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My name is Jack and I’m 26 yrs old and an accountant for a private company. The owner is a woman named Janine who’s probably in her mid thirties. It’s her father’s business but he’s basically retired so she’s been running it exclusively for the past three years. She not exactly a bitch but is a control freak and very demanding. I know she’s never been married and I think it’s probably because she doesn’t seem to like men very much from the times I’ve seen her dealing with them. Being the accountant I’m privy to the books and this company is pretty much on the up and up except for a few liberties on a personal nature that she writes off for her own personal benefit. One day I was working late and decided to go home. Five minutes down the road I realized I left something that I needed to finish a report so I turned around and saw Janine and the young intern Brook leaving the office. I retrieved my notes and when I past the hotel down the block I noticed a car that looked like the bosses and the VW bug that belonged to Brook in the parking spaces. This hotel was one the business used to host various client or reps that did business with our company. I wonder…. I pulled into a restaurant across the street and got a window booth. Sure enough half way through dinner I witness Brook coming out of the room a bit dishevel and she got into the car and drove off in a hurry. Ten minutes later the boss emerged and did the same. Brook was working as an intern from a local college program. Could this be a lesbian interlude with one of her employees? I had to be sure and I kept my eyes and ears open from that point on. The next week I overheard Janine telling her secretary that she would be taking a two hour lunch and she left with Brook following her. I took off down the stairs and straight to the diner I went. I parked at the restaurant and waited and sure enough they showed up.I waited for about 5 minutes and then made my way across the street. I walked past the door and tried to hear something. I looked around and the coast was clear and I pressed my ear to the door. I heard the sounds of sex. Janine was screaming something and they were definitely having a lunch time tryst. I returned to the restaurant and had lunch. They both came out together and I took pics with my phone. Part of Brook’s shirt tail was hanging out and Janine had her tuck it back in and I got it all on my cell. This was perfect and they drove off together. Now the only question was if Brook was a willing party or if the boss was taking advantage. Either way it wasn’t putting Janine in a very good light but it would be even worse if she was using her position as Brook’s boss to force her to have sex. My mind began to run wild with ideas, mainly job security. The next week on Tuesday, it seemed that was their regular ‘date’ night. I walk into the Janine’s office at the day’s end. I had already told Brook that Janine had told me to let her know she could leave early as I was going to be working late with the boss. I entered the her office and told Janine that I needed to discuss some matters with her. She told me to make it quick. I proceeded to tell her about some irregularity I was finding in the books. I don’t know if she was bluffing but she brushed them off and asked me if I was going to become a whistle blower. That’s when I laid my cell phone in front of her and she scanned through some of the pics. Her attitude changed immediately and asked me what I wanted. I told her that I thought I was under appreciated at work and that I needed some special consideration. She mentioned something about a raise that was long over due and then stated matter of factually that she was sure that I wanted her to have sex with me. Unfucking believable! I hadn’t even thought about that! I was only thinking about my position at work. I took a long look at her. She was only about 8 or 9 yrs older than me but she was definitely in good shape and fairly good looking with a nice full pair of big titties. Yeah I could go for fucking this lesbian bitch. I started grinning and stated, “Of course that’s part of the deal.”

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