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Own Son watches Mom with her Secret lover

Chris wasn’t naive about sex, but he was still a virgin, at least technically. He and his girlfriend, Melissa, had engaged in manual and oral sex… or at least he had performed oral sex on her… she refused to do it to him, but always accommodated him with a hand job. However, he had eaten her many times, which he loved to do, and therefore had learned a good bit about the female sex anatomy from up-close. But this was his mother’s sex he was staring at… it wasn’t right. In spite of that, incredibly, he began to get an erection.

The guy slipped his hand between Allison’s legs and began to rub her swollen lips. “Ah, very wet indeed. You are such a slut aren’t you Allison?”

“Yes, I’m a slut,” Allison gasped as her hips began to move on the sofa. “Ohhhh!!!” she suddenly cried as a finger found her hole and slipped inside.

The guy bent his head and took one already hard nipple into his mouth.

Chris watched in shock and mortification as the stranger pumped his finger in and out of his mother’s willing hole. She spread her legs wider for him. He could hear the squishing sounds from his moving finger over the crackling fire, dissuading any doubts that he had with regard to her level of excitement or complicity.

For a long time the stranger worked on Allison, sucking one breast and then the other before adding another finger to her wet hole.

Allison’s cries grew louder as she drew near a climax. It didn’t take long since she had been worked up all day. Now, her hips lifted frantically from the sofa, taking his fingers as deeply as she could. “Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped. “Oh God, I’m going to cum. Mmmmmmmm.” Her body tensed and then began to convulse.

Chris watched with his mouth opened in amazement as his mother climaxed in front of him. He was stunned and shocked beyond belief. His head was spinning with so many feelings that he could hardly think. Yet, his penis throbbed and threatened to shoot off in his pants.

“That’s it. That’s it my little slut,” the stranger said as he continued to pump his fingers in and out until Allison’s climax slowed. When she finally relaxed, he pulled his fingers from between her legs and held them up to the firelight. They were glistening with juice. “I’ve never seen a slut that made so much juice,” he laughed. “Clean my fingers,” he ordered, holding his fingers up to Allison’s mouth.

Without hesitation she took his fingers into her mouth one at a time and sucked them dry.

“Take my cock out.”

Chris’s heart almost stopped as he watched his mother lean over and unzipped the man’s pants. Then she fished inside until she found his hard shaft. When she couldn’t get it out of the opening, she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants.

“Go ahead and pull them down.” He lifted up and allowed her to pull his pants to his feet.

Chris closed his eyes and shook his head as if this was a dream and he would be awake when he opened his eyes again. What he saw when he did was the stranger’s large penis pulsing in his mother’s hand. It was long and had a huge head that was shaped like a giant mushroom. His sparkling juice was running down the shaft in a small river.

“Lick me… but don’t touch the head yet,” the stranger ordered.

Allison moaned and bent her head to the stranger’s throbbing shaft.

From Chris’s angle he could plainly see his mother’s tongue come out and begin to lick the juice from the underside of his shaft. She worked her tongue up and down, cleaning off the juice and leaving her saliva behind.

After a few minutes, the stranger said, “Now suck the head gently.”

Chris found himself holding his breath as his mother’s tongue moved up the shaft until her mouth was hovering over the pulsing head. Then he saw her open her mouth wide and take the head inside. He closed his eyes. He felt dizzy, disoriented, and swayed on his knees. This couldn’t be happening. That couldn’t be his mother sucking a stranger’s cock in their own house… on the sofa he had sat on a million times.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice. You are such a nasty cock sucker.”

Chris’s eyes flew back open. He suddenly had to fight the urge to rush into the room and thrash the guy. He couldn’t believe his mother was letting this guy call her a “nasty cock sucker”. He was sure that she would have slugged anyone that called her that if this were a normal circumstance. However, this wasn’t normal. It was surreal and suddenly seemed to be moving in slow motion as Chris watched his mother suck and lick the swollen head. Little murmurs of pleasure came from her sucking lips.

“Yes, suck me. Suck my cock bitch!” the stranger hissed. “You’re a nasty cock sucker aren’t you?”

Allison moaned as if the words were turning her on and she began to suck the head with greater enthusiasm. The room quickly filled with the solitary noise from her sucking lips.

The sound echoed in Chris’s head, bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. “No… no… no…” his brain screamed. But the juice from his penis poured into his underwear, threatening to create a wet spot on his pants.

“Pump the shaft,” he ordered. “That’s it. That’s it, I’m getting close.”

Suddenly Chris realized that the stranger was going to cum in his mother’s mouth. He almost screamed out to her in warning. He opened his mouth, but he closed it when he heard his mother moan and then saw her hand begin to move faster, pumping the shaft like she was milking him… like she wanted his cum in her mouth. Maybe the stranger was right… maybe his mother was a “nasty cock sucker”. “No… no… no…” he screamed silently. “Nasty cock sucker…nasty cock sucker.” The words exploded in his head.

“Oh yes, oh God,” the guy moaned as his hips began to buck up at the sucking mouth. His hands found her head and he pushed her mouth down. “Take it all,” he hissed through clenched teeth

Chris watched as the guy’s penis disappeared… entirely. A low gasp escaped his mouth. He had seen women take a penis all the way into their throats in porn movies, but he didn’t think that “normal” women really did that. “Nasty cock sucker… nasty cock sucker.”

Allison pulled her mouth back in order to catch her breath. Then she moved down again, taking his penis past the breach of her throat over and over. Each time she paused at the bottom and her tongue came out to lick his balls.

“Suck it. Oh Goddddd!!!” the stranger screamed again.

Then Chris watched as his mother’s head stop moving. She held only the head of his penis in her mouth and pumped the shaft. His eyes opened in horror. He could actually see his penis pulse and the balls squirm. The stranger was cumming in his mother’s mouth. “Pull away… pull away,” his brain screamed. But it was too late, even if she wanted too. However, it appeared that she had no intention of pulling away. Chris watched in amazement as her cheeks bulged and then collapsed as she swallowed once, twice, three times, all the while pumping the shaft for more. He saw her legs trembling and wondered if she were having another climax.

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