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One Rainy Night To Remember

Hello everyone. My name Is Dan. I’ve been reading ISS for a long time now, but have never written a story before. This is a true incident that happened. So keep your hands ready, pants down and your cocks stiff : your gonna love this one

A little about myself : I’m a 22 yr old average build, not fat not thin; 5’8; wheatish ; I’ve been told I look good. That’s about me , oh yea and I’ve got a juicy 6.7” package which is quite thick.

So, this is how it started,

Seemed pretty decent, so I just went into the hotel carrying my luggages. The guy at the desk was fully drunk, he wrote my name on the register called the bell boy to take my luggages to my room. A young fair lad came upto me and took my luggages and we went up to the 4th floor. As we were walking, I just started a conversation with him. Got to know that his name was Akhil, a 19 yr old kid. We reached my room and went inside. I was so tired that I just fell flat on the bed.

Akhil : (giggles) you’re so tired huh?

Me: Yea, been a long day.

Now, maybe it was the cold weather or the pornos I was watching in the bus. But I had a huge boner. I thought ill just take my laptop see some hot girls and jerk off. That’s when,..

Akhil : Do you need anything else sir?

Suddenly I turned to Akhil, and that’s when I noticed, “Damn this boy is actually cute”. This thin fair boy wearing a black cotton shorts showing off his fair legs with sparse hair and a loose pinkish white t-shirt. His skin looked quite soft and without any facial hair,pinkish lips; this boy looked typically like the “girly-boys” I love. The devil in my mind gave me a wicked smile.

I asked Akhil to go to the shop and get me a 2L coke and some biscuits. As he went out to get those, I fabricated this beautiful plan to seduce this sweetie in my mind.

I turned on my laptop and put on a hot porno and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I left the room door unlocked. I showered quickly and put some hot masculine cologne. As I was drying up I heard Akhil come in. I told him to wait. As I came out wearing my shorts and t-shirt, I see this cute sight as expected. Akhil staring at my laptop screen. He got scared when he saw me and apologized.

Me: (smiles) Do you like it?

Akhil : (sheepishly nods)

Me: Do u wanna watch more? Ive got lots of vids. You can sleep here if u want, we can watch hot pix and vids all night.

He initially hesitates but then agrees. I latch the door and the adventure begins.

I make him sit on the bed and let him watch the porno for awhile; his eyes glued to the screen. We occasionally talk about the hot assets of the girls on-screen. Then I get this bright Idea, I let him watch the porno and I go to the shop to buy some stuff. When I come back, I could see Akhil lying down in the bed, watching with a huge tent on his shorts.

Akhil: What did you go to buy sir?

Me: These… (I show him a pack of Veet hair removal cream). Its used to remove body hair.

(I come up with a quick lie), its for my girlfriend. But im not sure whether I bought the right brand.

Akhil : Oh, yea Ive seen Katrina Kaif use it on the ads. Shes soo hot.

Me : hey Akhil, can you please do me a favor. Can you try it out yourself now? I wanna see if its really works.

Akhil: Sir, how can I ? I am a boy.

Its ok, boys can use it too. I know it’s a little embarrassing, if u want ill give you Rs.200 for that.

He thinks its easy money and agrees. I take him to the bathroom and show him how to use it on one of his legs.

Me: Use it on your whole body and have a shower after you finish. Even If I see a single strand of hair on your body im not giving you that 200rs.(smiles)

Akhil: (giggles) ok sir

I leave him in the bathroom and come to lie on my bed, eagerly waiting. My cock becomes rock hard thinking about him. I hear the Akhil using the shower in the bathroom ( means hes about to finish)

Akhil : I am done sir

Me: great,dry yourself, just wear your shorts,t-shirt and come out

As he comes out, damn, … Power cut

Its around 12 midnight

Akhil : oh, the power has gone off

Me: its ok lets goto the balcony

We goto the room’s balcony (4th floor) , we can see the beautiful city.

As he stands under the moonlight looking at the city. I admire him from behind

This fucking hot boy standing at the balcony with his smooth fair body. I stare at his cute ass cheeks making a clear impression in his shorts. I go close behind him.

I gently rub his smooth arms, wow

Me: wow akhil, ur soo soft.

I slide my hand inside his tshirt and rub his soft chest and abs, finger his cute navel and kiss his neck

Akhil : (giggles) sir, what are you doing?

Me : I cant help it, your soo cute.. like Katrina Kaif

Akhil : (giggles) (shy) I don’t have boobs or pussy like her

Me : But u have a fucking hot ass like her

Saying this I gently slide my hand into his shorts. To my surprise hes not wearing any underwear. My hands directly touch is smooth asscheeks. All this as im standing behind him and hugging him. I dont let him turn around.

Akhil: Agh..Mhmmm, Sir..pls, dont

I continue to rub him smooth ass, kiss his neck, rub his navel.

Me: Lets see my katrina’s cute little ass

With one pull, I swiftly pull down his shorts.

Akhil: (gasps) oh no

I make him lean on the balcony bottomless showing me his cute ass-cheeks.

I start kissing his smooth ass and licking it; spread his ass-cheeks and lick. I pull his cock and balls between his thighs and lick it from behind.

Akhil: Ahh…ooohhh (his ass wriggling and body squirming)

Me : Akhil dont turn around

I take off my clothes and get nude. Hes still not looking

I rub my hard cock on his ass from behind.

Akhil: (gasps shocked), brings his hand behind and holds my cock. Sir, its huge pls dont put it inside

Turns around, looks at my fully naked body, my broad chest and nipples.

Akhil : (shy smile) you have a nice body

I pull him near, hug him tightly and kiss his pinkish lips. Our bodies touching, cocks rubbing. As I make out with him, I squeeze his naked ass cheeks with my hands. As we kiss, the power comes back. I lift him up and I carry him inside the room. I take off his shirt and we’re fully nude now

We both stand in front a huge mirror and I hug him from behind with my strong hands. Pinch his perky nipples and rub his thighs. My hard cock rubbing into his ass-crack.

I lie down on the bed and Akhil still looks at himself in the mirror. Rubs his body, pinches his nipples and wriggles his ass like a teenage girl.

Me : Wow, look how beautiful you are Akhil. You were meant to be a girl.

Akhil comes and sits on my lap with his arms around me.

Akhil : (smiles ) ill be your Katrina Kaif.

And we make out for like 15 min, a steamy hot session.

We lie down and he keeps rubbing my hard cock. I hold his head and pull him towards my cock. He initially just licks the tip and kisses it. Slowly he takes it all in and starts sucking almost like a pro. As he sucks I rub his body and squeeze his ass. Soon I cant resist it, I just lift his bottom as he sucks me and I position him over me. I start sucking his cute little cock and balls. We have a steamy session of 69. Then tell him to sit in Rockygy style and as im about to put my cock into his asshole, I pleads with me not to.

Akhil : sir, please not that. Anything else but that.

I try persuading him but he still didnt agree. And I didn’t wanna force him.

So we just kept hugging each other and kissing. His lips tasted really good.

Finally he gave me a really nice blowjob and I came onto his mouth and face. I made him turn around, hugged him tightly and jerked him off as I kissed his neck. He came onto the floor.

Me : Your hotel manager wouldn’t like it if he sees that cum on the floor. Clean it up baby

Akhil : yes sir

He bent down on the floor and started licking the cum off the floor.

I just couldn’t resist the temptation, I rubbed his hot ass and spanked it hard as he licked the cum.

It was around 3 am when we finished our hot session. We slept naked under the warm blanket , with me spooning him and my cock touching his smooth ass.The next day we had a hot shower session before I left.

Damn that’s one hot night to remember

Hope you enjoyed reading. I am guessing your floor would be splashed with your cum by now, too bad akhil wont be there to clean it up for you

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