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Payal A Newly Wed Wife lured & forced into submission

She looked upon her reflection in the mirror and what she saw satisfied her. At the age of 19 she has a perfect slim body with no trace of extra fat. She stood 5’6 which is tall by the Indian standards and her night gown clings to her body displaying the perfect figure. Soft and protruding boobs, standing high like Himalayas even though she was not wearing any bra, round and bulging ass with some extra fat, like many Indian women which only gives an added sex appeal. She brushed her shoulder length hairs and gave a final look at herself before joining her husband Prakash at bed.

Suddenly she heard her mother in law calling her from the adjoining room.

“Coming,” she yelled and without thinking that she was only wearing a night gown which is very much transparent, she went to her mother in law’s room. She was sitting in the bed. She is not too old only 60 but looked older and worn out due to the hard work she did all through her life to bring up her children in the absence of her husband. Prakash was the youngest while her two elder sisters were already married. After the marriage of the sisters the three of them only live in this house. She was handicapped as her knee gave way due to some problem and she is too weak that she cannot even climb on her wheel chair on her own.

“Oh! Look at you, wandering around the house like a slut,” she taunted Payal the moment she looks at her dress. “What a conservative bitch, I hate her,” Payal thought.

“I was just going to bed.”

“I know a slut like you want to show around,” she blabbered until Payal gave her the medicine and water to wash it down with. After that she rushed back to her bed room. Inside she found Prakash already in deep slumber. She sighed, another night….

Payal’s father was not well to do and they had six children to support. Payal was the most beautiful of all her sisters and they always tell her that she would get a prince as husband. However the reality was far from what she always dreamed. She has practically no one to fall back at her parents’ home so she has to bear and live with her always nagging mother in law.

Next morning after Prakash left for work Payal got out of house to purchase some groceries. As soon as she stepped out she saw Hassan, her next door neighbour. He smiled and greeted her as she passed by and she has to smile back. Hassan was a crocked man and it was rumoured that he has connection with the low lying political people and also does some odd jobs for them. He was around 45 and had three children one of which is almost the age of Payal. Due to his connections and crocked behaviour people don’t want to be on his wrong side. He has a lecherous eye on Payal. She also knows it very well and keeps her distance.

As she entered the departmental store she saw that Hassan had followed her. She cursed him and hurried to get her things. She picked up the groceries in the basket and was going between the shelves when he made sure to bump into her from the other side.

“Hi Payal lot of things you purchased, that basket looks heavy.”

“Ya few things for the house,” she replied coyly and tried to get past. He walked with her.

“How you spend your day alone with that old lady,” he laughed, “I can’t stand her for few minutes even.”

I also cannot tolerate her; she thought but did not say anything. His trying to make conversation with her was making her nervous. Because of the morning hours the store was almost empty.

Suddenly something went into her eyes.

“Ahhh,” she closed her eyes and tried to rub it out.

“What happened,” Hassan enquired.

“Something dropped into my eyes, I can’t open it.”

“Let me see,” he took the basket from her hand and placed it on the floor.

“Let me check, try to open your eyes,” he asked.

“Ahhhh it’s in the left eye, I can’t open it,” she forcefully opened her right eye and saw Hassan towering over her. She got alarmed she didn’t want to be with this man.

He grasped her chin and lifted her face up.

“Try to open your eye,” he asked, “I will help you clean it.”

“No.. no.. I am fine,” she said with one eye closed, “I will go home and wash it.”

“How can you walk home with one eye closed, let me clear it,” he offered help.

She was conscious and just wants to get away from him but he guided her into a corner and moved behind her. She didn’t want him to touch her but he was now pulling her head onto his chest.

She became stiff, “It’s ok I will manage,” she wanted to run away, but he had his opportunity after a long wait, how can he let her go.

He looked around and found no one in sight. “Better,” he sighed and pulled her head onto his chest.

“Relax Payal,” he commanded, “or else how can I clear it.”

Suddenly Payal became very nervous and aware of his body touching her from behind. Her head was now resting on his chest. He grabbed her chin and kept her head steady and with his fingers he force open the eyelids of her left eye. She felt him very close as he blows into her eye.

“Now you feel better?” he spoke softly looking down at her.

She suddenly felt the pain gone, whatever was in her eye must be blown out but it was still hurting a bit.

“Ya its better,” she replied.

“Good just keep your eyes closed for few minutes and it will be OK,” he said. One hand kept her head pinned on his chest while the other hand went around her waist and pulled her to him.

“Ok, now it’s fine… I should be going,” she got startled and nervously struggled in his grip.

“You cannot even open your eyes, just give it a minute,” he said while pressing against her.

She felt her heartbeat increased, she tried to force open her eyes.

“Ahhh,” she felt pain

“Look I told you, just relax a bit, let me blow again.”

She felt his face very close.

“No…. no…. please let me go…. I am OK,” she spoke in despair.

“Just relax.”

She felt his breath on her checks.

“Let me go,” she struggled. “We are in a store and what if anybody sees us like this.”

“Don’t worry no one is around and we are at the back of store” he spoke in a horny voice.

She sensed it when his checks rubbed against her checks.

“Aho,” her voice was muffled as he placed his mouth on hers. She was stunned for a moment. He bunched her hairs and grabbed them turning her face to him. He sucked her lips forcing his tongue inside her mouth. She started to tremble, not with fear but with strange sensation. She had dreamed about situation like this when she was forcefully grabbed by stranger. Whenever Hassan leered at her she had secretly imagined a situation where Hassan has forced himself upon her. Never had she thought it could happen in real. She felt numb as if all her strength is gone.

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