Monday , January 30 2023

Priyanka decides to fullfil her husband’s fantasy

Both my wife Priyanka and I are quite liberal. I am 30 and she is 25. Both of us work in Software Company and earn pretty good living. We both stay in Thane. We are a happy couple, but the only problem in our marriage was my low sperm count due to which it was difficult for me to father a child.

We both are sexually active and share each other’s fantasies. So it was not surprising to me when Priyanka took it in her stride when I mentioned cuckolding as my fantasy to her. She revealed to me that she had often wondered how wonderful it would be to have sex with another man while I watched them. This had happened more than 1 year back and perhaps that little chat we had was the seed of all that happened afterwards.

From then on, we often talked about her having sex with some other man while I watched them. This excited her but even more than that it excited me. Priyanka initially had been very surprised at this, however soon she became okay with it. In fact whenever we had sex, she often used to call me with other names.

After that we watched lot of cuckold movies as well as chatted in yahoo chat rooms with other couples as well as single males about cuckolding and threesome. But it was just chat and fantasies for almost a year. Priyanka was not really willing to take any forward in the virtual world.

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