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Pakistani girl Hiba’s affairs with Indian men

My name is Hiba Hussain I am a Pakistani Muslim girl. I did MBA from a university in Islamabad. I went to UK when I completed my MBA I was 23 years old then. There I got a job in a business firm. There were some Indian men also working in the same company. Two of the Indian men were my colleagues so I had to talk with them but it was totally professional. Slowly but surely I started liking my Indian colleague. His name was Jatin and he was a Hindu. He was very caring and used to help me in my work a lot. Few weeks later he asked me to go out with him for dinner, and I agreed. We had a great time I really liked every moment of it. Then a week later he invited me to his home for dinner. I went to his house. He used to live alone. It was a rented house. I was really pleased to see he had made really great arrangements for me. He offerd me a glass of bear. First I refused but then she said just a sip. I felt I am in a different country and need to adapt to the new culture. I drank half of it the taste wasn’t so bad actually. Then after having dinner we were sitting together on sofa having a nice conversation. Then in the middle of the conversation he held my hand and started flirting with me. I had no objection. Then he said Hiba I really like you, he couldn’t control his emotions and kissed me on my lips, I did’t say anything instead started looking him in his eyes. He got encouraged by this and then he was all over me kissing my neck and lips continuously. The lustful feeling was making me mad.
I was from a orthodox Muslim family and I had many times heard that Muslim girls should not make relations with non-muslims especially having relationship with Hindu men is strongly forbidden and is considered haram. Now the thought of a Hindu guy loving me, touching and kissing my fair body like that was making me mad. The thrill and excitement of doing the forbidden landed me in the lap of a Hindu men. My mind got filled with strong lust full thoughts. After the kissing session he lifted me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom. I was in a totally different world altogether. Next thing I remember is that he was removing my salwar kameez. He removed all my clothes. After that the was over me kissing my body. I could feel the heat of his body, his cock was touching against my thighs. Then he grabbed my hand and made me touch his cock. My palm was touching his cock, I grabbed it and felt it was a massive organ, thick and long. I was holding his massive cock tightly and simultaneously he was kissing my neck with passion and lust. After that he inserted is tight cock inside my pussy. I could feel his massive tool penetrating deep inside my pussy. He was dominating me. While he was fucking me I was holding him will all the strength I had and my boobs were crushing against his chest. His cock felt like a gigantic hard heated rod inside my cunt. My body was heating  up and and I was breathing heavily. Then I felt a little jerk inside my cunt and then I realized that he had jerked all his hot cum inside my pussy. That night I slept with him. Our relationship continued. Then after a month he went back to India for 2 months. Without him I was lonely and felt unsatisfied. I had other Indian friends in the office they used to invite me to parties. I decided to attend parties and  visit pubs. I met other Indian men in parties and pubs. I was good looking so they tried to come close to me and talk to me. This is an incident of one of those days when I was at a party. I met aa Indian Hindu guy named Arun, he was a handsome hunk. He had his business here in UK. Arun came close to me and we had a nice chat I was impressed by his personality. After the party he said he would drop me to my home. I had no problem. In is car i reached my home. Then he said in a very friendly way- ‘won’t you ask me for a cup of coffee or something’.
Oh yea of course come inside – I said.
I used to live alone in a rented room. As I entered inside my room he grabbed me from behind. I was shocked and said what are you doing. He whispered in my ears, lets have some fun I can give you heavenly pleasure. I  resisted but he started kissing me and grabbed my boobs. I was unsatisfied and started to get horny. Again the thought of a Hindu guy touching me popped up into my mind and the lust of doing the forbidden was giving me goosebumps on my entire body. He removed all my clothes and started gazing my fair body from top to bottom. He removed all his clothes. His big muscular cock popped out of his underwear. Arun sucked my boobs and then he made me suck his dick. I had to stretch my mouth to suck his big cock. After that he fucked my all night long in sessions. He licked every part of my body. He was fucking me as if he is gonna die tomorrow. It was a one night stand we never met again. I have couple of more one night stands after that with hindu men. 2 months later Jatin came back and I was really happy and we are together again.

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