Friday , December 9 2022

Pakistani woman gets a taste of African monster Lund

I’m Rubab, and I live in Durban, South Africa. Today I’m going to share the most enthralling part of my life with the readers of this site. It all started when I was just divorced at the age of 36 and was trying to overcome the sudden surge of loneliness that had hit my life and now seemed to have become a part of the rest of it. My married life with my ex-husband left me with two little kids, an 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year- old son. After sending them both to school, I used to have a plenty of time to spend alone at home.

The only way of making a livelihood for my kids and myself was a homegrown business of designing and selling Eastern (Pakistani) clothes to women of local Pakistani and Indian communities, of which we have plenty in Durban. The divorce had somewhat corroded my designing skills, and the income level had dropped near to the ground, as had my mood. Rather than spending time on my work, I’d just started spending a good proportion of my time online, chatting and e-mailing with my elder sister and a few old friends. I’d needed consolation. My sister suggested me to find some reasonable guy for myself and marry him, for the good of my kids and myself. She kept telling me that I wasn’t too old to marry again. She was right, because even though I’d turned 36, I still had an admirable figure of 38-26-36, with 5’6″ of height and a weight of around 135lbs, which with my Pakistani facial features and complexion looked seductive to men of any age. I’m not overly beautiful, but people tell me I’ve got an attractive face with sexy features. In simple words, I looked like a bitch. But I was not, at least at that time.

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