Tuesday , March 21 2023

Paul admits to Michelle that he cheated with Stacy and she tells him some secrets of her own, including her bisexual fantasies

Paul thoroughly enjoyed his extramarital affair with Stacy, but the guilt had begun to affect him. He also feared being caught. The last thing that he wanted was a divorce, since it would mean eternal damnation according to his belief system.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t bring himself to end his relationship with the single mom. Not only was she absolutely delightful in bed, but she also seemed to understand and respect him more than his own wife did. It was a terrible dilemma for the exterminator. He wanted to stay married and avoid getting caught, but he also wanted his mistress. He couldn’t give either of them up.

Michelle, for her part, had an awful secret as well. She had gotten an abortion behind Paul’s back, because she didn’t want any more children. It was against her Catholic faith, but she justified it by telling herself that it was dangerous to have more children so soon after her last baby. However, she knew that this act would enrage her husband if he discovered the truth.

She also felt guilty about having secret sexual fantasies about her friend, Karen. She didn’t know why she desired to fuck a woman, but Karen was a former co-worker who had always seemed to provide her with risqué humor and plenty of fun. Of course, she was also in an unofficial marriage with a man named Rick and she was about a dozen years Michelle’s senior.

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