Thursday , December 8 2022

Punjabi wife Fucked with Dirty Young Man

It is a real incident during my honeymoon in GOA. My name is Amit and I
was 26 at that time, and my wife Preeti was 24. Preeti is a very fair
Punjabi girl who is otherwise slim, but has well endowed boobs (36+) and
a body to die for. Wherever we went in Goa I always found men and boys
ogling at her. We stayed in a hotel near the beach. During our stay, we
booked ourselves in a tour-bus for getting an all day tour of Goa. There
was a very cute looking boy in our bus, 20-22 years old who was also
touring with his parents. His name was Ravi and he was also staying at
the same hotel. His seat was next to us and he got very friendly with
us. He had very cute feminine looks and although I am a very straight
guy, somehow I got slightly attracted to him.

We started conversation on a wide variety of topic like girlfriends,
marriage etc. And I must admit that he was very bold, as he started
flirting indirectly with my wife in front of me. He even praised her
beautiful figure. Preeti was taking it all in the lighter sense and did
not mind his jokes.

Later, the bus stopped at a beach, and we all were having fun on the
beach. We played some water games and then came to rest under the shady
umbrella. Preeti was wearing shorts and a small Top, while I and Ravi
were just wearing shorts. All 3 were sitting in the shade. After a few
more jokes Preeti was getting uncomfortable, and she expressed her
desire to go into the sea again and I said “OK”.

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