Sunday , May 28 2023

Patricia Richardson has the hots for a big burly construction worker

Pat was late. She had an appointment in a downtown LA
high-rise office building to discuss a new TV show with
the producer. Since the end of “Home Improvement” her
career had slowed. She was anxious to find new work.

“Give it your best shot, Pat,” said her talent agent.
“This could be the break your looking for. You’re
perfect for the part. So, do yourself a favor and shop
for a new outfit,” he said. “You’re an attractive lady,
Pat. Play it up a little. I don’t have to remind you
know how things work in Hollywood.”

Pat did just that, treating herself to a new outfit. It
cost too much, but what the hell, if it helped her win
the job it was worth every penny. It was a business
dress, gray in color, with a three-button jacket. It had
a plunging neckline and was tailored to fit tightly
around her waist before flaring over her hips. The
matching skirt was cut to end five inches above the knee
and had a single pleat in the back. It too, was tailored
rather tight, molding around her butt, hips and thighs.
She wore it without a blouse. Deciding only to wear a
lacy black pushup bra. A pearl necklace around her neck
hung low between the lapels.

As she hurried down the crowded streets she was aware
that her breasts bouncing in the tight confines of the
dress. Pat smiled and thought, “This job is MINE!”
The traffic light turned green, and Pat Richardson
hurried across the intersection. She quickly walked
down the sidewalk, her black high-heel pumps clicking on
the concrete. Anyone observing the attractive brunette
would have noticed that her ass was wonderful, very
tight and round. The firm cheeks swayed back and forth
as she walked. Her long, trim legs flashed beneath dark,
gray panty hose.

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