Sunday , November 27 2022

Problems With My Little Sister

There are problems attached to having little sisters, as
many of you guys out there know. There are a lot BIGGER problems
involved, if either of them is as sexy as mine are. While Laura
is a pedophile’s wet-dream at 10, it’s her sexy big sister that
got me in trouble. At 4′ 5″ tall, saucy lips, sparkling eyes,
and a “fuck-me” wriggle to her body, the cute little brunette had
been giving me wet-dreams for years, until she and I finally did
something about it, when Uncle Marvin left. That was not quite
two years ago, and things had been going just fine between me and
Karen until right now . . . which is what this story is all

This morning I got up horny (as usual) and as I usually did
when I was in that condition at that time of day, I padded down
the hall, and climbed into bed with my little sister.
Karen was asleep of course, (everybody else always is that
early) but slid over to make room for me almost automatically.
It was only when I started spreading my sister’s legs, that she
realized her big brother was in bed and molesting her.

“Brian!” she hissed at me, while spreading her legs to allow
me to get between them, “What are you DOING here?! You KNOW
you’re not supposed to be in my bed!” All the time she was
objecting, Karen was shifting to get more comfortable; lifting
her short little nightie; (My 12-year-old sister knows better
than to wear panties to bed) spreading her legs; and fitting my
cum-dribbling prick up against her sloppy-wet hole.

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