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Priyanka Chopra Sexually Molested

hi this is my first story. so i gonna start with priyanka chopra the bollywood actress.abt her humiliation for a week.lemme started guys.first she has became immense popular in bollywood and have lots of contract signed in and she had an offer to go to hollywood for a movie long days ago.so she bagged tat offer as per the film some parts of the film are being taken in amazon.so the entire film unit went there.during the day shooting she used to wear a bra and panty as per the role,she was totally covered with oil and as shooting wents on sudden noise arouse from the forest a huge musky elephant chase down the trees in the jungle the entire unit ran her and there they all escaped on their vehicles in a hurry but unfortunately priyanka ran the wrong way and deep in to the forest and but she missed out from the elephant bt the problem is she missed the path and doesnt know where to go.she then walked for a long time and on d way find some volupteous creatures and ran out of danger and found a small hut there she was full of joy as she has something to get back home if she get the way.she entered the hut she saw stunned as she saw a man with 6.5 foot tall black muscular body lying nude.she was even more stunned as the man saw her then she tried to run but caught by the man in no time then he pleaded leave leave me ..bt she knows tat he doesnt know her language as he was a tribal.but suddenly the man spoke y are u crying bitch?she suddenly felt joyed as he spoke english.she asked hoew do you know english.he said tat he was born in central america bt he was humiliated there as a negro and then out in despair he went to live alone and he choses this place to live as a tribal.after hearing the story priyanka chopra asked can u know the way to get out of the forest.the man replied s for sure.priyanka was overjoyed.then the man said bt u want to satisfy the desire as a revenge what those white people done to me. she was shocked and said please i am a famous bollywood actress and i had come here for shooting and lost the way and pls let me go.the man in reply you bitch you actress means u get a nice 7 day of humiliation.priyanka on his toes pls let me go crying pls…..bt the man pulled her hair and threatened if u not obey my words u will fucked by group of people through the life time and u r life will be spoiled and if u dont believe means come i will show you and as he said he took her a mile ago and at a distance he shows some group of men fucking some women in a vulgorous manner and she was now fully sweating in fear.and the man now took back her his home by a walk again as she walked a long distance she asked him whether she could get some water he demanded if u strip nude i wil bag u water she pleaded plz dont do this water pls bt he said unless u strip u never going to get water priyanka without any other choice drop her bra and panty down she was fully nude with oily skin in front of a beast then he took the bra and panty and hrow it on the fire she was crying and humiliated nude in front of him then he lend some water then the man took her to the hut and she knows it was dark and to settle there is the only choice then the man put on some fire and come closer to her.she was now in panic what he going to do.he lifted her and placed her on the bed made of leaves then he took some thin ropes and tied her hands and legs to the corner of the bed.she knows she is trapped and shoutng or begging is just a waste of energy.she watched his actions eagerly.he took some black greasy oil and applied all over her body her tits,pussy,belly,neck,face.then he turned her back and applied.she was now shining in front of fire.
then he squeezed her boobs and sucked her crotch she moaned a little sigh.then he placed his the huge cock top at the crotch entrance.she closed her eyes in pleasure.he knows wat to do now he suddenly took his cock out and untied her and went off from the hut suddenly priyanka chopra opened her eyes she could not find him then she find him at the hut outdoors there she asked why u didnt fuck me.he replied i will not fuck you today.then priyanka replied in pleasure “i am yours pls fuck me, i am your slut pls fuck me”then the man hesitated.priyanka then kissed his lips and bited and asked plz let your cock inside me,but he still neglected her.then she kept her oily body against him and rubbed each other for a while and she could his cock standing up the peak.then she asked”fuck me now”.then he demanded her to suck the cock priyanka obeyed and knelt down and placed his cock in her mouth and had some cock sucking for about an hour then he took her up by her hair he then sucked all the sweat droplets on her boobs,cleavage and took her to the bed placed her legs wide apart and struck his cock with a force inside her cunt,she smiled and said i am u r bitch fuck me hard come on.as said he began to strokes it hard to and fro.priyanka chopra moaning”ah sssssssss sh..come ,ssssss”.he began to throb it faster.she had near to reach his orgasm.then he delivered a loads of cum and she reached the first orgasm.then he turned her in Rockygy style and strobed there this time even faster she shouted in pain”sssss,i love u,fuck fuck mefuck me…”then after several orgasms and after four hours of entertaining fuck then slept on their bed with the cock still inside her cunt.then the sun rises as priyanka woked up she could see the man doing something with the woods there.she still thinking the longest fuck she had in his life last night.then the man came and said priyanka “come lets go..”she replied”where we are going”the man took her hand tied and to a small stream running by.the hot sun and sweaty body of her made his crotch rise again.then he was thinking of humiliating her.
humiliation continues after the reply and as per their order the humiliation starts there…..

she tied her waist around with ropes and the other end with the cart which he was building with woods.then he sat on the cart and commanded her to drove the cart but she regreted”i cant”.then he threatened her if u dont obey i would let you to the tribals.she got feared and droved the weigth of the man and cart was too much to her perfect waists.in that hot sun with steaming body she pulled that cart to the place as ordered by him.it tooks about 2 hours.she was done.the place was totally hot and humid then he brought her and tied her with a tree.then went off.she was now in deep trouble since he came back with a man whose cock was even bigger priyanka stunned and shouted”hey why did call other guy”the man slapped”you should not order me”and untied her.the man then told “he was my long time friend tuku,and had not seen some nice slut like u “then the long cocked tuku held her arms and placed it around his and kissed her cheeks the man goes behind her and kissed her sweaty back.priyanka was now on heaven as tuku fingered his finger into her pussy.priyanka then kissed his lips hard and fighted with both of the mens lips for half an hour as those men squeezing her boobs.now priyanka in eager “play me guys…..play this filthy slut”tuku placed his cock into her pussy and reached in. priyanka louldy”ah ssss..come in”the man behind her strobed his cock in to her ass.this made priyanka even hornier making them asking”ah fast fuck me ust,fast,…..a.sfast “.she bited the tukus chest in pain and then his lips.then the man caught her hair and brought her back and kissed her lips then tuku and the man.priyanka was a slut toy for them and enjoyed their movements.this enormous fucking lasted for four hours and priyanka was unable to stand now.then the man ordered to suck his cock slowly but suddenly tuku ordered her the same.they began to argue whom she going to fuck but they began to quarrel soon.the discussion lasted for half an hour then they decided to play a game who wins the game wins her and can took her the other should never touch her.priyanka waited wats the game was.then the man said to her we both will fuck you now invidually the fuck in which you are getting greater pleasure wins you.priyanka was now aware how hard the competition would be.the man placed her down and fucked her deep and priyanka feeling the pleasure in heaven and as usual ahe quoted ” you are great fuck your bitch..”come”then the fuck finished.then tukus turn this time even faster the fucking session happened to be enormous and sweats went running their bodies tuku finished in style with an half an hour kiss.its time for the result.
priyanka had the best fuck time by tukus but she held the result with other man as she was clever since he would left her in next five days and he knows her language so its better to stay with him.then tuku was so upset and went off.then the man hugged her and took her to his home.then they enjoyed a nice fucking session for the whole night.next day priyanka was thinking of going back to home in four days but she never forget her wildlife experience and she could feel her pussy was larger as thrice than wen she came before.then she thought of enjoying herself now she started to finger her pussy by seeing the man working with sweats on his body then she took a nice long rope and and tied the man from behind and she took him to a tree and tied to a tree.the man had no idea wat she doing.then she brought his strobing cock and placed his in his pussy and enjoyed it as if she used it as a sex toy.then she climbed on him and ask him and planted a warm kiss then she ask him to suck her nipples he did as said.she was in total control and the man said u want some nice fucking means untie me i will give you a great fuck then she told i am doin wat u did for me in the first as said she applied oil all over his body and began to rub for a time as they enjoyed their desires a long arrow struck the nearest tree next to the man. she got feared and turned she could see a group of men followed by tuku.the man could do nothing as he was tied.they gave a meaty blows to the man and took her away.she thought the wild fucking they had a couples of days ago and feared to the larger extent.she was then taken to their place and was placed in the middle tied with a log wood.the leader of their was telling to their people in their language and she couldnt understand.bt she knows she was in deep trouble.the entire men was strobbing at her beautiful naked body and some masturbating at seeing her.then a women came and caught her hands and announced something and then she took her to a hut.then she a gave a hard slap and priyanka felt down.then the women took her breast in her mouth and sucked hard and priyanka thought new thing she want to do is a lesbian the women placed her legs around her and gave a hot kiss to her sweet lips then the took a steel rod and fucked her by placing others to her end it was hard session for priyanka as she managed to do so they then performed their fuck by crossing their legs and then had eaten their pussy juices each other and the women took some black paint and all over her except face and they started to play each other lips as they were going for more than three hours the leader of the  gang came in and caught the women by her hair and throws her out and stared at priyanka body which was painted and took her public and said something to his men then a man came near and sucked her nipples and another man with the other nipple as she was stunned seeing two men sucking her nipples the leader struck his cock on to her back a bulky man came in and placed his cock on to her front and another caught her head andbegan kissing her lips like that as much as eight to nine uncivilized men enjoyed her she was feeling the pleasure of her life time and she was now in a gangbang.she was totally exhausted she was sweating all over her body her sweaty body makes them go even wilder the fuck happen to be enormous as every man fucked her and lasted for six hours. then the slut was rested for a day bt she was nw always want their cocks over her body.the next day she called a man and began to suck his cock.a man from behind fucked her as a reputation she become the slut of their gang she daily used to get a six or more a day.then a night she was called up by their leader ad she could see his cock was now to 15 and she knows she gonna get a nice fuck without hesitation the leader rammed his cock into her pussy then performed 16 styles of fucking and making the most of 25 orgasms bt priyanka was nw feeling the heat.she almost been their girl by thier semen taste and her sweat smell all over her body and her pussy became larger and larger.

It was the time when sunaina was at a glimpse after had a continuos flops and become unpopular actress.but her looks and face were excellent as that she had a chance of becoming a good actress.then she was upset of not getting any oppurtunities.then she announced that she would prefer glamourous roles.one day she was called up by a director and she was now full of joy as this director was a bigger one and if she was selected in this project she would reach the peak so she thought of doing any role he would offer.she went to the directos bungalow and she could see the director watching a movie.she entered and asked “excuse me sir”.as he turned he could see the sexy actress with fleshy boobs covered with black strap bra in a transparent white shirt with a low cut jeans showing some bit of navel.he want to see the actress completely nude.he then welcomed her “come sit baby”she obeyed his order and admitted that she would prefer any roles u give and that too of glamourous roles.this made the director even comfortable.he declared that i am going to take a life history of a call girl and it going to be a award getting role.suddenly sunaina accepted the offer as it going to be a character that going to took her to a peak.bt he told it wont be tat easy and it will not fit for you.bt she regreted “i will do it in perfection”.then again he said “no i am damn sure tat will not suit you.sunaina again in despair”sir,i will do a slut in front of a camera”.he replied”then if so do it infront of me now”.sunaina “sir,how could i do sir”.the director replied”if u can do here its easy to do infront of a camera or else you will lose your offer”.sunaina with low voice “ok sir,what i have to do now”just remove ur shirt he ordered sunaina was no other choice and she did as he said.she was now in her black stMolestationd bra and showing her sexy navel and then he took a yellow coloured saree and asked her to strip the jean and to wear the saree.sunaina then said “ok sir i go inside and change and come”he ordered to change her clothes in front of him.now she was in displeasure and asked why sir here.he smartly commanded i want to see your expressions that you will suitable for this character or not.then she removed her jeans and he could see her black coloured panty and now she was in two piece and her thighs make him a hard on inside his pant.she quickly wear the saree he gave.then the director asked her to go and take the shower from top to bottom.she went inside the bathroom and came totally wet and his wet yellow saree shows her wet bra and panty.then the director greeted that okay u are now looking like a perfect slut and said you are selected.sunaina lights up a bigger smile and said”thank u sir thank you very much”.then he said “but you…….”wat sir then wat she replied.but i want you to check how you go with men in the movie especially in love making scene.wat i have to do sir”she gasped”.he then told”i will touch your body parts and see your expression”she then said “ok”.he came near and got behind her and grabbed her hip and kissed her neck and she closed her eyes and feeling the pleasure.then he came down and kissed her navel she was now biting her lips hard.then he removed her wet saree that sticked to her boobs and planted a deep kiss on the cleavage.sunaina now caught his hair and moaning.then he asked her to strip her bra sunaina was not in control now and she did as he said tat she pulled her bra strap and throw it away.her fleshy wet boobs came into view then he sucked her nipples hard one by one as he enjoying her body.sunaina now was in pleasure tored his shirt apart and started kissing his chest neck then she slowly unzip his pant and brought him down to boxers.then the director took her to his terrace and to see her nude show in a hot sun.on their way they began to play with their lips and biting it.he then re moved her remaining cloth and stripped her nude.but sunaina was not slow she too took his boxer apart and exposes his huge erect 10 inch cock sunaina seeing those cock caught tat in hand and planted a deep kiss to his mouth then the director ordered to suck his cock she leaned down and placed his cock on his mouth and began strobbing it.he caught her head and begen to oscillate to and fro and it lasts for an hour and both of them sweating deeply.the entire back was glistening in sweat due to hot sun.he lifted her and his turn to suck his pussy he then leaned down and sucked her she was groaning ah..mmmmmmmm…na,…..come…..n.o…n.ah..”then he licked all the juics that leaked for her pussy it took more than an hour to clear it then he stood up and saw her sweating boobs and sucked it hard and suddenly sunaina asked him to fuck her.he then placed his cock into her pussy and rammed a jerk she was now in heaven and shouted”s..come i….n..fastthis made director horny and caught her sweaty hip and fucked her harder and harder and she was now in pain but she enjoyed the pleasure he give they fuck each other in various position and had a nice session and went down and slept in the bed nude kissing each other.but still the director wants more from her nad a plan to humiliate her and the next day knows what he is going to do.

the next day when they get up and began to dress themselves.he suddenly said dont wear a single piece of cloth.sunaina asked now what.he replied if you want to get that project means you want to stay with me for three days nude.sunaina had no choice other than that immidiately she stripped her clothes.then he ordered her to accompany him for bathing both went inside and he ordered her to undress him.she did as said and then he turned to the table and took some baby oil and applied on her boobs and squeesed it and then to the navel and sucked it she began to enjoy his actions and she took some oil and applied on his body,now both started massaging with oil.he then applied on her back and slowly to her neck and face.then some to his cock and asked her to about turn and hold the towel stand she did then he placed his hands on her oiled hips and left his cock into her pussy it goes easily this time as the oil does the trick but went the bodies started to shake and after certain orgasms it become tougher.but he goes even wilder and she kept shouting”sss…treat u…….r..slut…….h.a.rd”and njoyed the fuck.after some time he turned her and asked her to impress him.she then kissed his chest and abdomen and his cock for fifteen mins and then she placed her oily boobs to his mouth and after a nice french kiss they showered each other and he asked her to come without wiping her body.then both of them came outside and he took her to the bedroom and began selecting a dress to wear and when he turned suddenly his cock climb the hill seeing her wet.she now knows what he going to do and she went near him and placed her pussy into his stand and then they move on to the bed and but this time blood oozing out the chambers since he rammed her of a lifetime she was shouting”ah .. painig…….pls….ah…no”she began to stratch his body later some time the groaning changes to”ah s….s……come….fuck ….f…..uck me .hard.s……….”after reaching numerous orgasms their heavy breathe come to normal condition with sweats left alone………..

then the director began bored up of just fucking her then he decided to play a game and asked her to play tennis with him.they both on the lane to start the game but he started off with a condition if you lose means i will fuck u in your ass hole or if i lose i will fuck you in your pussy.sunaina complained pls dont do anything against my ass hole.he replied “if u lose only yaar give your best shot then”.the serve started he is hitting the ball like a sportsmen and on other hand she is playing the game nude trying hard to prevent her ass hole getting damaged.she is giving all the toughness she got ,she was fully exhausted and then knelt to the ground accepting her defeat he came near to her sunaina was begging “pls dont this you can fuck me thousand times in my pussy but not in my asshole pls.pls….”he caught her hair and got her to the position and lowered his trousers his long cock came into view.placed his cock in to her another hole in which she was a virgin and rammed her hard and hard she knows she could not do nothing and respond to his actions the hardness of his cock and the hot sun making her in pain and sweat after a nice class she felt on the floor losing her energy and he then went inside saying get ready slut”you have another objective to complete”………..
Sameera reddy was on the hotel reception getting her key to her room.it was the day she had arrived in south africa for a shooting for her bollywood film.this was the film in which she had a hot and streamy sex scene she was always excited to perform to a sex scene but this is not going to be much tat easy since it is the first time she is going to show her whole nude body the reason for that is not getting offers and also if she performed well she would be selected for a hollywood movie so she tries to bag that offer.when she entered her corridor in that hotel she could see some men watching lustfully her big boobs.but she liked it.then she entered the room and took a shower and dressed up.she was now thinking where to go and how to spend these two days since the shooting starts two days later and she had arrived earlier to enjoy the summer.by the time the door knocked.she opened it and saw the two guys who on the way saw her lustfully.sameera asked “what u need” they introduced themselves as tom and mark and added we know yours and you are an actress from india.sameera was happy to hear it and asked them to get in.they entered and sat on the sofa and she sat opposite to them on the couch.they began to know each other well and the chat extended a bit and sameera loves to talk with them.during their coversaton she started”why you stared at my boobs like that”they was swirling mam tat..tat”come on tell she replied.tom replied”we have been looking your boobs in your movies but today it has been bigger than that so it made us to look like that”sameera teased them with a smile.then she admitted that i had come here early for the shooting.mark asked “what scene it going to be”she slowly hesitated and replied “sex scene”they questioned with a same tone”a real one”.she replied”yes” and added i have never acted a real one in the film but this i am giving my entire body.tom hesitated and asked “anyway we going to see you in that film nude,will you pls show yours nude boobs to us”sameera dont know what to answer and then she nodded “yes”they both was now in joy.then sameera slowly took off the top and they could see only black coloured bra and half of her big boobs and also her sweaty navel.then she unhooked her bra and let it down.this was the site that every man wants to see and they saw the beautiful sameera holding her nude breasts for them.mark now asked can we touch it.sameera holdind her boobs and said ok.tom touched,caressed then pinched while mark kissed,squeesed and bite it.soon the boobs were wet of their behavior sameera was enjoying the needs given by her servants she thought.then they undid their pants and their cock came up rising.sameera now exclaimed”wat are you doing now”they begged”please we want to masturbate on your boobs pls pls ..as they begged she agreed and feels they are her best servants.tom shagged the first shot and spraeds and hitting all over her waist and boobs and making her horny and then mark hits this time and it covered the other one and some splits near her mouth she slowly sucked that one now she was full of lust and asked them to give more of them now the tone of them changed”then you want to strip you fully bitch”sameera had no control and undone her jeans now in panties and then begging to leave that alone tom then said mark come we go she will sit in panties only.sameera in fast”wait wait and stripped her panties and giving them a nude show.then tom took his cock and placed that in his mouth and she took it and began stroked it and martin added sameera took both the cock at the same time and her mouth was now near to ears they were continuosly teasing sameera breasts with their hands loads of cum and sweat running throught out her body.now her nipples was erect by their action and took the cocks off her mouth and asked them to fuck her as said tom took her front while mark behind they fucked at the same speed sameera was shaking her body heavily and orgasms reaching numerously she continuosly shouting”i am your servant fuck me hard sssssssss.come “she is begging for sex.they throw wat ever they got and then they replaced their positions and sameera was high on pleasure and moaning”i am u………r slut.take me”they had enormous fucking and settled down on the bed kissing her violently.the next day she was taking shower and started masturbate thinking of the sex she had last day.then she had a thought of having another fucking class.so she wears a bra and panty only and oiled her body to attract them and went to their room.she talked to them casually as if she is there for nothing.they not even mind herself.but then she itself strated to ask”lets make fun guys”but tom and mark asked her to masturbate herself infront of them.she immidiately torn her bra and panty apart and started to finger herself and then some time later she asked now fuck me.they could not control anymore and tied her both legs and hands to the corners of the table.sameera “sss.like ta…..come play with my body”tom went top of her and kissed her lips then he was pushed by mark and he planed a hot kiss then by tom and by mark they began to fight up each other tom beated mark and mark turn then it results in a violented bloody fight.later they settled down and sameera was longing for sex and shouting anyone fuck me plssss.they turned their heads towards her and thought she is the reason for the fight.tom went near her and untied her and mark pushed her out and locked the door.now she was in full mood standing nude in the corridor shouting open the door pls.for an hour she knocked they didnt open then she moved to next floor where she saw group of men gambling.she entered there with her body uncovered.she could there are 4 to 5 black men sitting but she was hungry for sex.they all lustfully see her oiled nude body she announced that “i want sex now anyone can fuck me pls.”no could understand her language.without choice she went near a black guy and kissed him hard at her lips and unzip his pants and took his cock out and placed it on her pussy.now everyone understood and soon undressed and came near her.one left his cock into her mouth one to asshole one to pussy and one kissing sucking her body.sameera was now satisfying her pleasure these hectic men fucking her hard she was fully sweating continuously due to this gangbang.they fucked her in various positions after riding the slut for several hours they left her.sameera was now normal to breathing conditions and laying on the floor with her nude body with sweats wanting more of sex.

this is a story which had some wildsome fucking of trisha.trisha had signed two projects one in tamil and other in telugu.trisha has controling her shape for her next movie she usually get her into the gym and it was saturday she drove her car in to the parking lot near by to the gym.she is the only person at the to have her exercise since with rest would recognise as her a celebrity and will be uncomfortable to her.she had her own trainer george.she usually do her exercises for an hour and she will leave but this day isnt going to be an hour.the trainer george invited her with a smile and she replied wat today we going to do he replied”same exercises for your waist “she as usual took the place where she usually perform and george thought of having sex with her and soon his cock raised and it can be easily seen through his trousers and trisha called him”i had finished my abdomen work “he went towards her and said”let me check how ur workout had come”trisha in reply”how”.he said”just lift your t-shirt up lightly to see your navel she lifted as he was just a trainer”george suddenly touched the navel which were sweating and pressed whether it is hard or not.but this made trisha hornier.then she took off her tshirt and stood in bra and pants.and asked “will i now look like a shaped body”.george could see her boobs pooping out from her bra and she was looking hot thsoe costume while sweating.george cock was standing high.she could his cock flying and she knows she is teasing him.trisha then admitted thanks george because of yours only i got my perfect abs and purposely kissed his cheeks.but george was high on mood.then she asked is there any exercises for building the breasts.he replied “s ,sure” and he taught her and she doing it and george from distance watching her body lustfully.then finishing the exercise she asked any changes george replied”lemme check”trisha “how this time”george”just took bra off”trisha was looking him strangely.suddenly george i said for a fun ya.trisha knows this was the chance”ok touch my breasts with my bra is on”george was living for years to hear these words and he slightly touched her left boobs with her right hand.trisha replied this one as said he placed his hands on her breasts and treated it sofly it is getting bigger and bigger and he squeezed it.trisha held her own hair with her hands and yelled”ah,…….”again he squeezed trisha sexily”ah..oh…..”bite her lips george enjoyed this movement the third time he squeesed this time trisha tore her bra apart and placed his head into her breasts.they were hot and wet.he kissed those boobs and sucked it.her nipples were sharp.he bited her breats and slowly took her pants off and left her in a panty.trisha then took his head and played a lustfull kiss.during the kiss she ripped her panties.trisha was standing nude kissing him.on pleasure she was scratcing his body he tied her to a instrument near by she begen to jam up and down and he unzipped his pants and it placed his cock into her boobs and rammed trisha her boobs were juggling faster soon he let all his sperm and it spreads until her neck he then trisha was hornier and said “come george let all ur cum into pussy and treat me like shit….come fuck me”george no i had other special guest to fuck but i had time fantasy of boob fucking you thats why i used it”trisha asked “who is that guest”.george “wait she would come by now here she is”trisha turned her face towards the entrance it was none other sneha.sneha was shocked to see trisha with her hands tied and full of sweats and cum lying nude and asked george”why you fuck that bitch i am here in the correct time only”george “no da just a boob cock and we will show her how to have wild sex” sneha to trisha”bitch u may be on top than me in film industry but i am better than you in fucking watch it now ” she soon knelt down and took his cock into his mouth and pushed it george was feeling the pleasure and he caught her hairs and shaking hard trisha was watching carefully.soon the loads of cum went into sneha slutty mouth and she soon stripped herself nude and layed on the floor and spreading her legs apart george kept his cock into her pussy and she quickly moaned”ah sssssssss.fuck me”his cock slowly entered her pussy and she yelled”faster come faster …..fuck me”they both fucked harder and harder and sneha “s mre come more fuck sss.ah.m.mmm.”shouted.the climax is nearing both were sweating harder and finally he reached orgasm and stood up and went but trisha was hungry for sex and sneha was lying there wats gonna happen next…..

then sneha stood up and saw lots of cum spatted by trisha on the floor.sneha” are you hungry bitch”trisha “yes s…please fuck me..pls”sneha replied “but u must obey my orders”trisha”i am your slave what u say i do”sneha then untied her and ask her suck to suck his pussy trisha did,it made sneha hornier and hornier and trisha drank all her juices.then sneha kissed her tits hard and make her sweat.then sneha took a rod near by and placed one end to his pussy and to trisha`s.then both fuck the rod.the loud moans of”ah …….s…mmmmmmm”sounding all over the place then they felt their orgasm and felt kissing each other.by the time a cock entered trisha pussy when she turns it was the gym trainer.he rammed it hard.trisha “s fuck me.s”sneha licked all his body and fingered her ass hole on the other side.trisha threesome happened for an hour in that exhausted gym then he spat all his cum on trishas navel and sneha sucked it.trisha then sucked his cock and from back sneha fingering her .their slut toy was bathing in cum now.then they again tied her to a corner after their hunger was over.
then she yelled for sex.later the regular customers to gym came a man was shocked to see trisha nude tied in a corner certainly many followed.trisha admitted that “she came here and had sex,they tied me up thats why i am here”every guy wants to make use this oppurtunity.they all took their mobiles out and took a nude video of her.then a man caught her hair and said “today your name will be talked in the internet”trisha begged “pls dont do that i will give money you want pls dont do that”then a man told”ok,we dont need money you must serve your body for all of us whenever we need,what you say”trisha slowly repiled”yes”.they untied her first.a man asked her “strip all of us nude and suck our cocks”all of them stood in a row.trisha first strip all of them nude and took their cocks out,they all of different size 9,8,10,7….etc.trisha bent down and sucked a man cock in mouth while holding two cocks in hand.trisha drank his juices fast as she had many to go.one by one she bited,sucked and played their cocks in her mouth.trisha was hornier as her nipples were standing erect.then she was asked to masturbate herself in front of them.trisha as said insert her finger into her pussy and groaned.soon she spat all her juices out.then a man came near her and licked her sweaty neck and inserted his dick.another came and bited her back and throwed his cock into her ass.one spatting his juice showers on her hands.while she was asked to hold one`s in her hand.she was enjoying now as both were moving to and fro.they have been continuous sounds from all of them “ah……..s……….fuck.mmmmmmm.ah”.trisha in the middle surrounded by four erotic men who were all over her body.hot air running through the gym,everyone were sweating,trisha was even more trenched,sounds of excitement,all their bodies were shaking,trisha`s body were electrifying.the man from her back reached the orgasm and spatted his juices inside her ass.soon the other in her pussy,they left their cocks out.trisha was now breathing normally still holding two cocks in her hands and massaging.then was layed in the middle and as much as twelve men surrounded her kissed,smooched,bited all over body trisha was all over now.they were playing her like a hungry cow on a grass field.soon they spatted their cum all over body.then out of lust she shouted”come fuck me…”one by one they started fucking her trisha was on heat.her gym exercises that day was more to take.after all finished they lied on her relentlessly.then every one went back while trisha was still sleeping there nude.after hours she went back home,she could not wake for two days.it takes a week to her to recover.after days passed she was busy getting schedules and one day a call came that of a stranger and threatened her to come to a place all alone,if not your scandal video will be published.trisha was now on deep trouble,she drove her car to that place deep in the dark and she saw a house out there.she slowly left the car and went inside the house.a sort of weird noise was rounding inside the house ,she could recognise the sound wa scoming from the top.she went upstairs.then she noticed the sound was coming from the room nearby.she was now shivering in fear and slowly opened the door there she could see nearly 10 to 12 men sitting and watching a video,later she could recognise it was her gym video.she was shocked to see that.one man in the group “wow.came in the correct time i said,that means you are so hungry for sex ah”trisha suddenly regreted “no,no,i came here to get that video.pls ,,dont disturb me i give what money you want.”one man”ai,…dont act like good girl,we all know about your sex hunger and you dont utter a word when we play on your body that day,now what”trisha”no, that day out of control i did that pls…let me go with that video”then one”stop,bitch..who asked you to control yourself,ok we offer you on deal.we will not touch your body unless you touch us,we will do what ever we want after an hour,you are still in control means you could get your video or else……”trisha firmly thinks she wil be in control and accepted the deal.soon,trisha sat on a sofa.all of them stripped nude and their cocks stood up.they all played thier bodies while she was asked to see this things,on other side her video was playing which made them even hornier

Tamanna the sexy actress was on her way to shooting to a village.on the way a group of men with the masks on stopped the car and asked them to come out with their kinfe on their hands.the driver came out and they asked money,he admitted that he had no money and he was just the driver.the thief left him and asked tamanna to come out.she came out with a fear.then the thieves recognised her as an actress tamanna.one of the thief asked”you actress bitch we came here to seek money but after seeing you our cocks went hard,so we dont money lend your body to us”tamanna begged and cried”sir,pls i give whatever the money you want pls leave me,please”the other thief said”if we get money we would spend it for having sex only,so now we going to have fun without spending,so show your body white bitch’tamanna felt to their knees and pleaded”pls..leave pls”then a theif took a knife and threatened “if you dont obey we would Molestation you and kill you,if you did your life will remain”tamanna had no choice and said ok.they tied her hands and eyes and took her to a place.when they opened her eyes it was a damp place with no people around and a single hut.there thieves were three.one ordered her to strip herself nude with lots of pleasure in the face.she slowly took her t-shirt off,the breast view could be seen now in her bra.then she took her pants out.now she was in two piece and a theif shouted”fast bitch”.tamanna immediately strip herself nude.the whitish boobs were becoming harder by the time.they all had their cocks standing inside their pants.one of them ordered”masturbate yourself now”tamanna felt ashamed and she did by fingering her pussy.soon she started moaning”ah…..ah…ahmmmmmmmm”.they all enjoyed her actions.then she started breathing heavily and soon she started cumming.then one commented ” i dont like your white body make yourself dirt “tamanna then rolled on the wet mud on the ground and made herself brown.tamanna could not stand it anymore she ran towards one of the thief and knelt down and undone his pant and took his cock in her mouth.the other two stripped their clothes and placed their cocks in her face and spatted.after some nice eating,tamanna left the cock and layed on the floor and said”fuck me….come …fuck harder”they waited for no time and one placed his cock in to her pussy.the other on top of her boob fucked her one licked her asshole.tamanna enjoying immense pleasure her entire body is shaking hard.they all going hard seeing her sexy dirt body.tamanna moaning”ah…um….s….aaa…….mmmmmmmm…fuck….more….mmmmmmm”,the man on top her spilled his juices on her boobs and then sucked her hips and navel fucked.then the other on pussy reached orgasm and tamanna came to normal position.then they exchanged positions and fucked her.it was her best time fuck and she sweating fully.then everyone reaches orgasm and they all lied down with their bodies on her waiting for the next round.


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