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Prodigal son returns to fuck a young girl and her mother

I was the black sheep of my family. A huge disappointment to one and all. My father and his brother (my uncle) had a very profitable confectionery company in South India. Being the eldest of the next generation, it was assumed that I would take over the business. But sometime during my teens I found my calling elsewhere. I dropped out of high school and after a few mistakes and missteps I found myself in the Merchant Marine.

Fortunately, none of my siblings or my cousins shared my desire to break free of the shackles of a strict society. They followed my father in expanding the business throughout the State and beyond.

But I travelled the world and saw places and things only a few were fortunate to do (early 2000s). I had months long assignments on ships and foreign ports and hardly got to see my family. But we all found it possible to keep abreast of what was happening with all of us thanks to the magic of the Internet. I was made aware of every birth, death, wedding, coming of age, house warming, success and failure. They in turn always had the news of each of my adventures (and misadventures) from my emails that I dutifully filed to my sister.

My father had said, “Son, someday this will all be yours. You need to act like the eldest in the family. It’s good for you and the rest of us.” So somehow in my mid twenties I allowed myself to be convinced by my family to get married, all in their attempt to help settle me and put down my roots.

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