against me.

As if feeling the same way, Uncle Harry leaned down and pulled my lips to his, sucking me into a passionate kiss. Almost ready to let loose with an orgasm, I moaned and sucked hard on Uncle Harry’s tongue. This was the moment we had been waiting for…that moment where all of our sexual desires toward each other…no matter how taboo…could be fulfilled. Uncle Harry and I stood there making out for a good five minutes, before an old lady finally cleared her through to startle us out of our lustful desires. I suddenly became aware of how uncomfortable people were watching a clearly older black man make out so sexually with a young white girl.

As we made our way toward my car in the parking lot, Uncle Harry forced me to walk backward so he could hold me close and continue to suck on my tongue. I knew how slutty and inappropriate I looked, but it turned me on even more to be putting on a show with an older black man like Uncle Harry.

As we made it to my car, Uncle Harry pushed me up against it and started unbuttoning my shirt so he could slide his hand inside and feel my bare nipples, hard as a rock from all his teasing. As he did this, he wrapped my legs around his waist and grinded his hard cock against my bare pussy, now pinned directly against his crotch. With only his thin sweats to block his cock from my pussy, he was practically able to shove himself inside me. Unable to control my desires any longer, I began violently rubbing my pussy against him. I moaned loud and told him I had dreamed of this moment for years, the moment where I would finally get to feel his massive black cock deep in my pink little pussy.

Uncle Harry practically growled and told me to get in the car, he had a whole weekend planned for me that was sure to leave me begging to be his permanent cumwhore.

Instead of going back to my house, Uncle Harry directed me toward a fancy hotel downtown. He had arranged for a suite and room service for the weekend. As we drove toward the hotel, Uncle Harry brought up the topic of my uncle and their friendship. Although we were driving down a busy interstate, my legs were spread wide at the wheel and Uncle Harry had his big black fingers stroking my little pussy. As I sat there moaning, begging him to finger fuck me…he made me promise to never speak of this weekend to my uncle. He told me he was about to do unspeakable things to me, things that would ruin his friendship with my uncle, and he needed me to be a good little whore and keep them secret.

We arrived at the hotel with a load of my cum leaking out of my pussy, as Uncle Harry had managed to make me cum all over his fingers just prior to our arrival. before I stepped out of the car, I quickly shoved my fingers up my pussy and collected as much of my cum as I could. After the valet grabbed the keys from me, I shoved my fingers into my mouth, sucking my pussy juices from myself. I quickly grabbed Uncle Harry and shoved my tongue down this throat…sharing my sweet pussy juice from him. He sucked hungrily at my tongue, making sure to swallow every last drop.

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