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Priya – Queen Of Family Love – Part 1

It’s almost 1 in the night and Priya is unable to sleep, shes in her room alone and in front of her laptop, desperately watching porn and browsing through incest stories,


Mrs.Priya is a lady of about 40, from a affluent family , her husband mr.Vikram is successful businessman and moreover a good man, respected and liked by all.They have been married for over 21 years now,


Priya has had no major issues with her hubby apart from one and a big one, he is rarely at home , his work and ever growing market keeps him on his toes always, she’s happy with his growth but misses his presence on cold nights, mostly satisfying herself with some poor substitute for a throbbing, live male organ,


She has been mostly faithful, leave apart few flings with neighbors and cousins, has been very close to her real brother also and still is,( more on that in due course).Off late she has discovered a new category on porn sites , a fast growing trend , incest,


Initially it shocked her , she thought its obscene and absurd,even felt guilt for indulging into such online stuff ,but surprising she found herself drawn more and more into it , Of course she knew incest exists but was surprised by the extent and openness of it,in her time , it happened secretly between cousins or even bro sis , the youngsters would indulge in it sparsely, the joint family structure didn’t leave much opportunities for regular romp,the incidents of mom son and even dad daughter adventures shocked her and excited her immensely,sitting in her room alone , she hiked her night gown and exposed her mature ripe pussy,her most prized possession, she was proud of her clean shaven, reddish plumb hole,


Nested between heavy voluptuous thighs, smooth as silk her vagina sat proudly , slight protruding outwards with big outer lips, if one has to open her pussy lips wide , they would find a fiery red watery inner orifice , that was topped by her 38c big boobs with brownish pink nipples, regular yoga and aerobics had served her well , her boobs were tight and firm and so was her vagina , she was quietly proud of her body be it with clothes or without , it has magical effect on young and old, people would be extra nice to her trying to win her smile and exclusive company,even after 2 kids , avi 18 and riya 20, she would give a run for money to even an 18 year old girl, she rubbed her pussy softly as she watched on her screen ..


A young boy licking a maturish women supposedly his own mom..Unknown to her and a few steps from her own bedroom , her son avi was furiously humping his elder sis riya, the kids were enjoying their weekend in safety of their own room , riya has been a very naughty and pompous girl since she attained maturity,she had no hangups about a nice brotherly love making , in fact her selected friend circle were all incest lovers , she had lost her virginity to her only brother and now lover avi about 6 months back , her incest initiation was triggered by her close friend anita, who had a head start in incest love , with her elder bro, why dont you seduce your bro, hes young and virile , u will love the experience and its safe she had commented to riya,


She guided riya in seduction of her bro, after 2 weeks of efforts the bro sis pair lost their virginity to each other.Since then the pair was insatiable , enjoying every night in each others arms.


Didi your choot is too hot and wet i cant control , moaned avi , using the slang word choot for his sis vagina , fucking his sis in missionary position , his cock was glistening with his sis pussy juices and his own precum , moving furiously in and out of the forbidden hole.Ahhh abhi nahi avi , aaj saturday hai subah tak karenge, riya moaned as she arched her back and felt her pussy melting towards another orgasm, she felt a small fountain exploding inside her as she reached her limit , as her orgasm subsided she takes her hand towards their co joined genitals and forces her bros cock out , as the cock head gets stuck on entrance she forces it out with pop sound, tere lund ka topa kitna mota hai hamesha atak jata hai , plz didi karne do na hone wala tha , moans avi as his sis softly holds his cock, pagal kitna pyar karta hai apne bahen se … Thoda rukh ja abhi toh poore raat baake hai , the bro sis pair lie next to each other giggling kissing hugging n playing with each other as they take well deserved break.


Ahhhh son fuck your momma , right there, yessss… Make her happy , priya rubs herself furiously as she hears her headphone dishing out sounds of raunchy mom son sex video,her nipples erect and pussy leaking out juices profusely , thighs wet with her own juices, for a moment her mind tells her its avi fucking her , she feels shy and smiles to herself , ohhh avi fuck ur mom priya she moans softly , and finds herself having a small release , she closes her thighs jerking a bit , god what are you thinking priya, u naughty mom , she smiles to herself and closes her laptop,partially satisfied.


Vikram, on his business trip, had finished his meetings and assignments long back, its been a satisfying day, after a few shots of whiskey and fulfilling dinner , he is in his hotel room alone , sending some emails to his office and overseas clients,,,,, helllo daddy..


A message pops up on his skype , its his young girl friend maya from europe, barely 18 and very naughty. Did u miss me naughty papa, she inquires , ohhh yess baby a lot , sighs vikram, prove it , challenges maya , with little reluctance vikram take out his 9in long thick huge cock n flashes it , wowwwww papa maya moans and spreads her tender hole for vikram, put it right here , vikram cums almost immediately , not thinking of maya but his own little precious riya…….


Little does anyone know how things are gonna change in priya’s household in coming weeks,

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