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Older brother seduces and takes cute nerd sister’s virginity

I wasn’t necessarily eavesdropping, as they were drunk and not really talking quietly…I could hear them clearly from the vents that went from my room to hers.

That said, what I heard shocked me.

“I can’t go through my whole senior year a virgin,” Lisa, my sister, whined.

“It’s only November,” her best friend, Andrea, pointed out.

“It’s almost December,” Lisa countered, before singing playfully, “All I want for Christmas is to get laid.”

“Does oral sex count?” Andrea questioned with a giggle. “Because if it does, you are a complete skank.”

“I’m not sure giving head to seven guys counts,” my sister countered, which shocked the shit out of me. My sister was the biggest nerd I had ever met: in both looks and personality. She wore pigtails every day, dressed like she was living in the sixties, and wore glasses that only added to her nerd persona. She also was always reading a book, was a member of the debate club, played the trumpet, and volunteered for the SPCA (which isn’t nerdy, it just explains how sweet she is). So to hear that she had blown seven guys was almost impossible to believe.

I reached for my phone and pressed record just in time to hear Andrea’s response, “True, but four were on the same day.”

“Okay, I agree that was kind of slutty,” my sister giggled.

“You swallowed four loads in an hour,” Andrea pointed out, my own cock throbbing at the thought.

“At least I didn’t take a facial like you did,” Lisa countered.

“I don’t like the taste,” Andrea defended.

“It’s an acquired taste,” Lisa quipped.

“Yes, you’re really a cum connoisseur,” Andrea giggled.

“I hope to be,” Lisa said back, before adding, “Although nothing tastes better than pussy.”

I gasped. My sister was a virgin, but not only did she love sucking cock, she also ate pussy?

“You hungry again?” Andrea purred, her tone dripping with naughtiness.

“It’s been a couple hours,” Lisa responded, “plus it’s after midnight, which means I haven’t eaten that sweet cunt of yours today.”

Hearing my sister use the word ‘cunt’ was also shocking, as I had never heard her swear…ever.

“You really are an insatiable little pussy pleaser,” Andrea teased.

“I’ve never heard you complain,” Lisa shot back, her tone also super sexy…a tone I never thought I would hear coming out of her mouth.

“Beg, bitch,” Andrea ordered, her tone playful and firm.

“Oh please, let me lick that trimmed box of yours,” Lisa begged, sounding both sexy and absurd.

“You do need to work on your dirty talk,” Andrea teased.

“Just spread those legs and give me that pussy,” Lisa demanded.

“Aggressive, I like that,” Andrea said, before the talking stopped.

I listened intently, wanting to hear moans or dirty talk…something to tell me they were in an act of lesbianism.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Andrea finally began moaning, “That’s it, suck on my clit.”

I pulled my erect cock out and began stroking myself as I envisioned my sister eating her best friend’s pussy.

I continued pumping my cock as I listened to the moans of Andrea at the hands and tongue of my cute nerdy sister.

“Oh shit, so close,” Andrea moaned, and I imagined that she grabbed Lisa’s head and held her buried deep in her cunt.

I tried to time my own orgasm to Andrea’s, slowing down to keep me close but not come until I heard the inevitable word, “Yessss!”

A few seconds after Andrea came, I followed suit, shooting my cum straight up in the air.

I laid there, covered in my own cum, as I continued to eavesdrop hoping for more juicy secrets.

“Fuck, I love your cum,” Lisa finally said.

“And I love your tongue,” Andrea replied, her tone implying she hadn’t completely recovered from her orgasm.

“I know you do,” Lisa replied, as I imagined them kissing.

I was beginning to fade when I heard, ” Do you think your brother has a big dick?”

“Gross,” Lisa said, as I sat back up, suddenly very much awake.

“He’s fucking hot,” Andrea said, which didn’t really surprise me as I had noticed her checking me out in the past.

I am not Brad Pitt good looking, but I have been favourably compared to Colin Farrell…which sure isn’t a bad thing. Lisa and I are in many ways polar opposites. Although I am quite intelligent, I seldom used my intelligence to get good grades, seeing school as a monotonous waste of time…particularly since I planned to be a mechanic. Who cared about metaphors, geometry, limits, or Shakespeare? So I goofed off, skipped school a lot and got solid 60s, even though my teachers always told my parents I was capable of so much more (which, of course, I was…teachers are usual very good at assessing student’s ability).

Anyway, while Lisa looked sweet and innocent, I looked dark, handsome and brooding…a look I mastered. Aloof was my flirt style and it had worked most of the time…girls always say they want a nice guy, but that is bullshit…they all fantasize about the bad boy and I…am a bad boy.

“So I’ve been told,” Lisa said, her tone implying she had heard these rumours about me before.

“You don’t think he is hot?” Andrea asked, her tone incredulous.

“He’s my brother,” Lisa pointed out, not answering the question.

“If he was my brother, I’d be committing incest,” Andrea said.

“You’re twisted,” Lisa replied.

“Says the girl who has eaten my pussy twice tonight,” Andrea countered.

“Eating pussy and incest are two very opposite ends of the spectrum,” Lisa replied back.

Incest had never popped into my head, but the seed planted, the thought of being Lisa’s first suddenly popped into my head…although I had no idea how to make such a conquest a reality.

“Is it?” Andrea countered, “Cock is cock.”

“So I should eat out my Mom then since cunt is cunt,” Lisa countered, sarcastically.

“Your mom is also hot,” Andrea replied.

“You’re ridiculous,” Lisa said.

“So back to my original question. Do you think your brother has a big dick?” Andrea asked again.

“Oh, I imagine it’s a massive snake,” Lisa replied, her words dripping with sarcasm.

“Those trunks he wears in the pool don’t leave a lot to the imagination!” Andrea said. “Plus those tats are hot, as are his pecs.”

“Why don’t you go to this room and find out?” Lisa challenged, my eyes going wide.

“What, you want me to do some undercover spy slut recon for you?” Andrea teased.

“Yes, Andrea, I want my first to be my big brother,” Lisa sarcastically retorted.

“Oh, you wouldn’t reject him if his cock was here right now,” Andrea challenged.

“Yes, I would drop to my knees and devour his cock before spreading my legs wide open and letting him fuck me senseless,” Lisa replied, playing along.

“Fuck that is hot,” Andrea moaned.

“Incest turns you on?” Lisa questioned.

“It doesn’t you?” Andrea questioned.

“Of course not,” Lisa replied, although something in her tone implied the thought wasn’t as appalling as she first implied it was.

A moment later, my cock hard again, Andrea said, “Holy shit, you’re drenched…incest does turn you on.”

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