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Pervert Driver & An Industrialist’s sexy Wife – The beginning

My name is Mohamed Fawaz and I’m a driver for a rich family in Kolkata. I drive a beautiful Mercedes for a rich industrialist. He has a beautiful young wife, Minu Sharma. She is 26 years old beauty with massive voluptuous figures. She has one daughter of 6 years old. Minu is as beautiful as the Mercedes I drive, perfect round breasts like the headlights on the car, she must be more than d size cup, a bit thick body shaped like the car but not fat by any means, full lips, big appealing eyes for sure, and a smile that can kill any man easily. Her bums were to look at. Her bum chicks were HUGE. When she used to walk, her each bums used to jiggle like two jell bags, by each of her steps. I always watched her midriff, the area not covered by the sari. Whenever I get a chance I never miss Ogling at her navel. Her navel is the cutest I have ever seen. It is as big as one rupee coin, and very deep on a flabby tummy.
By the manner she looks at me from the rear-view mirror to give me orders, only by looking at her eyes through mirror, my dick flings. She always wears tight blouses, poking her nipples through the fabric, sometimes in Kolkata heat and due to lots of sweat, one can see clearly the impression of her nipples on her blouse, sometimes I think she doesn’t wear any bra, i guess due to heat but i also sometimes see her blouse wet from her sweat.
Madam mostly wears very low thin sleeveless blouses by which her huge busts always bulges out. Whenever I open the door of the car for her, i notice that she bends to get in, her huge busts bulges out, from below her transparent pallu of her sari. mmm…. I peek at her when she does this, it turns my tool on, and my god i cannot stop thinking about grabbing and smooch her juicy jugs at that very moment… i day dream of her all the time… when will that moment come when my lips are glued to hers because i know i will one day end-up raping her because of her sex appeal… she also knows that I always watch her from the rear-view mirror… When the boss is not in the car… i drool…. I swallow my saliva in excitement… Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see her daily and it makes my day when i see her lusty & sultry looks. However, i just knew it in my mind and my heart that one fine day or at night I’m going to lock my lips to hers, latch onto her nipples sucking hungrily on her breasts, and fuck her brains inside & out… i just knew it.
I always used to Molestation her with my eyes. Whenever I used have eye contact with her, I used peep on her boobs, her exposed big deep navel, as she always wore sari very below in her lower flabby abdomen, her crotch and her whole figure with lusty eyes, and in the end I used to give her a wicked smile. But I always saw by such actions of mine she used to get very much irritated and angry as she used to frown and go away. She never could tell me anything as she didn’t had any proof. I many times over heard that madam used to tell boss that she didn’t like me at all, and I am not a good person and wanted me to be kicked out of my job as soon as possible. I guess she was a perfect loyal housewife, but my boss couldn’t think anything more serious than his business. He used to reply madam that they were all madam’s complicated mind built stuff, and it was nothing like that as Mohamed is working here for more than ten years and he is very honest, by saying so he used to either go to sleep or sit with files of his businesses. Actually this behaviour of boss towards madam gave me courage to put my lusty glances on madam’s figure directly on her face, days after days. Actually my boss never paid any attention to his beautiful wife. I realized that she is too bored housewife with her husband, he was being ignorant, he never spoke nicely with her, Madam never used to talk to me anything in excess, only formal orders of where to drive, rather she was always a little rude to me in her attitudes, before this incident happened.
Months were passing, and each day I was becoming impatient to get at least a touch of her. Each day I was in search of a single moment to make her lay beneath me. I never passed a single night without masturbating by thinking of her.
One magical day, my luck rang up peculiarly, not the way I wanted. That day madam was in the house alone. I took my boss to his office. Suddenly in the noon, boss called me in his office and gave some important files and said to drive fast to his house, and get them signed by madam and bring them back to office as fast as possible. I took the files and drove to house. I pressed the bell but no one opened the door, but I could hear madam’s deck in high volume being played from her bed room. I understood that for that reason she might not be able to hear the bell. But boss said the files were important and needed to be signed very fast. So I took out a metal wire from my pocket and inserted it into the keyhole and within few minutes of difficulty I opened the door. Actually before being employed here as a driver, I used to be a thief at my younger age so I knew the art of opening any locks or doors.
I went towards madam’s bed room and saw that the deck was on, and madam’s attach bathroom’s door was half closed, and from inside the sound of running water was coming. Right there the gear of my mind started working in a evil way, And I simply tip toed and went to the door of the bathroom and in one blow I opened the door wide. My jaw dropped wide open in disbelief. I saw my madam, my sex goddess totally nude in front of me, wet and covered in soap. Madam was totally terrified. She was fumbling and could only manage to say youuuu…ha…how did you…how did you get in…nnnoH!!! But then there was a total silence in the bathroom for about two to three minutes, as I was scanning her entire body, each parts with my eyes with a evil smile. She was standing there dumbstruck, with big eyes wide open in shock, as she also realized that my eyesight was moving up down her body. Her entire voluptuous body was shining due to soap and water. She was breathing heavily, as my eyes first glued on her two huge footballs. They were milky white with pink nipples and big areolas. What I saw was most amazing that I don’t know whether due to nervousness or she got aroused that I saw her nipples gradually becoming big and protruding out and becoming erect. Then I saw her big deep navel in which soap was inside. Then my eyes went to madam’s genital area..OohhhH!! It was clean shaved, it was shining, only a thin long cut in a triangle, it was just like a genital of a 14 year old girl. She was indeed a sex goddess. OOhh! I suddenly felt a cold patch in front of my penis tip at my pant, I realized that I was having pre cum shooting. I had seen so many nude women in my life, pictures, so many at red light areas, but none I could ever imagine that only by looking at a figure one can have pre cum. A long dreamed sex goddess, a ripe sexy voluptuous full jawani of 26 years was standing in front of me totally nude. It was then madam came to the senses after two minutes and she murmured “go out from here driver.” I said I needed an important sign that boss has sent to fetch. She said first go out from here. I went out of her bathroom and waited for her in her bedroom. She shut the bathroom door behind me.

I suddenly saw that on madam’s bed madam’s cloths were lying. My dick further flickered by the very thought that madam didn’t had any dress inside bathroom and if she has to come out to sign she has to come in a provocative manner.
Just as I was thinking so madam, the most conservative housewife came out in front of her driver, servant by wrapping only a towel, which was hardly covering her busts and pussy. She was drenched, nice smell of soap was there on her body, and the towel was a short towel that was tied lower to her big busts and barely came down to her triangle. The towel had stuck to her figure due to wetness. Her big flabby milky thighs with water droplets on them were just making me crazy. My cock was no paining in my zippers. She came out, took the file from my hand and kept on signing pages. What further astonished me was that turning pages to sign, she was stealing glances at my pant. It was then I realized that my 10″ shaft was totally erect and was creating a great bulge from beneath my pant. She somehow signed the pages and gave it to me. I took them and went out. All through the while she didn’t look at me.
But before I left the house, I went to the backyard of the house and peeped at madam’s bed room what I saw fascinated me unexpectedly. I saw madam was sitting in front of her giant mirror. She slowly opened her towel and threw it away and became totally nude, and started crying by covering her face. I opened my zippers and started masturbating looking at madam’s nude figure. It was awesome, just by few hand strokes I was ready to cum. But then I saw something that I couldn’t believe in my eyes. Madam was crying, but as she settled down slowly, she looked at the mirror, slowly stretched her flabby thighs and started massaging her clitoris. My jaws dropped looking at that. Was she really aroused by me looking at her nude body, was she??Within minutes she started to moan..mmmmmmmmmm hhhhmmmmm ooooommmmmhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmm..I also started masturbating at full force by it. We both were now masturbating. I found it hard to control it so I came with a bang. I never came like this ever. I went on Cumming. I was having problem standing erect. The wall of the house was wet with my cum like I had urinated there. As I settled down slowly, madam also started shivering. Ohh her ass cheeks and boobies were shaking like anything she was moaning a lot MmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm Hhhhaaaaaaaaaaa SSHhhhhhssssss……She also had a good orgasm. As she finished her orgasm, she looked at the mirror very shyly to herself. But just then my boss called me at my cell phone to tell me to hurry up and so the cell rang and madam looked towards the window with panic in her eyes and saw me standing. Our eyes met, I gave a naughty smile and went away to boss’s office.

For about 12 days madam didn’t face me, neither did she came out of her house. But from that day onwards each day I masturbated almost six to seven times a day thinking about madam’s nude figure. I masturbated at public urinals, at boss’s office’s staff urinal, in the car while parked, even sometimes while driving alone, before going to sleep, while taking bath, etc. i masturbated so many times regularly that after 12 to 13 days I was ejaculating very little or least sperms. Even after masturbating so many times, when I used to get up from my sleep I used to find that I had ejaculated in my sleep also, like in my teenage.
After almost about 3 to 4 weeks, still madam didn’t face me and stayed inside the house. One day, when boss was about to go to his office, when he came in and sat in the car, he remembered that he had forgotten his mobile phone in his bedroom. I thought it could be an opportunity to meet madam after a long time, so i told boss that I will fetch the mobile for him. By saying so I rushed to boss’s bedroom.
I saw madam sitting on her couch by wearing a thin transparent nighty. Just by seeing me she got shocked. She only managed to say ‘you……………………what ……….what do you want????’I said ‘you know what I want madam.’ I was expecting some anger from madam as usual, but instead I found Madam’s fair cheeks turned red and looked down in shyness. Just then owner of her, my boss shouted from car ‘What’s taking so long driver??’My boss is always short tempered replied ‘just finding it boss. ‘I said to madam that boss has forgotten his mobile phone. Madam got up from the couch. OH!! Madam wasn’t wearing any under garments. She was wearing a transparent white nighty, and I could clearly see her two footballs dangling. The nighty was so thin and transparent that madam’s huge ass’s crack was clearly visible and her huge bums were jiggling fantastic. Her areolas and nipples were poking out and were clearly visible through her white nighty. By seeing my descent madam in that dress I instantly got a tight hard on.
The mobile was on the bed under boss’s pillow. As madam bent down to pick up the phone, I went behind her and intentionally I shoved my 10″ erect hard cock straight between her massive bums. In that bent position her ass cheeks were open and my cock tip landed on her vaginal entrance. OOHH!! What a feeling!!! It was soft like sponge. Madam in shock stood up fast and I pushed my groin further in, and I heard madam let out a painful moan OOooohH!! Before she could react properly, I caught her waist and pulled her back further onto my dick. My dick entered half between her huge flabby ass cheeks. Her silky smooth ass cheeks pressed hard against my thighs and my dick buried between her soft mounts. As she is wearing only a very thin cloth, I could get a good feel of the softness & smoothness of her ass cheeks. Her huge bums were indeed soft & cold. Her ass crack was hot and I could sense the hotness of her ass crack on my dick. The feeling was uncontrollable for me, and so I started Cumming in my pants. Just then she pushed me with her elbows and moved forward, and with anger in eyes she slapped me tight and yelled ‘What nonsense!!What do you think you are doing, I will tell your boss and throw you out from here!! I also replied to madam harshly that ‘go ahead tell boss, I know boss will do nothing, and further more I’ll also tell boss the detail descriptions of your sexy figure and will say that you have tried to seduce me.
Madam, with panic in her eyes said ‘NNoHH…….’ ‘Just then boss shouted from the car that if you cannot find the mobile then leave it and lets drive fast to office as I am getting late. I took the mobile from madam’s hand and went away, to drive boss to office. Madam stood there frozen in panic.
Whole day I masturbated in the parking of boss’s office thinking about the feeling of madam’s bums on my dick and thighs.

Two days passed and madam didn’t face me or come out of her house. On the third day, I took boss to office. In the afternoon boss called me in his office and said that he had given madam a phone’s memory card, in which confidential documents of income tax and business were saved. Boss had forgotten to bring it in office & he needed it urgently then. So he said to me that to go to madam, in the house, and ask for that chip and bring it fast in the office. Just by the thought that I’ll be meeting madam my dick flickered.
I drove to boss’s residence and Bai, and our maid opened the door, and I slowly went to madam’s bedroom, and without knocking I entered. Madam was sitting by the dressing table and by looking at me in the mirror, she literally sprang up. She was wearing a thin transparent lemon colour sari, thin sleeveless blouse. It was a costly saffron sari. She had applied mehendi to her hands and they were wet. She said in a rude tone ‘what do you want?’ I asked for the chip and said boss wants it urgently. At first I couldn’t understand that as i asked for the chip madam’s face turned horrified and panic stricken, and only murmured ‘Oh no..!’ I asked what happened madam? Madam said she was a bit busy and so does he needs the chip very urgently, I said yes madam. I found madam’s cheeks turning red and her big eyes were full of shyness. I enquired that was everything all right?
She said that she has applied a costly mehendi to both her hands and its wet, so she cannot give it. I said that then I can take it, tell me where is it. I found madam’s eyes becoming wide in panic and she started sweating in air conditioned room. She said in a low voice ‘no…!’I asked I cannot understand madam what you are saying, please say clearly where the chip is. She again said that “As I applied mehendi, I cannot use my hands.” I said fine, where is the chip??

Madam with a trembling and shy voice said “As your boss had said that the chip contained very confidential income tax data, so to keep it safe and secure it is …… is in…… is… is in my…………………………….”
I asked where madam?
She looked down at floor in shyness and in a very low voice she whispered “It is in my blouse” I stood stunned for a second there. I got a instant hard on by hearing it.
For a moment there was a complete silence in the room, and madam couldn’t look at menthe I broke the silence and said “so what..?” Madam looked up at my eyes in astonishment and said that “you don’t understand, I have a very wet and costly Mehendi at both my hands and the sari is a very costly saffron sari too, which if spoiled once will be difficult to recover”.
I said to madam, “so what” Madam looked at me with her eyes full of questions. I said with a wicked smile that I can take it from there, for you, while you can retain your mehendi. Madam said with panic “What nonsense is this, behave yourself, don’t forget your place, you are a servant of mine!!!”
I said that then may i go to boss and say that madam is not giving the chip and is saying that she’ll give it later. Madam said “no…no…your boss will get very angry at me and shout at me. ”I said that then don’t you think that this is the only option we have madam, let me take it out for you. Madam in panic way said. “no…Never!!!” I said very casually “what’s the problem, why are you shy, I have already seen everything of yours. ‘Madam became terrified and shy and couldn’t look at me.
Just then boss called up in my cell and shouted not to be late, and bring the chip quickly.
I cut the phone and asked madam that what I should do. Madam, with much hesitations and nervousness, first looked down, then closed her eyes tight, took deep audible breathe and then whispered that Bai is working in the adjacent room, please close the door. My cock became full erect just by hearing it.
I quickly went to the bedroom’s door to close it, and found that Bai was cleaning the floor of the next room. Our eyes met and I winked at her and closed the door at her face. I turned towards madam and saw that she was standing, by looking down in shyness like a new bride. I went up close to madam and found she was taking deep breathes. I went further closer. My cock started oozing pre cum. I could smell her shampooed hair which was left loose. My hands were shaking. I put them hesitantly over her left shoulder. The sari was pinned to her blouse. I said “It is pinned”. She by looking at the floor whispered “Remove it”. I put two fingers inside blouse near her shoulder. That made me touches her intimate skin for the first time. She jerked upon my touch, involuntarily. I used both the hands and removed the pin smoothly. I slowly brought the pallu down as my heart began to beat faster. Out came her twin balls, hanging before me, waiting to be invaded. Madam had a big full round bust, and as the blouse that she wore was very tight fitting and sleeveless, so more than half of her cleavage was already exposed and bulging from the top of her blouse and from the sides of her armpits.
Her blouse clad tits were now in front of me, inches away. She was breathing heavily. I see the sweat near her armpits and that part of the blouse was drenched. Her blouse was transparent enough to reveal that she was wearing a white bra inside. I to further tease her asked her mockingly that if it was ok to proceed. She just nodded shyly. I turned towards her and I asked
“Which side is it?”
I put my hand over her bosom. There was not much of a gap for my hand to enter in. I looked at her and said I can’t put my hand as there is no gap. She said shyly” remove a button”. I caught her blouse top with both hands my palms feeling madam’s tits for the first time and released the first hook of the blouse. Out came her cleavage into view and some fresh air for her tits. Without asking I removed another and I came to know she had a mole on her left tit. Her cleavage was shining as I found that she was sweating all inside. I with a smirk on my face, inserted my dark rough hand inside from the top of her blouse, fingers first, over her left one. My hand was over madam’s tit now. I gently grasped her tit to access the size and shape. It was firm and round like a ripe watermelon. She said the chip is in a small purse that is in the bra. I looked at her and she turned away in shyness. I now inserted my hand and kept it now inside the bra. I entered heaven. My dick was tearing my underwear by now. I touched her nipple with my finger tip and it became erect. She arched her back and thrust her tit further towards me, and moaned SSSShhhhhhssshhh… Her tit was crushed in my hand now. It felt very soft and warm. I could feel a small purse on one end but I didn’t go there immediately. I delayed my movements there. I was searching on the other end of her tit and feeling her boob fully. I was tweaking nipples with my finger tip movements from side to side. Her nipple now became erect and it stood up firmly. I could see her nipples poking out from over her blouse. Madam kept her eyes closed tightly and was breathing very heavily. Her boobs were constantly moving up and down.
I bet her pussy juices were flowing by now. She whispered stammering the purse is on the other end. “Oh, I see”. I now moved my hand and felt a small purse. While trying to grasp the purse I grabbed her tit and gave it a squeeze. “OOoooooooosss” she let out a sound and showed lust in her eyes, and looked up at my eyes for the first time. OH no, this housewife was fully aroused by now. By seeing that I intentionally placed my palm directly on her nipple, and started rubbing them & by pressing it and asked casually, ‘is this the chip madam? ‘Madam closed her eyes, rolled her head to one side and started gasping “noooooo….no…..please no…..shhhhhhhh” As I went on rubbing she was gasping and arching up and down.
I said madam, your boobs are so big, that its difficult to locate the purse, I need to open the blouse.(Madam,apki mamhe itni badi hae ke mere unglihi nehi ghus raha hae…)Madam with panic stricken eyes looked to me and whispered ‘please no…’I took out my fingers, and started opening her remaining two hooks of her blouse, without waiting for her consent. As I unhooked them, I smoothly opened her blouse wide and saw her two huge melons tightly held by a thin skimpy total transparent bra. I started Cumming inside my pants just by looking them. On the left side of her melons, near her nipple was a small purse. I inserted my long fingers and pulled out
the purse containing the chip. While doing so i again brushed her nipple intentionally for the final time. Ohh my god!!Now it was rock hard. As I stood there holding the purse, her face was red now. I stood there staring at her tits. She whispered by looking down “Cover me up now and leave from here. I buttoned her blouse and adjusted her tits back in place and covered her pallu as well. I said in an evil tone “Thanks madam, it was great”. She blushed red and by looking down she said ‘now go from here driver.’ I left and started my shagging, while driving in the car to office to give the chip to boss. While driving I could still smell the strong aroma of madam’s body on my fingers and nails.
That night I masturbated so many times that whole night I was awake and my cock was painting by dawn.

The very next day, I drove boss to office and was shagging by the thoughts of madam in office’s parking, in the car. What happened next was unbelievable. Just as I was wanking, my phone rang and it was madam. For all the previous incidences with madam, she had stopped coming out of her house, or avoids talking to me, and didn’t face me. But now she is calling me!!! With a little surprise and excitement, I took up the phone and she said to bring the car as she needed to go for some shopping. I quickly drove to house. Madam came out by wearing a beautiful heavy orange sari and a matching thread blouse, big diamond necklace, diamond ear rings, her back was open and she looked stunning… Minu madam had done her hair loose and she looked stunning with hair flowing loose, she smelled really good, and her big breasts were pointing straight from her new orange blouse, i could see the shape of her breasts to be described as perfect “10” round and big as her sari pallu was covering only one left breast and exposing the other half of the blouse was right side breast. I went up and opened the door for her and she sat in the car.
I drove madam to a costly mall. In the gate of the mall, madam said me to join her in her shopping. I asked with shock.
“Madam? Me?”
With you?

That too in such costly mall??”

Madam said “don’t worry, I’ll be bored shopping alone so I would prefer you being with me, yes leave your uniform’s hat before coming with me, or else people will think you as my driver.”

I was shocked to see such behavioral change of madam, she was not rude to me, and she was behaving very pleasantly with me. I parked the car and we both went in the mall. I had never walked so close to madam. So all the while I was watching madam walking and her exposed midriff. Ohh my god!! her bums jiggle like anything, and her boobs also jumps by her each steps. Her sex appeals and beauty are far higher than any slut or models. I found many head turning towards madam from teenagers to old ages. I was indeed feeling very proud walking with her.
Inside the mall, madam asked that will I like to drink anything. I said no its fine. She said don’t be shy, then she paused and said in a low voice that,
“Yesterday you destroyed all my shyness, so today how can I allow you to be shy today”
My jaws dropped by such kinds of words from madam’s mouth. We went to a cold drinks shop, and madam ordered for only one bottle of Pepsi.
I asked “Won’t you drink madam?” She said “of course, I’ll share it with you.” I was dumbstruck. She took the bottle, threw the straw away and started drinking directly from her mouth, after she had drank some gulps, she gave the bottle to me. I with a pause started drinking with my mouth. Just by thought that my madam had drank by touching mouth on the bottle and I was also drinking from the same place gave me a feeling that I was smooching her and I was getting hard on. I also after some gulps, gave the bottle to madam, and she drank it with lusts in her eyes. Like this we shared the bottle.

Then we entered a shoe store as madam needed to get some sandals. As madam sat down, I found her huge busts bulging out and dangling. So I kept standing in front of her to enjoy the good view. As madam tried on a couple of pairs, my eyes widened by watching her, fashion of sitting. She was sitting with both her legs apart. Her pillars like fat thighs were a view to look at even from above her sari, which was thin and a clear impression of her crotch was visible to me. She was trying sandals and as she was bending down her milky busts would bulge out. My dick hardened by looking at this fucking tease.
Then we went to a departmental store, where ladies and gents undergarments were being sold. My dick was pulsating as I was standing in between undergarments and half nude dolls with madam. Madam said to me ‘driver please choose a bra and pantie for me’. My dick became tight. I asked what size, Madam said with a shy smile, 38D. I surfed through few and selected one very revealing pair. Madam said wow they are great. While giving it to madam, I caught her soft palms and said that I wanted to see them how it fitted. Madam didn’t reply me anything, and shyly took the garments from my hand and went towards the trial room by sexily swaying her hips. I waited in front of the trial room with my heart beat speeding up. Waiting three to four minutes, I heard madam opened the lock of the door and called me in. I went in and OH MY GOD!! Madam was only in that skimpy bra and thong like pantie and her sari and entire dresses were on floor. Madam was fairer than milk and on it tight black colored bra and pantie were actually making her look like sex goddess.
The way she looked at me, made my dick fly, she was biting her lips and she was full with shyness and tried to avoid my eye contact. The room was a very small trial room, so we were standing so close to each other that her nipples of her huge busts were almost touching my chest. I said ‘madam, you are a very hot item.’
She smiled by looking down and said am I that much beautiful, my husband always says that i am fat. I replied Oh madam you look like goddess to me, you are not fat, you are sexy, hot sexy, and such sexy figures must not be wasted with wimp like husbands, it must be put to good use, it must be manhandled by animals like me, I must use this body like a dustbin and make you dirty. Be my slave for one night and it will be a lifelong memory for you madam.’ As I kept on saying these i found madam was getting very aroused as her breathing was becoming heavy.
Madam interrupted me and said ‘stop!!’………….She then said in a low shy voice by looking down “Driver, I surrender to you. Driver, please quench the thirst in my body that you have created, please.. Please do whatever you want, i am yours.” I said “you bitch, then why did you tease me all these days and showed all those dramas of a loyal housewife. I knew you were a easy lay.” Madam was little shocked with me, calling her a bitch she was wide mouthed closed her mouth with her hand and then she calmed down & said “No, no.. still today no one other than my husband has ever touched me. But from the day you had seen me in the bathroom, the way you see my body, your touches have set fire in me, and its unbearable for me now. You scoundrel driver, you have destroyed my married life.”(Driver plz tum mere jism ki aggg mita do.Main tumhain mala mal kardungi mujhe)
I said ‘then madam, when do you want, and how will it be possible as Boss is around? ‘Madam said by looking at me sexily “for business purpose your boss is going out of India tonight for seven days.” I went closer to madam, her busts pressed against my chest and I hugged her and caught her bums tightly. Ohhh what I feeling, indeed two huge jell bags, they were softttttttttttt!!She also hugged me. Then she said that there is a small problem. I asked what. She said though boss is going out, but at night madam’s daughter would be staying at house. I said, no problem, we have to arrange outside your house. She smiled. I went out of the trial room, and after three minutes she dressed back in sari and came out.
Probably as we both were too much excited so we didn’t talk to each other much. We went to the parking and I opened the door for madam and as madam was getting in the car, I slapped tight on one of her soft bums, with my big rough palms. Madam yelled in pain “Oooooo” and sat in the seat. When she looked at me, I gave a wicked smile, then madam also shyly smiled me back. I started driving and left the mall. All the while driving we didn’t talk to each other but kept on looking at each other’s eyes frequently through the rear view mirror. I dropped her at her house and went to office to take boss.
Until night my excitement knew know limit, I couldn’t believe that my long dreamed madam, my sex goddess is going to be fucked by me. I can use her as I like. She is mine. I went to chemist’s shop and took high doses of Viagra. I was impatiently waiting for the night to come, in our servant’s quarters. Just then boss called me up and said to bring the car and be ready to drop me in the airport. It was night 10.30pm when I was waiting with the car, and boss and madam both were ready and they both were approaching the car when I first saw madam. Ohh!!my dick started dropping pre cum just by looking at her sexy outfit and by the thought of getting her tonight.
She was wearing very light total transparent costly white saffron sari, white backless choli(blouse). The choli which was tied on her neck and a transparent string low on her back was exposing her whole back and was so low cut that showing more than three fourth of her huge milky cleavage. By chance a string is broken then everyone will see her pigeons fly. She also wore her Sari very tightly over ass and much below her navel.
She was looking drop dead heated gorgeous. I made way for her to go in front as I wanted to drink her jiggling back & bums from behind. And there you are: I was walking behind Minu madam, and I was going mad after seeing madam’s milky white back and her jell filled bums vibrating by each of her steps. She indeed had hugely protruding round ass. I thought “what an ass? Jiggling like gel bag. I thought in mind various postures to bang this slut”. As soon as I opened the door for her and she got inside the backseat of her Mercedes, my eyes widened as I watched with awe Minu’s hugely exposed flaunting cleavage. Perhaps madam has worn the most lowest cut blouse today, that I have ever seen. My mouth was almost watering seeing her big globes in half exposed blouse.
Boss was sitting at the madam’s side but perhaps didn’t paid proper attention to this beauty and kept on talking in mobile some business points with somebody.
I couldn’t realize that when we reached airport. Boss bided goodbye to madam and made entry inside the security checking. We came back to our car and madam sat at her back seat and I started driving. After two minutes of complete silence, madam asked shyly, where are you driving. I replied in a harsh tone “chupkar saali,aj se tu mera rand hae,mae tujhe jaha bhi chahu lejaunga,jo bhi chahu karunga,na to tu mujhe kuch kahegi,na to tu mujhe kuch order degi.”(from today you are absolutely mine, I’ll take you wherever i like, do whatever I like with you, neither you will say anything nor you will give me any orders)Madam kept silent. I took the car in a nearby city by-pass, and came down from the road to deep into the side by dark fields and turned all the lights off. The night being a day after no moon night, it was impossible for the passer byes of the road to see. Besides at that hour traffic was least on that road. The Mercedes had black glass, so I only switched on the light inside the car and the ac.
I came down from the driver’s seat, opened the back door, got in and locked the door from inside. I saw madam’s eyes full with lust and fear. Boss had innovated the interior of the Mercedes for luxury purposes. He had shifted the back seat much behind and made a great space in between the front seat and back. The floor was furnished with costly carpet.
I sat on the floor and watched madam very well with lusty eyes from head to toe. She became shy and couldn’t look at me. I said to madam to come down on floor and sit at my side. Madam said “niche to ganda hae” (the carpet is dirty).I replied “to keya hua,aj ke baad tu bhi gaandi ho jaigi!”(so what, after today you’ll also become very dirty.)
Madam hesitatingly came down from her seat and sat on the floor.
Madam was 5’.5” tall with milky whitish complexion, long black hairs up to her massive protruding hips with attractive face and I had a very big and well-shaped boobs and ass. Both her boobs and butt were abnormally large compared to my whole body structure. I on the other hand was deep black in colour. I was 5’10 muscular rather bulky man. Zade black complexion. Bald. I looked exactly like those African men in blue films, where as Minu looked like a sex goddess.

I went close to madam, I could almost hear madam’s heart beat loud and clear in the silences of the field. I grabbed the pallu of her sari, out came her ripe balls.Oh! what a scene was it, inside her cleavage her mangal sutra was stuck. I was having a good hard on. I asked her to untie the sari from her petticoat. She did it without a word. Her sari had a charming smell. I took the sari and threw it in the front seat.
By that my sex goddess was sitting in front of me with only a thin tight sleeveless blouse
with a huge busty bulge, and her petticoat in her lower abdomen, exposing her big navel. My mouth was watering placed my two big rough palms on madam’s huge softy boobies, over her low sleeveless blouse. Madam gasped ‘sssHHHhhhhhhssssss.’I started pressing madam’s boobies a little, she closed her eyes. Then suddenly I with one pull tore madam’s blouse apart, and held it wide open. Her boobs jumped out with skinny thin black bra.
Madam’s eyes were wide open, and asked with terror in eyes why did i tear it, it was her costliest blouse. I said I did it as a punishment for teasing me for so many months. She didn’t reply me anything. I threw the blouse in the front seat too. Now she was only in her bra and petticoat. I pulled the string of her petticoat and pulled it out from her leg and threw it in the front seat. She was silently presenting herself to me. WOW!!She was a sex goddess to look at. She was only in a very thin black pantie and a bra. Her bulkiness added to her appeal with that dress.
She wasn’t looking at me properly and had her eyes full of shame. I sat in front of her and opened my uniform shirt, vest and pant and under ware and became totally nude. It was like those of the African mamba cocks. My cock was almost 10 inches long even when half erect. It was more than 6 inches thick, with a big triangular cap on top. My penis was a cut penis, as I am a M******. My testicles were like two large tennis balls hanging. They were big round and heavy. I was full nude in front of madam Minu.
Minu madam was seeing for the first time any man nude other than her husband in her life. I saw madam’s eye widened in fear by looking at the size of my cockish asked with fear ‘how can that go in me? ‘I replied ‘by destroying your vagina.’ “aaj ke baad teri ye bur aisi 14 saal ki bachchi ki tarha nehi rahegi,ye kisi rand ki gandi bur banjaegi.”I saw fear in madam’s eyes.
I stood up and sat at the back of the front seat and asked madam to come forward. Madam crawled in her knees and sat in front of me in her knees. OH its a great feeling to have my own madam, my long dreamt sex goddess on her knees between my legs. I then said, “lo ab chooso”(Take it & suck) Madam refused strictly. She said it’s very dirty, and she has never done it in life, neither would she do it. I caught hold a tight grip of her open hair. In pain she said ‘aaaaah’ and as her mouth opened while saying ‘aaaaah’ I shoved my penis in her mouth. At first she resisted by biting my pens’ said if you bite my penis, then I’ll leave you nude in the middle of the bypass road and go away. She eased her jaws and I started shoving in inch by inch. My dick had become so much swollen that madam had opened her mouth to her full extent yet my dick was having difficulty getting in. Only a quarter entered and it was not going further. I started pushing in and out and that state only. I held madam’s hair in one hand and by other hand I held her face up by her chin. OH it was a great view, as madam’s thick sexy lips with red lipstick on them wrapped my black thick penis. Within seconds, madam was coughing as if vomiting. She said she cannot tolerate the smell, she will die, I by hearing it again shoved inside her mouth and kept pumping. Madam was making sounds from her throat like gargling..Ghhrrrrrr ggghhhhRRrrrrr Huuuaaaakkkkk GGGhhhhhrrrrrr.’She was indeed chocking. Her eyes were full of tears. She was looking at my eyes with fear in her eyes. I kept face fucking her. Soon she started vomiting water. As I choked her mouth totally with my penis, I saw she was vomiting water through her both nostrils. Oh! what a feeling was it. I felt her warm vomit passing from her throat up to her nostrils on my penis tip, and I just there I started cumming. Madam was about to spill it out, but I quickly pressed both her nostrils close and cummed in her throat by holding her head tightly. With lots of chocking sound, she swallowed each of my drops. I never felt like that before, it was greatest of my cums. As I took out my penis from her mouth, I pulled her face up by holding her chin and kept tightly kissing her thick juicy lips. OH I had never tasted such lips before, it was so thick and so soft that I within no time got another hard on. It was mesmerizing.

I pushed her strongly and she laid flat on the floor of the Mercedes. OH what a sight, my madam in black bra and panty, lying in front of me. Her thighs big fat fleshy fair with a perfect triangle in between. Her flabby tummy with a big navel and huge boobs within her skinny black bra. I pounced on her and laid on my madam. I looked at madam’s eyes directly, she didn’t say anything to me but i saw her eyes filled with water.

I pressed my lips on her lips and started kissing her passionately. My kisses were very hard and rough during all that time and I was slipping my rough palm on her soft inner thighs and butt and squeezing them passionately. I was kissing very slowly her ear lobes, neck and soon I made madam moan. ‘Hooooooooooooo……..sssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh……nnnnNNNNnnnooooooooooo…..OOOoohhhhhhhh….mMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmm……..”
I raised her arms on her head and started licking her armpits like some icecream.She was fascinated by such act.She started moaning very loudly “HHhoooooooooooooo driverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……what…..nooooo…no….sssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssshAAaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmmmMMMMMMMHHH plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aabbbbbb iiiiiiiieeee rookoo na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….!”
While moaning like this she was arching a lot,while being pined down by my body weight.By each of my licking in her arm pits,she arched her back to her full extent with her boobs up in the air.
Then I looked at madam’s swaying massive boobs. The bra that she was wearing, I had never seen such bra’s fashion. It had a single button at the centre of her two tits and it clenched tightly madam’s milky jugs. I asked what type of bra is this. Madam said that this was gifted by her husband purchased from abroad. Then I just with the tip of my two fingers opened that button between her chest and right there her entire bra sprang and opened wide apart on car’s floor. As she had wore the bra very tightly so immediately as the bra fell, madam’s two voluptuous boobs just jumped out and bounced freely. I gasped from my mouth ‘HOOOOOOW!!’ by looking at those huge boobs swaying and bouncing. Madam in shame closed her eyes tight. Then after almost one minute of silence I said in a evil tone “madam these huge bombs look even larger without bra” and by that I hooted and whistled at her. In shame she just closed her eyes and I saw tears rolled down her cheeks.
Without wasting further time, I caught hold of madam’s bare breasts and started squeezing roughly. I was squeezing them so roughly that by now her both melons had turned red. She was screaming in pain..’AAAAaaaaaa NNnehhiiiiiiii naaaaaa aaaaaaa AAAAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhaaaaaa’ Tears were rolling down her cheeks. While roughly squeezing one boob, I took for the first time one of her nipples in my mouth. Right then her screaming in pain changed to ecstatic moans of pleasures. She gasped loudly HHOOOO NOO..OOOOOOOO..YYEEEAAAAHHHHH…HOOO WHOOOOO OO OOOOOOOOOOO..O..OOOO..OOOOOOOOOO..YEEEEEEEESSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAA..OOOO.. …HHHOOOOOOOOOO..OH GODDDDDD.. HOOOO..OOOO!! By each of my squeeze at her boobs her pussy was jumping up and down from the car’s floor. Madam really knew how to enjoy a man’s touch. I could well realize that madam was discharging a large amount of fluid from her pussy because I could well smell the entire interior of the car filled with dense smell of female discharge. It was a fantastic view to see that two big hairy black hands were totally exploring madam’s fair milky busty breasts, but her breasts were so large that my large masculine palms could not totally engulf her boobies at a time. Madam’s nipples were poking out like arrow’s heads and became solid rock hard. By my passionate fondling, I found madam’s boobies by now becoming very heavy. I was gradually increasing the pressure of squeezing on her breasts and more the smell of female liquid was increasing in the car by it.
I said “Ohhh memsab!! Kya maal banayea apne!!”(Ohhh Madam!! what things have you given birth to!!)by saying this I started squeezing more passionately. I have been with so many ladies but I have never seen such sizzling pair of bombs like these ever!!These boobs are the best so far I have tasted in my whole life. They are bouncing in my palms and on top of this huge size they are unusually soft, they are just like sponges.”
By saying this I took the other breast that I was squeezing in my mouth for the first time.By the sudden sensuous feeling madam screamed at the top of her voice “OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”
Guess madam was never manhandled like this so she started enjoying and forgotten that madam was a wife of respectable person and belong to a respectable rich family. Then I went down and dug my face in her belly licking her navel. She jumped up involuntarily from the floor. I was sucking her navel and inserting my tongue in it. She was getting mad and twisting her whole body. She held my head tightly with her palms.
Then slowly I moved down and reached her panty. I caught hold of the side of her panty and gave a good pull. The elastic of the panty tore and flung away with sound. Madam gasped Hooo!!Now we both were completely nude inside the car. Madam’s jawani was electrifying. She was completely nude in front of me, only she was wearing her mangal sutra.
I caught hold of madam’s both flabby fair soft thighs and pushed it apart. OHHHH!!!! Madam’s clean shaved pussy was CUTE!!!!!It was just like a pussy of 14 years old girl. I had never seen such pussy of any women at this age. It was milky white, only a thin long cut in the triangle, and it looked very tight.
I without further wasting any time, dug my lips tight in madam’s cute bur. Madam arched right there and moaned loudly “HHHHHHHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”
Oh!!Madam’s bur smelled sweeeeeeeeeetttt!!!!!It also tasted great, very salty. I started sucking and eating madam’s vagina very passionately. I was exploring my tongue deep inside her cunt.
I felt that a good orgasm was slowly building in her. I went on sucking more passionately and madam also went on moaning more loudly.
As I was sucking, I inserted my hard long black middle finger in madam’s milky pussy and touched her G-spot. Right then madam couldn’t control anymore and started moaning at the top of her voice came with a splush and she kept Cumming in jets of liquid directly in my face. I drank as much as I could, it was salty and tasty. Madam was moaning loudly like a cheap slut ‘Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh..Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..Ooohhhhhhh..yeaaahhhh…whats..this..OHHh Godd.. ..Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeaaahhhhh..Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo…uuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuuuffffffffff..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..oooooooooooooooo…HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Uuuummmmmm..AAaaaaaaaaaaaaUuuummmmmm..AAaaaaaaaaaaaa’Her entire body was twisting and jumping on the floor of the car. Her boobs were pouncing on her chest and her pussy leaves were badly pulsating and were swollen.
I watched her quietly as she slowly settled and calmed down from her huge orgasm. After she calmed she asked me what was that. I couldn’t understand so I asked what do you mean. She asked very shyly ‘did I pee by mistake driver??’I started laughing loudly. Madam doesn’t know anything about squirt. I asked her laughingly that ‘tu ek bachchi ki ma banchuki hae aur tujhe pata nehi ye keya hae? (You are a child’s mother but you don’t know about this?)’ She nodded no. I mockingly asked ‘teri paati tujhe kaisi chodte hae madam?’ (Your husband won’t do anything with you?) She didn’t reply anything, and became shy. Then I said to madam that “jab mard ki pyar teri bur ko bahut bahut achchi lagegi,to teri bur apni aap pani chod degi,thik jaise mard ke lund birj chod de ta hae.(You always had an extra job, inserting a brinjal instead of a man’s cock in your pussy?) “She said while masturbating she many times had orgasms, but she didn’t squirt anything. I said to squirt you need to feel much more aroused. Then I asked madam that, that means this was your life’s first squirt ever. She nodded yes. Then I smiled and said that means tu apni life me paheli bar aisi maza pai hae na (You never had real fun in your pussy) madam. She became shy and didn’t reply. I said, wow life me paheli bar apni madam ne apni ijjat ki paani nikali,to apni pati ke lye nahi,apni driver ke lye,uske haath me,uske muh me,teri ye bur to meri liye hi bani thi darling(In her life my respectful madam has squirted her juices not for her husband but for your driver, that too in my hand, in my mouth, your pussy is all mine). By saying that I gave a passionate kiss on her rosy lips and she also for the first time kissed me back very passionately.

I then like a hungry wolf started kissing madam everywhere. I was very much passionate in kissing. As I kissed on her neck she let out a loud gasp.
After about ten minutes kissing on her lips, face and boob I licked her belly and went down to her pussy with my tongue. She was heavily moaning. It was shinning with madam’s cum and juices. I widened her flabby fair legs and started licking her bur more wildly. Hooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh she started moaning again.
Realizing it the right time, I then placed my huge black at cock on madam’s soft pussy lips. Just as my cock touched madam’s pussy her whole body shivered like getting current. Right then she interrupted me and said to stop and open her purse, there she has brought condom from her husband’s drawer. I replied “condom??what for???”A concerned look was on madam’s face. Madam asked, “Aren’t you going to use any condom Driver?” I replied with a evil smile, “No baby, I am going to have you, skin to skin.” A terrified look crossed Madam’s face..She said in a low shy voice, “But driver I’m ovulating.” I was stunned and felt a strong tingling in my cock just by the thought that today I can make my long dreamed madam, pregnant, by my own seeds.
I said ‘so what,ye to aur bhi achacha hoga madam,jis sapno ki rani ko soch soch kar mae itne din mut marta tha,use aj mae mera bachche ki ma banake chor dunga!!’Madam panicly said “No…no…please no….please don’t this to me, please, I am married, I have a daughter. Please!!!”I said “madam,bahut dino se najar tha tumahri upar, aur ab tumhe to apne bachche ki ma bana ke hi chorenge.” Madam almost on the verge of weeping said ‘why are you doing this to me?Kyu meri jindegi barbad karrahe ho????Tum ek ** ho,aur mae ek **,please aisa mat kar,please.’I replied “so what?Mujhe ** aurato ko beijjat karneme kuch alag hi maza aata hae.Madam,aj se teri sab kuch loot gaya,jawani,dharm,jat,married life,sab kuch.Aj se tu sif meri rakheil hogi rakheil,aur rakheil o ko kaise choda jaega ei mard bichar karte hae rakhelo nehi”Madam weepingly said “driver,tum ei kyu kar rahe ho,mae to tumhe sab kuch de chuki hu,please aise mat karo mae tumhe maala maal kardungi,jitne paese chahe dungi,par aise mat karo,please mujhe barbad maat karo pleasee, pleaseeeee driver pleaseeeeee!!!!!”
I , then with a smirk on my face, without replying sided both my palms along madam’s waist and then grabbed two handfuls of Minu’s tits and massaged them. Minu moaned at my touch. I then started rubbing her pussy and tits together with both my hands.Soon she was moaning in pleasure.”NNnnnnooooo Pleeeaseeeee stttooooopp plzzzzzzz nnoooooooo!”Feelling it the right time, I caught strongly her both milky fat thighs, parted them, and started rubbing passionately my thick black shaft on madam’s cute milky pussy. Madam arched badly and was gasping. I kept on rubbing my dick pn her pussy and madam went on moaning. I asked in a evil tone that say madam finally do you need me or not.Madam while gasping said “Ooooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssshhhhhhh Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ooooooo oooohhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssss”I said ‘then madam here it goes, your married life is to be finished..!’Then madam requested,” driver to fer please andar math dena,nikal lena please”(Then driver Please don’t cum inside).
I didnt reply and only gave a smile and I rammed into Minu madam hard. But only the front of the tip of my cock barely entered her cunt. Madam yelled in pain Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooo!!! Oh! her cunt was a baby cunt, and my 10” cock was about to consume her. Wow!! What a feeling was it. Just by its touch I was feeling I would cum, but my tip of penis not even entered properly. She was in pain. Madam said “driver,ye bahut barha hae,ye nehi ghusega”(It’s too much big, it won’t enter).
I said ‘kise nehi ghusega'(why won’t it go).Then I caught hold of madam’s both fair flabby thighs, and slowly folded her legs up to her shoulders. Oh!! By it madam’s pussy was badly exposed in front of me. Uff!! what a view was it ,my madam’s ass was indeed sexy, big, milky white. I spit on my cock and rubbed its head with it and then I kept my huge black shaft on her pussy lips and applied some pressure. Her clitoris was very hot. She was letting out lots of juices. Now my dick was over her hole and I pushed a little.She screamed OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madam’s cunt was tight like a virgin. I again pushed, but nothing moved, so I took out my dick and gave a strong push, Madam screamed highly in pain AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! And now only my penis cap was inside her. Oh! what a feeling, what a view was it to see my long dreamed madam taking my menisci took my penis out and again pushed inside her with a lot of pressure. Madam’s bur gulped whatever I gave in and she was indeed in pain. I pushed again this time harder and madam cried AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nehiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! and then by now half of my 10″ inches were inside the wet hole. I guess I reached madam’s virgin parts, where she was never ever reached by her husband. I very slowly started giving small strokes. Madam’s bur was stretched beyond limits and by it for the first time madam cried with ecstasy ” ohhh gooood”. I saw tears in her eyes but saw a shy smile in her lips too.

What a fantastic feeling, I was feeling like I could cum at any moment. So I started pushing more cock in madam’s bur. She started screaming in pain oOOOOOOOOoooooooo AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo AAAAAAAAHHhhhhhh!!!!
Madam said with tears in her eyes “please driver, please I am having lots of pain, please stop a little, do it more slowly, please.”I didn’t listen to her. I kept on my rhythm, but I leaned forward and took madam’s two sexy heavy milky legs on my shoulders. Madam looked at me with her big eyes, and I started kissing chicks, nose, eyes. Madam was very uncomfortable with the pain in her bur. I started licking her ear lobes and she was very slowly moaning beneath her pains. MMMmmm Mmmmhhh nnnmmm…. Now I slowly went down from her ear lobs to her neck and started licking strongly. By it I realized Madam started dripping more heavily. I started sucking madam’s neck. But madam started moaning loudly despite of pain. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooHHHHhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss cccccccccccCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooooooooooo MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Thus I felt it the right time and I increased my speed of pumping a bit. Due to the size of my cock, Madam’s bur loosened a bit now and so now more cock started going in her. Madam’s cute bur was now getting opened to new dimensions! I couldn’t believe that by it madam started humping and started moaning and screaming loudly in passion like a cheap slut. Hooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh sssssssssssssshhhhhhh Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ooooooo oooohhhhhhh Oooooooooooooooooyesssssssssssssssssssssssss AAAAaaaaAaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo.I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nehiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
I just couldnt believe that my madam,a rich housewife,now enjoying my cock,her driver’s cock.Her pussy was tight hot and juicy further inside.
It was a great feeling that my sex bomb madam being dominated and violated by her cheap driver.
I kept pumping, and she slowly was settling down, but kept moaning SSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss cccccccccccCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooooooooooo.I was in utter joy to see my prestigious rich madam becoming a cheap slut in the hands of her driver, her servant.
As madam settled down, while I kept pumping, madam for the first time started thrusting her hips back up to meet my thrusts, our bodies slamming together violently, as my huge cock forcing itself in and out of her widely stretched pussy. And then madam began to let out lots of juices. She began a low continuous moan, raising her heavy flabby hips up and down and started meeting my strokes. Madam for the first time looked into my eyes and gave a cute shy smile, I also smiled her back and we both exchanged a smile of satisfaction. Right there my madam wrapped her arms around my shoulders and neck, and embraced me. I started pumping her with great passion. Now almost 8 to 9″of my cock was going in madam’s bur. Madam was moaning in sexy voices “oooeeeeee ufffffffffffffff what a massive cock OOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO. I started massaging her body from her boobs to her chooters with my right hand, she kept quiet and hugged me tightly but when I cupped her boobies and squeezed her nipples together with both my hands and licked her face, madam immediately buried her nails in my back, tightened the grip of her legs around my shoulders and screamed ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo driverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu areeeeeeeeee greaaaaattttttttttttt hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.I started fucking madam proudly.

It was amazing to see that my huge black cock disappear between my madam’s white milky pussy. I couldn’t believe how she took the entire thing in by now. I was feeling great pleasure and so I was also moaning HHHhmmm hhhmmm oohhhmmmm.Madam was dripping a lot. My cock was shinning with when coming out with her juices.
By now madam’s pussy was really changed. I kept pumping, it was not tight like before, rather it became more loosened up and my entire shaft was now going in and coming out smoothly. I said mockingly ‘keya madam,keya jawani hae teri,abse teri shadi shuda jindegi to puri ki puri loot chooki hae,aj ke bad tu boss ka chota lund aur kabhi le hi nehi paegi!!’Madam gave me a shy smile. As I was pumping in, Madam’s pussy lips were being forced inside by the size of my cock and her fat thighs were quivering. She was moaning a lot by the rythmns of my cock.ooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMHHhhhhh oooooooooooooooooOOOOOHHH mmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HHHhhhhhooo HHHhhhhhooo HHHhhhhhooo HHHhhhhhooo oooooooooooooooooOOOOOHHH oooooooooooooooooOOOOOHHH oooooooooooooooooOOOOOHHH.
My balls were tingling and so I felt that I would cum sooner than later. So I increased the speed and pressure of my pumping. Madam’s cute thick pussy lips started going more deeper inside by it, with each of my strokes. Madam was liking it a lot, she was becoming more hot as madam was humping and Madam’s moans were now converted into loud screams by it..mmmmmmmHHMMMMmmm OOOoooOOOOooooOOOOOO Wooooooowwwwwwoooooooooo HHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAaaaaHHHHHH AAAAaaaaaaaaaa Driverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr oooooooooooooooooooooooooo AAAAhhhhaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo oooooooooooHHHHHHH OOOOhhhhhhh aaaaaaa AAAAaaaaHHHHHH AAAAaaaaaaaaaa AAAAhhhhaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo oooooooooooHHHHHHH OOOOhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssccccc.
Oh she was letting out lots of juices, her pussy started letting out sounds chaap chaap chaap chaap by each of my strokes. Entire car was chilled ac, but madam was sweating a lot. While fucking, I bent down and started sucking madam’s erect nipples one after the other. Soon madam was moaning & started rolling her heads from side to side. I felt her pussy walls started contracting on my penis. I realized she was again about to cum. Oh madam was made real Horney by her driver. She was Cumming twice this time, I loved it. I kept on pumping,Madam was moaning great.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhsHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.Madam suddenly looked at me with terrified eyes and could only manage to fumble “OOooooooooooHHHHH nooooooooooo not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Right there madam started shivering rather jumping on the floor of the car, her pussy was badly pulsating and madam arched in my arms and cummed with a big splash on my cock. Ohhhhh It was a great feeling,her warm juices on my cock. I never saw anyone cumming like that. Her cum was very thick juice and white as milk. She screamed her lungs out. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOO…OOOOOO..OOOOO OOOO..OOOOOOOOO..OOOOOOOOO..OOOOO..OOOOOOO..OOOOOHHHHHH SSSOOOOOOOOOOO..OOOOOOOOOO..OOO OOOOOOOOOO..YEEEEEEEESSSSSS AAAAAAAAAAA..OOOO.. …HHHOOOOOOOOOO..OH GODDDDDD.. HOOOO..OOOO NOOO..OOO..PLE..ASE..SSSSSST..OP..ST..OP..WHHOOOO..OO..OOO YEAAA…AAAAA EEEE..EE OO..OOOOOOOOOO..OOO NO..N..O..NOO..O..OOOOOO OOOOOOO…OOOOOOPPPP PLEASSSSSE..NO..LEA..VE.Nottttttttttttttttttttttt AAAAAAAAAAgaiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn…ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssss.She went on Cumming in splashes and shaking and shiverring in my arms. Madam was now indeed degraded by her driver. It was wonderful to see madam settling down from her orgasm gradually,by closing her eyes and shivering. When she was settling, she was still squirting little and shivering. Then she was dripping like she was peeing. When she settled, I said that ‘kya madam,ye hindu aurate itni kamuk kaise hote hae re??You are squirting for the first time and looks like some dam is broken. ‘She looked at me with lusty eyes and said in a low shy shaky voice “driver,tum ek mast chodu ho.”
Just as madam’s hot juices flowed over my penis, the feeling was so incredible that it was unbearable and I was absolutely ready to cum. I never got such feelings, my two huge balls twinkled, and my penis became stiff. In pleasure I gasped “Oh darling I am about to cum..”

She requested me to take it out & cum on her face, but I gave her a wicked smile & increased my pumping. She scratched my back with her nails & started pushing me back. She begged please take it out, you don’t have a condom, you are a **, you are my driver, I have a daughter, I am married, Please don’t ruin me, please mujhe barbad math karo,please!!! please don’t do this please take it out, please.. Please. She tried to push me away, even she too tried to move away, but I held her tightly and she couldn’t move an inch. I started pumping her very fast & within next few seconds I exploded deep inside her pussy. I spermed a lot and a lot. It was the greatest feeling of my life. I had never cummed in that amount.
As I discharged she arched high up from the ground and gasped loudly OOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo and she held me tightly. She raised both her legs straight up in the air above my head. Her pussy clenched my cock with great pressure and she also reached her third orgasm on my cock. As she squirted she screamed on top of her voice “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAA….WWWWOOOOO..HHHOOOOOO..uuuuuuuuuuUuuuffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffff..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaa.” She squirted a lot on my penis; it was just like she was peeing. She closed her eyes and I found tears rolled down her eyes. She shivered tremendously.

But after she settled a bit, she said“, “I was never fucked like that ever before. Darling driver, I love you…” with that she looked deeply in my eyes and squeezed her pussy and sucked every drop of my cum inside her ovary. She gasped ‘Oh it feels great.’ But then suddenly she stopped and said with fear in her eyes “What have you done driver…..I can get pregnant by this.” I replied “bahut achcha hua,aisi rasili hot jawani ko bahut pahelehi loot lena chahie tha..tujhe to ab kahi baar pregnant bana ke charunga rani,aj se tu mera rand banchuki hae” & kissed her passionately for five minutes & she said nothing.
We laid there tired and naked in each others arms, with my cock in her pussy. Then I said “Memsahib apki bur buhat dhili hochuki hai aur uski maza aur abhi lajawab hogi” She replied “Driver ab yeh bur tumhara hai”. Then madam, for the first time looked at my eyes with lust, caught my face with both of her soft palms and started kissing my nose, face and licking my lips passionately. I also started kissing her passionately and fondled her boobs wildly, with my limp cock in her pussy. Madam started massaging my naked ass with both her palms. Then a strange thing happened. I realized that my limp cock inside madam’s pussy started to grow again. Ohhh it was a fantastic feeling to have a hard on inside a pussy, I was feeling like I will cum right there. Madam realized it and said, ‘OH nO!! Not again..’I gave a naughty smile and started mild pumpings. Madam immediately began gasping loudly by shutting her eyes..HHHHHHaaaaaaa OOOOOoooooooooOOOOo SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS mMMmmmmmmmhhhh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHhHhhhhhhh AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I fondled her big swaying boobs and slowly was increasing my pumping. She was also increasing her moans. Now my cock was very hard.

I stretched her legs at both sides wide apart and I tightly pined her legs in that position on the floor of the car. Oh now madam’s huge flabby extreme milky inner thighs were exposed in front of me. They were hotttttttttt!!!!!Her shaved cunt in between was the cutest started pumping madly. Soon I made madam’s hips moving up and down with my cock’s rythmn and she was screaming continuously with pleasure. Suddenly she got another massive orgasm. She arched her back & splashed her thick juices out like a jet. It was a great scene. I never fucked any woman who could cum so many times in a fuck. She was moaning loudly in sexy voices like ” OOHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII please fuck me hard, please I can’t take it, harder please!”
Such a long dreamed madam, with such a voluptuous beauty begging me to fuck her, was too much for me, thus within few seconds I was about to cum too…. While ramming her I told her that I’ll cum, and I want her to take my penis in her mouth and drink all my cum. But she screamed in pleasure that “no no noooooooo yeeeee hhhhhh ohhhhhh please cum inside me, please, I need it inside!!!!!!” I was spell bound, my madam begging me to cum inside her. But I replied ‘abhi abhi tu condom ke bina chudwa nehi chaha rahi thi,aur ab tu mere pani lene ke lie betab ho rahi hae!!'(Just now you were not allowing me to fuck without condom, and now you are begging me to cum inside you!!).Madam looked at me with lusty eyes, while I was pumping and said very sweetly that ‘driver you only made me like this, now please cum in me fast..’ I said if I cum inside this second time also, then you will be sure pregnant. Madam closed her eyes and said “driver, please cum in me, yes yes I want to be the mother of your child, you are a real man, I love you, It will be my fortune to become the mother of your child instead of my wimp husband!!!!.”I said in an evil tone that “akhir kar madam,tujhe ek asli mard ki jarurat thi na.”(at last madam you needed a real man isn’t).Right there I felt I could hold no more, so I pressed hard my entire shaft deep in her pussy and cummed in a huge amount. It was the greatest feeling of my life I ever had, even better than the previous one I cummed inside madam. I was shivering and was feeling like my entire fluids of my body were drained out through my cock. I was in heaven. I just seemed to pass out. Just right there, madam also got another great orgasm as my sperm passed through her cunt.!!!!!!” Right then madam arched her back and pushed her boobies up. She shivered her whole body with her boobs and flabby tummy jiggling great. She went on Cumming and couldn’t stop her squirt….She screamed and gasped madly in pleasure “Ooooooooooooooo Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo.I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII mmmmm uuuuuuuuuf cant stopppppp Comingggg.”
Madam cummed in huge amount. I was totally drenched by her cum, the whole car’s floor was wet as if 10 bottles of milk were poured in that floor. As she settled, we embraced each other and kissed each other very very passionately. Madam said “Oh driver, you are fantastic, I never knew sex could be so much hot, you should have fucked me much before.”I said how could I, you were so much strict with me. She said “mujhe Molestation nehi karsakte the kya??”(Couldn’t you Molestation me??).I said ‘chal ab thik hae,par agar tu pregnant ho gai to ab tu kya karegi?’She kissed me and whispered that she would keep the baby as a token of such pleasure. We kissed each other a lot, and both were totally satisfied.

I then got up, and took my cock out of her pussy. As I took my cock out, I saw my cum mixed with her juices popped out with bubbling sound from her pussy, crawled down to her ass hole and gathered between her bums on the floor of the car. It was great to see my cum in my long dreamed madam’s pussy flooded with my own cum. Ohh! her pussy was not like before, it was no more cute like a 14 years old girl. It was now torn apart and wide open like a cheap slut. I found also blood around her hole. It was gaping wide. I said by looking at her pussy “ab laag rahi hai ke tu ek pakka rand ban chuki hae”(now it seems you are a perfect slut).She gave a cute shy smile.

Outside it was dawn. I said to madam that soon light would be coming out and our car could be visible in this deserted field by the vehicles of the road, so now we must make a move. She nodded.
I opened the door, went out, and wore my uniform. I saw that she tried hard to get up from the floor of the car, but she fell down repeatedly. She couldn’t get up properly, as she was very much exhausted after her night long slaughtering by me. I went inside, embraced her and helped her to get up and made her sit on the back seat of the car. She said that she was feeling numb in her lower portions. I took out from my pocket a small bottle of rum and said to her that takes it, it will make you feel better. But she refused and said that she never touched alcohol, and she won’t as she is Brahmin. I held her chin tightly and pulled her face up, and jammed the mouth of the bottle in her mouth and poured the bottle in her. She was chocking and swallowing and also much of rum was coming out from her nostrils and mouth ends. After emptying half of the bottle, I left her, She was coughing and chocking, then again I held her chick and started pouring my bottle in her. This time she drank more and chocked less. I saw water in her eyes. As I left her, she was tipsy in her head, she held her head with both her hands and said ‘Oh!!it feels so good, what is this.’ Then I gave the bottle to madam with a smile, she took it and started having it gently. She almost emptied my bottle.
I gave her a wicked smile and came out of the back of the car and sat in the driver’s seat of mine.
She asked for her dresses. I said madam ‘Teri ei mast jawani ab loot chuki hae,ab tu gandi ban chuki hae,ab tu saree ke bagair hi thik rahe gi.Madam said ‘please no, the passersby could see me. ‘I said jada bolegi to teri saree bahar feink dunga. She remained silent.
I said to madam,aa darling samne chali aa.(come to the front seat).She said ok,and look towards her door.I realized she was hoping that I would open the door of the car for her as I used to do.I said to madam “ab tu ek randi ban chuki hae,ab tu itne samman ki laek nehi,khud hi darwaza khol ke mere paas aa.”She looked down and thought for a second, then opened her door and totally nude she went out of the car with tipsy wobbling steps like a drunkard in the fields and then came and sat beside my seat in the front. Oh!!while she came from back to front, her huge naked boobs were dangling like anything and her ass and thighs were jiggling like shivering.
As she sat, I embraced her and started fondling her well. I squeezed both of her boobs well, kissed her deeply, and massaged her clit. She responded well.
When I left her, madam was gasping deeply by closely her eyes. I smiled by looking at her and she also gave me a smile of satisfaction and said lustily ‘thank you Mohamed, I love you. ‘For the first time madam called me as ‘ Mohamed ‘ instead of ‘Driver’. I smiled and said ‘love you too madam.’
I opened my fly, and said madam to take it. Madam took it out, Oh her touch of her soft palm was enough to make me cum right there. She took it out and started sucking my shaft. I started driving. Till I reached madam’s home, she kept sucking me and made me cum 4 times. It was heaven. I strained myself to drivng. All through the journey, madam was nude and kept her head down on my lap.
When I reached home, madam got up and I zipped my shaft in. Madam was about to dress up and took her dresses from the floor of the car. I stopped her and took the dress from madam’s hand. She said that ‘now what, we have reached and at least now give me the dress.’ I said no, you have to get down from the car like this, cross this courtyard and get inside the house. She said never!!while crossing the courtyard the neighbours could see me. I said I don’t care, I need to see you walking nude in public. Madam said it’s enough, she can’t do it, and she is a prestigious woman in the neighbourhood. I said that in this early morning when everybody is asleep, if she refuses to do so, then I will press the horn of car loudly and the neighbours would find her sitting nude with her driver in her car.
Madam closed her eyes, thought for few moments, took deep breathes, opened the door of the car and ran inside her house. Oh!!!!What a view was it to see madam run, her boobs and specially her bum bounced and shivered like she got high voltage spark. I got hard on instantly.
I parked the car in the garage and went inside the house. I saw madam wrapped herself in a short towel, and had gone to her daughter’s room. In the room her 6 years old daughter was sleeping. Madam slowly walked towards her daughter’s bed,sat on her bed and started crying by embracing her. I watched by standing at the door.
After she was done, she got up, looked at me but didn’t say anything and passed by me and went to her own bedroom. I also followed her in her room.
She said ‘ Mohamed,tum ne to mujhe barbad kar dia,mere married life ko pura loot lia'(you have spoiled me, destroyed my married life.)I said ‘kya karu,tu chis hi aisi hae.'(What can I do you are only such a hot stuff).
Madam didn’t reply and to the attach bathroom of her bedroom. She was about to close the door, but I resisted to do so. She said that she has never done toilet in front anybody, not even her husband. I said ‘that time you were a prestigious rich loyal housewife, now you are a cheap slut, my own slut, so do as I command you. ‘She looked down at her feet, and without protest sat on her commode, spread her legs and tried to urinate. With little pressure, madam was urinating. She cried loudly in pain ‘oooooh its paining!!!!’I was having a hard on watching her. I went towards her, opened my zip and inserted my shaft in her mouth. Madam started sucking my dick like lollypop by sitting on her commode. Within minutes she madam me cum. I took out my shaft from her mouth and came all over her face and hair. She got up caught my hand, and took me in her bedroom. We stood in front of madam and boss’s bed. She told my shyly ‘will you please fuck me once in my husband’s bed?’I went to the bed and sat in the bed. I never came across such soft floating bed ever in my life. I signalled madam to come to me. But just as madam was about to come to me, her daughter from the other room woke up and started crying. We had to leave, as she went to her daughter.
After about 10 to 12 days, in morning, when I was cleaning the car, madam by wearing a short nighty, came to me and said very shyly ” Mohamed,mae kal puri raat check kia hae………..Mae tumhare bachche ki ma banne wali hoon..” Just by hearing it I felt a sharp tingling in my cock tip. I couldn’t believe that at last I succeeded to make my long dreamed madam, my sex goddess pregnant. I smiled, and she also gave me a shy smile. We embraced each other and started kissing. I made her lay on the bonnet of her car and gave her a short fuck. After that day we were like husband and wife. I fucked her in every room of her palatial house, starting from her bed room, terrace, bathroom, dining room’s table, kitchen, garage, court yard and in swimming pool, when her husband was not around, and when her husband was in office. She used to love me like her own husband. In front of everybody she used to call me ‘driver’ and when we were together she used to call me ‘ Mohamed. ‘She needs my cock everyday all through the month.
After few days her husband returned from abroad. She forced him to fuck her and cum inside, so that he cannot find out that the baby she was going to give birth was not his.
After 6 month madam was having a huge belly. Whenever I saw her I felt proud and sexually aroused too, as it felt great to think that a beauty goddess like madam was carrying my seeds. We loved each other a lot and after 3 months from today, she gave birth to a healthy girl. We didn’t get caught as her husband knew the baby was his. But everyone was out of explanation and in dismay that both madam and boss were fair complexioned as milk but the baby born was deep black in color. When nobody was around, I used to go to madam and love the baby girl and madam a lot.

By now madam has three kids, the elder one of her husband, and the rest two, one is of mine & another one may be mine. Lucky that her workaholic husband still didn’t find out who their real father is.

Madam is now a total bitch. She is now a regular drunkard, and change smoker.

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