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Prachi Desai Sex Stories

Okay,bitchy messaged me that he wanted to it be kind of a Molestation.So here it goes.

“Excuse me miss, can you come with me?” the security guard asked Prachi DEsai as she stood in line at the Mumbai airport with her mother. The guard wasn’t all too impressive, being of average height and build. He was dressed in a typical security outfit, but had nothing to go along with it. No gun, no cuffs, not even a night stick. She was dressed casually, wearing low cut blue jeans and a tight brown tee that showed off her smooth stomach and wonderful little breasts. She had all her weight shifted onto her left hip, accentuating her sexy curves even more.
“Is there something wrong, Mr.Shekhar?” she asked, glancing at his ID tag.
“It’s just a random search. Sorry to inconvenience you, but I have to.” She sighed and followed him out of line, her mother right behind, not wanting to be separated.Shekhar asked her to just wait while they work this out.
Prachi sat her bag on the search table and the security agent began to dig through it. “You know, I’m quite a fan of yours.” She smiled at that, but looked quite impatient. He got down to the bottom of her bag and found her underwear. There were two bras and matching thongs. Shekhar gently rubbed them in between his fingers, the thought of them having touched her most sensual parts getting him aroused. “To be honest, I wasn’t supposed to pick you, but I just couldn’t pass an opportunity to meet you.”

”What? Ugh, that’s crap. I can’t believe this, another obsessive loser.” This caught Shekhar off guard. He certainly didn’t expect this kind of reaction, and for a moment panic set in. Before she could raise more of a fuss, he reacted. Eying something in her bag, Shekhar grabbed up a pair of Sciscors and thrust them in Prachi’s face.

“Is this yours? Please come with me.” Shekhar grabbed her arm and pulled her into a closed search room as she quietly protested. He led her in and locked the door. With no window, they’d have total privacy. “I’m going to have to perform a more thorough search. Please remove your shoes, pants and shirt.” A look of shock shot over her face at this.
“Excuse me? This is bullshit“
“I’M SORRY miss, but I have to do this to protect my country from any enemies, both foreign and domestic.” He never spouted such bull in his life. All Shekhar wanted was an eyeful of that gorgeous body.
“Fine!” She kicked off her sandals and sighed as she began to pull her shirt over her head. Shekhar stared intently; he was in utter heaven.Prachi Desai was stripping right in front of his eyes! Her tight abs stretched as she raised her arms, and soon Shekhar finally laid eyes on a lacey black bra holding up those luscious mounds of flesh. She tossed the shirt onto the metal table in the middle of the small room, and proceeded to unbutton her jeans. The unimpressive guard took in as much as he could as she slid them down to her ankles and off her feet. She had those small bumps on the side of her hips where her pelvis bones protruded. Shekhar longed so much to run his hands over them on the way down those lovely legs. Hugging those amazing hips was a black thong that rode right up between her perfect bubble butt. She stood there looking back at Shekhar for a bit, all the while he stood gawking at her amazing petite body. “Getting a good look?”
Shekhar snapped back to attention and had her put her hands on the table, in a pat-down position. He moved up behind her and took in another eyeful of her ass. He ran his hands along the back of the bra, moving forward and around to her breasts, gently feeling them through the lacey material. It was obvious Prachi was getting really pissed off. “Just checking for contraband,” Shekhar quickly stated to justify copping a feel. Shekhar took in a deep breath and could smell a fruity body spray on her. “I need to check for any hidden items,” he said, unhooking her bra and sliding it down over her shoulders. Prachi could be heard muttering “God damn it” under her breath as this stranger checked inside her bra. Satisfied that nothing was being smuggled there, the guard bent down so he was eye level with her round ass. Hooking his thumbs in the sides of her thong, Shekhar slowly worked them down to her ankles, enjoying every moment of this. All of the sudden he stopped. “Holy shit, she was shaved!” he thought to himself. The thongs were a bit kinky, but in the least bit never expected this. Temptation flooded over him as he began to grow stiff in his pants. Prachi’s pussy was a light pink, and looked very tight. So many people all over the world would kill to be in this position. He had come this far, why not go all the way? Shekhar leaned forward and gently flicked my tongue over the lips of her pussy, a small taste reaching his tongue.

“Whoa, what the fuck?! Fuck this!” Prachi yanked up her panties and bolted for the door. Shekhar quickly pursued, but she got to it before he could stop her. She jostled the handle, but the door wouldn’t budge. Realizing that it locked from the inside, she started screaming. “Help, someone get me the fuck out of here!”

Shekhar walked up behind her, a look of amusement on his face. “These rooms are soundproof. We interview probable terrorists in here. You don’t get out unless I let you out. Do you want out?”

“Of course dipshit!”

“Okay then, calm down. I’ll let you out on one condition: I’m going to fuck you in any way I want. And before you respond, consider this. Your mother is still out there. If I could get you into this situation, imagine where she could end up. I could send right back to Australia, or worse. How about Laos or Cambodia? Hrm?” A look of defeat washed over Prachi and she sighed. “Good. Now go back over to the table and take off your panties.” Shekhar watched her slide the thong back down her legs and step out of them. He gently picked her up and propped her up on the table. Goosebumps spread over her thighs as her butt hit the cold table. “Now remember to do everything I say. I’m going to kiss you and it better be damn good.”

With that the bold fan approached her and locked my lips with hers. Enjoying the strawberry gloss on them, he brought my hands up to explore her luscious breasts, beginning by gently squeezing and kneading them. He parted her lips with his tongue and pushed forward to find hers. They met and danced in dizzying spirals. A tingle shot through Shekhar’s body, his cock throbbing more and more from the sensations. Prachi felt something too, but pushed it out of her mind. Shekhar then pinched her tiny protruding nipples, feeling them become hard in his fingers. Prachi may not have been enjoying this, but her body sure as hell was. The question though was just how much? Wanting to find out, Shekhar broke off the kiss and worked his tongue down her long neck. He moved his mouth to her right breast and placed a few kisses on it. “God, I Prachi your tits!” he exclaimed as his mouth latched onto her nipple, sucking and nibbling on it. He switched to her left breast, his hands resting on the starlet’s smooth thighs. “Do you like me sucking you your tits?”

“No I don’t!” She blurted, gaining some confidence back.

“Yes you do!” he quickly retorted, exuding some authority and watched the confidence fade as quickly as it came. “You Prachi it when I suck on your tits.”

“I Prachi it when you suck on my tits,” she replied with the crushed sound back in her voice. There was a smile of victory on Shekhar’s face as he proceeded down her tight tummy, tonguing her belly button. With encouragement from her inspector, Prachi eased herself down and lied back on the table. Shekhar kneeled down and grasped her left ankle, thinking to himself about just how long he had admired these legs, and now here they were, in the flesh, his to do with as he pleased. He began by rubbing and massaging her calf, the muscles of her leg clinching under his hands. Next came in his mouth, kissing and tonguing the length up to her knee. Prachi felt her legs being pushed apart, and Shekhar saw his prize up ahead. He moved up the inside of her tender thigh, finally reaching the goal, and inhaled the sweet smell. It was becoming more obvious that Prachi’s body was reacting more to this stranger, but this was just the beginning. Shekhar’s tongue ran up the bald lips of her pussy, and a small chirp escaped from her lips as the warm tongue grazed over her clit. Shekhar smirked, realizing she was losing her ability to resist. He parted Prachi’s pussy lips and darted his tongue inside her, tasting the sweet nectar. It wriggled around, exploring the inside of her walls. Prachi couldn’t stop a heavy sigh as she felt a surge of pleasure come from the pearl Shekhar was sucking on. He looked up and saw her, eyes closed and face clinched; trying to deny the joy he was giving to the young actress. He continued to dine on her sweet peach, taking in every site, experiencing every sensation, memorizing every moment. Finally he decided it was his turn. Shekhar stood up and removed his shirt. Prachi sat up gaining back her resistance now that the guard had left her sweet spot.

“Get up,” Shekhar ordered as he moved to the edge of the table. “Now take my dick out.” She kneeled down and undid the belt buckle and unzipped his pants, already bulging from a hard-on. She slid them down along with his boxers, causing his dick to spring free. There it was, his hot seven inches hovering so close her face. “Now what do you want to do?” She simply stared up at him blackly, not wanting to respond. Shekhar repeated himself with more emphasis. “What do you want to do?”

“I want to suck your dick.” Shekhar smiled at the quiet response, but he knew he could get more out of her.

“Beg for it.”

Prachi looked shocked for a moment, but suddenly something welled up inside her and she lost control. “Please Shekhar, may I suck your big cock?” It sounded sincere to Shekhar, but he thought it must just be acting. He gave her permission, and man did she suck his dick. She took the tip into her mouth and sucked down on it. The feeling shot down his cock and up his spine, driving the bold fan wild. She slid farther down the shaft, her tongue working on the bottom of his cock.

“Look up at me.” Shekhar gazed into her sparkling brown eyes as her full, puckered lips took in more of him. She worked herself up and down it at a mild, steady pace. After every few strokes she’d pop the dick out of her mouth and run her tongue up and down the shaft and flick it across the tip. Then she’d shove his meat right back in her mouth. It wasn’t too long before Shekhar’s balls were on the edge of bursting. He was so tempted to let his sperm splatter on the back of her throat, but decided against it. He just had to have more. “Whoa whoa… okay back up on the table.” As they switched positions again, Shekhar tore the rest of his clothes off.

Prachi didn’t seem to be fighting any more. Shekhar turned to find her lying back on the table, her legs spread, waiting for him. Shekhar moved in between them, his dick hovering inches away from her hole. It was time to mind fuck her some more.

“Do you want me to fuck you Prachi?” he asked with a sly sound in his voice.

“No…” It was a lie, but some small part of her still felt wrong about what was happening. Shekhar started to rub the tip of his cock over her clit and in between the folds of her pussy, just slightly parting them.

“Now now… come on. Beg me to.” Shekhar continued to tease her with his cock while awaiting a response. It was all that was needed to push out any last vestige of resistant left in Prachi.

“Yes! Fuck me now! I need that big dick!” That’s all Shekhar needed to hear. He glared triumphantly as he plunged his dick into her now dripping cunt. They moaned simultaneously; Shekhar from the sensation of her pussy squeezing around his cock, and Prachi from Shekhar’s tool sinking into her, opening her up. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around him as he grabbed her hips and pushed in as far as he could. Slowly he pulled out and pushed right back in. Steadily he increased his pace until the sound of his balls slapping her ass could be heard, making a perfect harmony with her squeals and moans of pleasure. Her tits giggled and glistened with sweat. Pure ecstasy was written on Prachi’s face, and she squeezed her legs around her now-Prachir tighter and tighter as her orgasm built.

“Ohhh… oh Shekhar… fuck me! Fuck me! YES!!!!” She threw back her head and arched her back as her body began to convulse. Shekhar wrapped an arm around her and pulled her tits to his waiting mouth. He never let up, continuing to thrust into her and suck on her tits, making her orgasm as intense as possible. Prachi lost all conscious thought, drowning in a sea of pleasure. This total stranger, coercing her into this situation, was now giving her a mind shattering orgasm. After an amazing two minutes, she finally calmed down. Shekhar gazed over this amazing site. Prachi’s eyes were shut. She breathed heavily, her breasts rising and falling with every breath. Her whole body sparkled with perspiration. Yet still he wasn’t done.

Shekhar lost nothing of his hard-on. He pulled out and told her to get down and bend over. Prachi willingly did as ordered, leaning completely down on the table making her ass point out at Shekhar. He inserted himself again and went right back to a feverish pace. Prachi was getting right back into it as well. Shekhar watched lustfully as her luscious ass swayed in time with the thrusts. Shekhar wasn’t content, and decided to once again turn it up a notch. Shekhar firmly grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them wide. He pressed a finger into her asshole. It immediately clinched at the intrusion.

Prachi turned her head over and protested. “Hey wait a minute! I’m not into that! Stop!” Shekhar just shoved her back down and stuck another finger in. Trying to loosen her virgin ass, he worked them in, out, and around. Content with his preparation, Shekhar put the tip of his dick to her ass, but she continued to struggle. Shekhar reverted back to the forceful guard and firmly reminded her of her mother, and she stopped. Prachi admitted to herself that she was really into the guy, but had never done anal sex, let alone any interest in it. Shekhar spat on her tight hole and pushed his way in. The tip popped into her anus and Prachi yelled at the further intrusion. Still pinning her down, Shekhar leaned forward and laid into her, his cock sinking further into her ass. Finally going in as far as possible, Shekhar slowly pulled out and sank back in, just as he had with her pussy. Prachi couldn’t believe the new sensations from this. On one hand, it was agonizing having her hole forced open and invaded. On the other, though, was the orgasmic feeling of Shekhar’s dick buried deep into her backside. Prachi’s protests turned from grunts of pain to groans of pleasure as she got used to, and actually began to enjoy, the anal assault. Shekhar continued to quicken his thrusts, slamming Prachi into the table. She reached down and started to finger her cunt, getting right back into the moment.

Shekhar was near the edge, and could feel his load begin to swell up. He couldn’t last too much longer. With her ass vigorously squeezing his cock and her building moans, it took everything in his power not to blast deep inside her. Prachi orgasmed again, pussy juices running down her legs. Hearing her scream was just too much. Shekhar pulled out and yelled at her to turn over. He hopped up on the table and straddled her chest, his dick sitting between her gorgeous mounds. Shekhar squeezed her tits together over his burning cock and furiously pumped into them. Prachi was going mad with passion now. “Oh God yes! Come on me! Blast me with your hot jizz!”

With a grunt Shekhar finally released all the pressure that had built up. The load was humongous, the first four squirts splattering up and down her face. The rest shot over her throat and tits. Finally drained of everything, he climbed off her and put on his clothes. Prachi just lay there, exhausted from it all. Cum ran down her face into her hair as Shekhar initialed her paper to let her out. Thinking it would definitely come in handy later, Shekhar wrote down Prachi’s address.

He walked out of the room, proud and amazed he just had a mind blowing fuck with one of his favorite celebrity. Returning back to his duties, something else then caught the eye of Shekhar. Shweta Tiwari was in line with her mother and daughter. The relatively anonymous guard walked up to her and asked, “Excuse me miss, can you come with me?”

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