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Ragini fucked by Jija ji

Hello Readers, Ragini here (of course the names & places are changed). I would love to share with all of you an erotic and sensual experience of my life, which is still continuing since last three years. But I want here to narrate how it all started between me and my Jeeju, (Bro-in-Law) Amit.
Many of the readers may feel that the story is a longer one and more details have been added than those were necessary but it is requirement of the story and more so of eroticism that real story should be enjoyed as real. So without going in much detail, I am 25 year old girl at present with wheatish colour, and having a figure of 34-28-33 settled in an MNC in NCR Delhi.

 This story started five years back when my elder sister Neeti got married with a Handsome Guy named Amit, in the same town of Punjab in which my family also resided. After marriage of my sister don’t know how, but I suddenly developed a strange habit in myself and that was to look at my cleavage every now and again (especially in the presence of Amit)
in order to make sure that the position of my suit or top etc. is all-right and my cleavage is not visible to anybody. But this habit of mine was no longer a secret as this was observed by Amit, who used to smile every time at me while he caught me red handed in checking the position of my dress.
May be I developed this habit due to being extra cautious but still I noticed many a times that now Amit was rather trying to peep inside whenever he got a chance, followed by some naughty smiles from him, when I caught him doing so. Even few times I also enjoyed being a teaser.
Then within a span of two more years the marriage life of my sister was going through some unpleasant phases, regarding which my sister’s behavior as well as sometimes Amit’s behavior was equally responsible. Even then no special change was there in Amit’s behavior as far as I was concerned.
One day when he was at my home then I asked him regarding few things on my PC, which required an internet connection. Though I had net connection but was having a problem with that those days and it was not working properly. So Amit asked me for my Email ID, and assured me that after doing the needful he will email me the same.
After giving him my email id I further requested him to accept some of my friends in my buddy list in my id as I was unable to do the same due to my internet connection failure. He asked me for the password of my mail id and I told him the password as I thought that I will change the password as soon as my connection will be OK, and as I had nothing like to be concealed in my mailbox.
Next day he gave me a call and said that my assignment is ready and he mailed it to me. I was more than happy with his performance and co-operative attitude. Even I asked about accepting the friend’s request in my mail, he told me that it is also done, and further told me that he has asked one of his friends to check the connectivity problem of internet at my end also, who will come there by the evening.
In the evening one of Amit’s friends came to our home and repaired the connection in no time. I again thanked my Jeeju for the favor. In the night after taking my dinner I decided to kill my time while surfing on net and in addition to it download the attachment regarding my assignment.
When I opened my email id and logged on to yahoo messenger as well, I saw that in the list of my friends a new and unknown email id was added by my name i.e. Ragini itself. I tried to recollect but I could not remember anyone as my buddy. Hence again I called Amit and asked him that who is this Ragini.
He replied me that how could he know and told me that you asked me to accept your friend requests so whoever requested for it I have accepted. Then after wishing gud nite to each other we disconnected the phone. I thought of deleting this contact but again I thought what harm in it is if I have a friend who has the same name of me, and I did not delete the contact.
Later on I downloaded the attachment of my assignment. In the meanwhile a chat window popped up and to my wonder it was Ragini on the other end and we started chatting. After a formal chat I decided to sleep and wished her gud nite. Again on the next day when we were doing chat, suddenly she asked me that if I have a boy friend, to which I replied ‘no’ and I also asked her the same then she replied yes.
When I asked her about her BF’s name then she told me Ankit. After that I asked her regarding since how long they were in to relationship, to which she replied that soon after marriage of her elder sister. This reply seemed a bit amazing to me and I asked her how, then after a little bit of persuasion she told me that Ankit is her Jeeju (Bro-in-Law). This was yet another shock for me.
I was confused and asked her to explain to which she replied that they are in to this relationship since last 1 year. The conversation was turning hot as I asked her that have they had sex. To which she replied in affirmative. After a lot of chatting I wished her gud nite and advised her to end this relationship. But her reply was negative.
After that I went to sleep but I could not. Whole of conversation was driving me crazy. Somehow I slept. On next day also she asked me for role playing on the net and for having some horny chat, as I was a virgin yet and very keen to know and experiment sex, so I agreed and asked her to play the role of Ankit while I was assuming myself as Ragini.
She agreed for role play with a further request that for this I have to address her as Jeeju, I agreed. Our conversation went on and on and I masturbated twice while imagining that Ankit is fucking me. I was in such a state of mind that it had become difficult for me to think about anything else apart from sex.
Next day my elder sister Neeti came to our house for staying a week, with us and after the week was over Amit came to our house for taking her back. During these days I was continuously chatting with Ragini and enjoying our chat through role playing. The day Amit came to take Neeti back he had to stay for the night in our house and while my sister and mom were busy in kitchen me and Amit were busy in chit-chat.
Suddenly Amit asked me that did I came to know as to who the Ragini was, to which I replied that yes she is a childhood friend of mine, as I did not remember her so she find out me incidentally on the Yahoo. Amit suddenly said that thanks to ‘Yahoo’. After that his next question was did u enjoy the company of Ragini on the net.
I was bit surprised with this question but replied yes. Again Jeeju asked me regarding that what I liked the most in her company. Questions of my Jeeju were taking me by surprise but again I thought he is asking it generally, and replied that nothing special. After it what Jeeju asked me fell like a bomb on my ears. He asked whether it was role playing which I liked most in the company of Ragini.
This question has not only taken me by surprise but also my mouth was wide open. At this on the pretext of closing my opened mouth, Jeeju touched my lips with his finger, and I came back to reality. After touching his finger on my lips he put the same in his mouth and sucked. I had no words to speak.
After it Jeeju asked me if I wanted to know that how he was aware of these things, I had just dropped my head in affirmative. What he told me after that was taking me by surprises one after another. He told me in detail that on the day I had told him my id and its password and requested him to accept my friend requests.
A plan worked in his mind and he made a fake email id in the name of Ragini and sent a request from that id to my id and later on while operating my id he accepted the same in my id. After that when I asked him regarding Ragini, he came to know I am online, and he also became online on the id of Ragini.
After that he told me a story from the mouth of Ragini and even had cyber sex with me while role playing. I was astonished as well as angry, by his plan. After a little while I asked him ‘now what.’ He simply replied nothing special. I was having fear and doubts in my mind that now he will black mail me, as I had told him few personal things about my body on the net.
But he said he liked me, and want to enjoy my company with my due consent. I replied him that I am not going to do this. Then he very frankly told me that there is nothing wrong in it, as sister-in-law is considered as half wife. But I flatly refused him that I don’t want to ditch my sister. But Jeeju remained adamant on his requests and me on my refusal.
In the night we had to sleep in the same room. My Jeeju and sister slept in the bed while I slept in the adjoining folding bed due to my mental state and for the sake of separate bedding. It was winter season then. I could not sleep whole night due to feeling of guilt and shame. After two or three hours my sister was in fast sleep and snoring.
I felt as if some hand is there inside my quilt, as my bed was just side by side of the bed. I remained still and was pretty much sure that it was my Jeeju. The hand suddenly touched the bare portion of my arm. Then with some cautious moments, his hand touched my cheeks, then lips.
He further tried to poke his one finger in my lips, and after feeling some moisture and wetness inside my lips, he withdrew his hand after a short while. Then I heard some sound of sucking, and as I was already used to darkness in the room, and found that my Jeeju is sucking his finger which he poked inside my lips.
Again his hand slid inside the quilt, and this time his actions were bold enough, and he touched and caressed my breasts, slid his hand slowly inside my suit which I was wearing and as I was not wearing a bra at that time so his hand easily slid inside and reached till my perky nipple. There he pinched my nipple and caressed my whole left breast.
I remained still because of fearing the expected blackmailing from his side. After that he left my breasts and traced the outlines of lower portion of my suit, and put his hand inside and caressed my bare stomach and poked one of his fingers in my navel. It was now becoming unbearable for me and due to the acts of my Jeeju and my whole body started trembling, but Jeeju did not care.
He again slid his hand down and searched for the knot of my Lower’s string. But he could not succeed as I had the habit to tuck the whole string inside the lower. After considering this position Jeeju with a bit more force, put his two fingers inside my lower and somehow managed to take out the string, and very slowly opened it. I felt as if my breaths have stopped.
After opening the knot, he just loosened the grip and caressed the whole groin area of mine. All these things were driving me a bit horny and angrier at that time. So I decided to put the show to an end. After that I got up from my bed and went to bathroom to ease my self up. After doing so I went back to the room, took my quilt and came in another room and slept there,
and I was thinking that this would surely have put my Jeeju in the thoughts about resistance from my side. Next day when I woke up, everybody at home was busy in their daily chores. As soon as I came out of the room I found my Jeeju sitting in the sunlight of early morning and enjoying the newspaper and sun at the same time. I looked at him with hatred and did not even wish him good morning.
He was sitting there alone at that time and while feeling it somebody is around, he just drop the news paper in his lap and asked me what Ragini you even did not say good morning to me, anyhow a very good morning to you. He wished me and I could see a grin on his face. I just said good morning and went away from there.
In the evening both my Jeeju and sister went to their home, and I was left in midst of thinking regarding the last night incident, the talk between me and my Jeeju and of course about his plan. After a week, all the members of my house had to go to some relative house at a distant place, due to some death in relation and they had to come on the next day.
After they had gone I received a call on my mobile from my sister that she has forgotten some of cloths here previous time and Amit is coming to take them. She further asked me to send one of my Sports Bra in the packet and hand it over to Amit. I wished to stop my sister from sending Amit here, and said that I would come and give it to you at your place.
But my sister replied that today is Sunday and Amit has to go to meet some of his friends and my house is on the way so he will collect the same and then go to his friends. At this I had no other option except to keep mum. After half an hour or so Amit came to my house. He wished me hello and asked for the packet which my sister has asked him to bring.
I asked him to sit till I bring the packet from inside. I went in and bring it and asked him what he would like to have. He replied me a tea if I make it and serve him. I asked him but you never liked the tea. He replied that he can not dislike anything prepared by me. I went to the kitchen, prepared tea and served him.
After sipping it he said Ragini tea is very good and I would like to kiss the hands by which you prepared it, and straightway held my hands, and tried to kiss those. I asked him to behave properly and went out of the room. By the time he was sipping his tea. As soon as I was in the other room I felt something strange in my body.
After 5 minutes or so I returned back to the room and Amit was ready to leave at that time. Don’t know why I asked him to check the packet if everything is in order Didi had asked for. He checked the packet and there he was with my sports Bra in his hands and asked did your Didi ask for it, it does not belong to her. I was taken aback and with a muffled voice I said that it belongs to her.
To which he replied that I know which sort of undergarments your sister is used to and for sure it does not belong to her. Is it yourself Ragini? I just nodded in affirmative. He said to me it appears as I m having some flesh of you in my hands. I asked him what you mean. He replied that I am feeling as if I am having your beautiful boobs in my hand.
I was astonished at his bold words and asked him to return my Bra. But he responded negatively, and said that it is a treasure of life time for me, how I can return it. He further insisted that he wants to have a look at me in my undergarments, but I kept on denying. All of a sudden he said that I will tell your sister that you assaulted at me asked me for having sex with you.
I said that but I never did so and no body is going to believe you. He replied me that when I tell them about on which part of your body you have moles and birth mark, and then they will believe me for sure. I was taken aback by his answer; he was trying to blackmail me. I requested him not to do so, but he was adamant.
After much persuasion when he did not mend his way then I agreed to come in front of him in just my undergarments, but with a condition that he will not touch me nor he will come near to me, to which he instantly agreed. I took my mobile phone with me in the other room and there I removed my cloths and I was just in my Bra and panties.
After doing so I gave him a miss call as a token of his entrance in the room. The light in the room was switched off. The first thing he did on his entrance he switched on the light and soon after that (before I could understand), he took a pic of me with his mobile camera. I was angry at him, but he remained there watched me for few seconds, asked me to turn around,
watched my semi nude back, and asked me to wear my cloths and come to the other room. After wearing my cloths I followed him to the room, and asked him why he has taken my pic.
He replied me that for further blackmailing. I was angry but could not do anything. All of a sudden he held my hand, and pulled me on the sofa. I was sitting beside him now.
He took out his mobile and gave it to me and asked me to delete the pic of mine from mobile. I was just looking at his face, dumbfounded and speechless. I deleted my pic from the mobile and asked him what is in your mind. He took my face in his palms and told me that I neither want to hurt you nor blackmail you. What I did few moments ago I am sorry for that, and wont repeat same in future.
The only thing is I love u madly and I don’t know how I have developed a crush on you. All of these words melted my heart and all the bad things for him, and by now I was feeling much more sensuous and wet down my panties, because of sitting so close to him and of course the strip show few moments ago was also having its effect.
I just leaned on to him and as he was holding my face already in his hands, I kissed him on his lips and said thanks to him, and further said that I also love him so much. He too responded at the same time and took my lips between his and kissed me for another 5 minutes or so. Meanwhile his hands started to feel my boobs over my cloths, and this was too much for me.
My boobs got hardened with nipples pointing out, and my grip round his waist tightened. Then he lifted my top and placed his hand on my boobs and started sucking the left one. Gosh! I had gone mad. While playing like this for another ten minutes, his hand started moving towards my panties and on its way he played with my navel for a brief movement, and then inserted it in my panties, and felt my crotch there.
He asked me don’t you shave your pubes. I replied him that I do but have not since last two months. Then he asked me for any hair removal cream etc. and I gave it to him. He then took me to bathroom where he applied the cream on my pubes and washed it thoroughly after few minutes, and there it was my glistening silhouette. His mouth was wide open and eyes were lightning.
He then wrapped a towel around me and took me to my bedroom. I asked him his friend will be waiting for him. To which he replied, let him wait, and made a phone call to him that I can not come. In my bedroom he straight way bend on his knees on the floor, while placing me on the edge of bed, and placed his thirsty lips on the opening of my cunt.
I was again going mad while he was busy licking my virgin cunt. For 10 minutes he licked my cunt and during this time as and when he felt that I was on the verge of coming, he stopped and did not allow me to reach my climax. I was angry as well as wanting him more and more inside my cunt.
Suddenly he started turn around in such a manner that we were in 69 position by now and while sensing his intentions I removed his undy (as by now he had removed his other cloths by now), and licked his dick from his testicles to its head and took the globe inside my lips to return the favor. After few minutes he just took out his dick from my lips and lay down on me in missionary position.
He asked me have you done it before. I replied that with my fingers only. He further asked me that do you want me to enter you now. I replied will you stop if I deny. He replied not for sure, and placed his throbbing dick on the opening of my cunt lips, and as he was an experienced person he touched my twat first of all and then inserted his properly lubed (through my spit) dick, in a short jerk in my lubed cunt.
The only words which I could speak at that time were,” Aaaahhhhh! Jeeju dhire karo please. It’s paining. He acceded to my request. And remained still, and kept on sucking my lips and playing with my boobs. Then with some short jerks he was completely inside me. He kept on fucking me for next 15 minutes in this position and after that asked me to come over him.
Which I did and now I was riding his dick and this position added a lot to my excitement and put my lips on his lips, while he caught hold o my boobs and matched my pace with his jerks from below, and all of a sudden both of our bodies stiffened and I felt something getting bigger and bigger inside me and pulsating furiously.
Now after this sensational feeling we both were tired, h kissed my lips. And after lunch we had one more round. About that any other time. Please appreciate with your feedbacks, and tell me how you liked my story.

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