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Ravaged A Village Girl Like A Beast

Hi, I am Rahul. I am reading ISS from the past few years and this has given me courage to narrate one of my sexual experiences. Let me first tell you something about me. I am Rahul Sharma aka DEATH BY CHOCOLATE originally from Delhi, currently staying in Bangalore .My height is 6 ft 2 inches, age 23,slightly dark and my &ddy” measures around 9 inches. Lost my virginity at age 16 to my first love in school. This is my first story so please excuse me for any mistakes.

It happened 6 years ago when I was 18 years old when I had come to my village, Jhajjar in Haryana to spend my summer vacation along with my family in my grandfather’s home. I had just completed my 12th standard from Shimla. The first day of my vacation was quite boring because I had to meet an endless list of relatives who stayed in the village.

During the second day, I met some of my old childhood friends who lived in the village.Then we all decided to play a game of cricket. The place where we played was beside a lake. On the opposite bank of the lake there were people cleaning their clothes and some were even taking a bath in the lake. Behind the place where they cleaned clothes was a forest where people used to booze, defecate etc.


During afternoon, we all decided to refresh ourselves from the heat and take a dip in the lake. I happen to notice a girl who was washing clothes on the other side of the lake. I swam away from my friends to check her out. She was a true goddess. She was very fair and looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a tight salwar kameez and I could see her cleavage and a small portion of her white bra as she wasnt wearing a dupatta. She paused for sometime and went into the forest. As she was walking, my eyes were only glued to her ass which was swaying from left to right. She easily measured 32-24-38.I swam fast towards the shore and followed her.

As I walked into the forest, I saw her pause beside a bush. Then she began to remove her salwar and black panty and started peeing. I was so turned on by that and I stood a distance behind her and acted as if I am peeing as well but i was stroking my cock instead. But she saw me and immediately pulled up her panties and said to me,” Tumhe sharam nahi hai kya, ladkiyon ko is thara dekthe huwein”.

I said to her, “Main bhi yaha karne aaya tha.Aur kuch jagha nahi mila”

Then I apologized to her and introduced myself. Her name was Amrita. She was clearly embarrassed and was blushing. She clearly seemed aroused after seeing my 9 inch uncut cock because her fingers were picking with tension. Then I decided to make it my mission to fuck her and fuck her extremely HARD!

I then enquired about her from my friends. She happened to be my uncle’s neighbour’s daughter. I immediately went there without hesitation.

Just before reaching my uncle’s home, I saw Amrita walking into her home. My god, she looked amazing. I smiled and winked at her. She walked into her home smiling.

I stayed at my uncle’s place and later that night I went to the terrace of my uncle’s home and jumped to her’s.I saw clothes hanging outside her home. There I found her black panty. It looked definitely looked like what I had seen that day and a whiff of her pussy scent made me horny as hell. After thinking about her in various positions and situations, I rubbed my cock against it and got it drenched with my cum and later put it back where it belonged.I later slept on my uncle’s terrace.

The next day, around 6 am, I saw her running towards her terrace. She looked like she was in a hurry because she just had a bath and her hair was dMolestationd in a towel. She quickly grabbed that panty and a bra and went inside quickly. I felt so happy after watching this because now I was sure that my cum atleast touches her sweet pussy lips.

I stayed in my uncle’s house a few more days. And 2 days later, I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to follow her one day. She went to the same lake where I met her before to wash more clothes. To avoid being seen by her I decided to go the other side and swim into the lake.

After swimming a bit further away from her, I acted as though i was swimming and coming from the other side of the lake. While I swam closer and closer towards her, I could see her wearing a loose sort of saree that day and she was bent down cleaning clothes.

As I looked closely I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. However, she caught me looking at her and I assumed that she might get angry. To my surprise, she smiled and looked at me and bit her lips. This was a clear green signal and it made me reach my threshold and I became extremely determined to give her the fucking she deserves.

As I swam closer, she took the clothes and walked away. I asked some kids who were playing around that place there as to where did she go and they showed me the direction.

I saw her cleaning her legs near the forest. She had one leg on a rock and cleaning it and scrubbing her feet with water from a bucket. I sneakily caught her and her hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear “Mere lund ka ras kaisa laga tumhe?”

She was shocked and turned back and faced me with her mouth open. I immediately grabbed her face and kissed her lips with extreme passion. Initially she was running out of breath because she couldn’t play with my tongue but later she got used to it and started playing as well.

I roughly turned her face back and I ripped open her blouse and bra with a lustful rage. I caught her throat with my left hand and kissed her neck while my right hand made its way underneath her.

I squeezed her butt cheeks thoroughly. While doing so,I started chewing on her tits. I noticed that she was starting to get wet after that..She started moaning like a bitch in heat. I took advantage of this and started rubbing her pussy lips rapidly.

I held her face and whispered in her ears, “Mein jo abhi tumhe anand de raha hoon na,woh shaayad bhagwan bhi nahi de payega” and I found her clit and pinched it. She squealed in pleasure and drenched my hand with pussy juice.

I quickly removed my hands off her and pushed her against a nearby tree and made her bend. I quickly bent down, pulled her clothes up and unravelled that heavenly pussy. As i approached it and opened the pussy lips, it was extremely pink in color and was glistening with her pussy juice. She was a virgin and i felt like i had hit the jackpot. I started licking it and sucking it like a kid eating ice cream for the first time.

She couldn’t handle the pleasure and her butt started moving away from my face. So i caught her and hugged her knees and started to relish that pussy. Then she screamed “Hey bhagwaan” and came all over my mouth. Her juices spread all over my face and her pussy started twitching from that.

Then I made her lie on the rock and spread her legs and kissed her for sometime. Slowly I removed every piece of clothing she had and I finally removed my dick from my swimming trunks. It was such a relief because I felt that my dick would tear my trunks at any moment. I held my dick and used the head to tap her clit rapidly. She couldn’t take it anymore and she squirted again and shouted ,”Ahhh,ab bas mujhe chodho naa please please”…she started begging.

I smiled and kissed her lips tightly and asked her “Lund accha laga?”

Her face turned pink as she smiled and nodded.

Then I said to her ,”aaj teri chooth ki gaharai zyaada karne waala hoon” and I slammed my hard 9 inch cock into her tight pussy. She screamed in pain “Haaai rabbbbaaah”. Blood started trickling down from my cock. I pushed it even deeper “Aaaaaa”, she shouted in pain.

Then I realized that only around 4 inches of my cock had gone in and I wanted to push it all the way inside.So I grabbed her butt,hugged her and drilled her all the way in like a beast full of rage and lust for this bitch.

She screamed at the top of her voice “Aaaa…dheere karo naa please,dard ho raha hai”
I whispered into her ear, “Aaja beta,tumhe is poori picture ka climax dikhana chatha hoon”

I removed my cock and it came out of her pussy with a pop sound. Then i pushed my cock into her vagina again and started fucking her…in and out. Tears kept rolling down her cheek.

I started fucking her harder the more she screamed and I loved stabbing her pussy with my long erect shaft. Harder and harder I crammed and drilled my cock into her as her screams turned into whimpering moans and she threw back her head crying.

“Aaaa….main mar jaayooongi…aaahhhh”,she shouted.

I started fucking her with a steady hard rhythm and she began to feel the immense deep pleasure within her. I felt that i was hitting a forbidden place in her virgin cunt that made her cry out of pleasure. Then i started slamming her pussy like an animal and her big breasts with swollen nipples started bouncing and slapping against my chest. She clinged onto me and began wrapping her legs around my waist.

Then she said…”Aaaah dheere see….ufff”

She shouted and started panting. She was clearly in heat. Then i gave a sudden,fast and deep stroke into her pussy that her mind exploded and her toes got curled up .Her pussy bursted out a lot of pussy juice all over my long shaft. This gave me more than enough lubrication to slide my cock deeper than ever before. I felt her pussy tighten and it was definitely milking by big cock.

I then shoved my cock as deep as I ever could. For several long minutes I held Amrita tightly in that position and kissed her passionately. Then she whispered into my ears, “Mujhe chodho naa…jor se chodho….aaa” .Then to her surprise i pulled out my cock from her pussy. She was shocked and was asking “Kya kar rahe ho?”.

Then I inserted my index and middle finger into her vagina with my palm facing up and I started moving them in a “come here” motion. I located her G spot and began stroking it continuously. She orgasmed immediately after a minute and her juices kept shooting all over my hand.She started quivering and giggling in ecstasy.

But I was determined to give her a fucking of a lifetime. So i turned her ass towards me and I thrust my cock into her wet hole again. I grabbed her hips and pushed her against my thrusting cock. I started impaling my cock into her sweet pink pussy.

I increased my speed and she started shouting even louder than before. Then i pulled out and held her head and started chewing her sweet and soft lips. I could see her eyes filled with pure lust and pleasure as she started touching my hard cock with her sweet, tender hands.

This made my cock throb even more as all the veins around my cock started to stiffen and swell up. I lifted Amrita up above the ground. In an attempt to balance she encircled her arms around my neck and both legs behind resting on my hips crushing her pussy against my hard penis. She was all wet and lubricated now. I gripped her ass cheeks hard and started to ram her cunt without any mercy.

She screamed “Aaaa..aaj meri chooth faadne waaali haaiii….aaaa”

I fucked her even harder as I neared orgasm. She was whispering in a light voice “jor se…jor se”. I doubled my speed and she arched her back while my hand firmly squeezed her butt cheeks. Then i pulled her nipples up and held her up in the air while her legs was still wrapped around me. She screamed in pleasure. I gave one mighty stroke and filled her cunt with all the hot semen i had held in my ball sack for so long. Her legs went out of control as they started shaking uncontrollably with pleasure. Then we both fainted and had our arms wrapped around each other.

After two hours, I saw her open her eyes and she still seemed rattled with the previous orgasm i gave her. I woke up and after seeing her hot body covered with all the fluids of our lovemaking, my cock rose again and became hard as a rock. I quickly spread her legs and without any foreplay or hesitation I slammed my cock into her lovely pink cunt.

She started moaning, “Aaaah….i love you rahul”

She started getting wild. She started screaming, “Tumhara lund mast hai…Jor se…aaahh…aur jor se”.

I started pounding her pussy hard while i sucked her big heavenly tits at the same time. Then I reached my peak of sexual pleasure as I erupted a huge load of hot semen into her sweet, tight, young pink pussy.

Then we both hugged each other and rested for a while. We spend the whole night in the woods, sleeping on each others arms. The next morning, she got tensed and wore some clothes from her bucket. We parted ways in the morning as it was getting late. We both walked together till her home. Before I went back to my uncle’s home, she looked at me and gave a glorious smile which was an assurance that she would wanna fuck again.

All the skills I had learnt during my school days in Shimla had finally paid off.

I kept fucking her each day non stop continuously during my vacations.

Unfortunately, the next year, she was married off to a settled IT professional living in Gurgaon. Her husband surely fucked her but he couldn’t satisfy her because whenever I visit Gurgaon and meet her, I make sure to fuck her brains out.

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