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Real Brothers swapping wives on New Year Eve – I

While searching something erotic to read on the web I accidentally found this site and as I realized that one can post his or her experience I immediately started writing my life happening. I am sure readers won’t believe over all this easily but this is a true incident and it’s just names which are unreal. This is about two real brother’s swapping their wives and I am one of those two wives.

For intro I would say my name is Jaspreet, at present 28, I am fair and good looking female with good height, well shaped and luscious body, mine is love marriage and this is about me getting fucked by my husband’s elder brother Arun Bhaiya and also about Arun Bhaiya’s wife Gunita Bhabhi’s fucking with my husband Manav which was actually started long time back, even when I was not married to Manav.

Like me in appearance Gunita Bhabhi is also fair and good looking female but as compared to me she is little short in height but with heavy breasts and fleshy sexual assets. Certainly if I would have knew that my husband is sexually involved with his Bhabhi and in future all this might happen with me too then I would have not married Manav, but now when somehow I have fallen into this I am ok with it.

It could be considered my helplessness that taking divorce from my husband I cannot go back home but this is also true that now I am enjoying my sex life even more. It will be difficult for me to make readers understand about my circumstances but if I will try explaining that how all this happened and why I have accepted everything,

I should start from the beginning and first thing I would say my father is not in this world since long and I have mother and a younger brother and at certain places were depended on brothers of my father and like I said mine is love marriage and as it was an inter-cast or you can say inter-religion marriage including my grandparents and all uncles and everyone in the family was against this marriage.

I did not bothered about anyone and somehow managed to agree my mother over this relation and ultimately got married to Manav. It will absolutely right if I will say that the day I got married to Manav, he was committed to get me fucked by his elder brother.

I know this is difficult to believe but this true, actually around six months before my marriage; when my affair with Manav was on full swing he and Gunita Bhabhi were caught fucking red handed by Arun Bhaiya. They say when first time they had sex Arun Bhaiya was out of town and Gunita Bhabhi was drunk and Manav used that opportunity and fucked her.

After that I don’t know exactly how a simple and dutiful female like Gunita Bhabhi remained involved in sexual relation with her Devar(my husband) and they just continued fucking and unfortunately once got caught red handed.

To my another surprise don’t know how at that time instead of revealing this fact to everyone and taking divorce from Gunita Bhabhi Arun Bhaiya settled down with a commitment from Manav that he would also let him fuck his wife in future. Since that day everything was running with an ultimate plan of bringing me on bed for Arun Bhaiya.

Next day onwards Manav started insisting me to reveal our affair to my family, so that we can marry and eventually I did that. After facing controversies against inter religion marriage at my end within a month I got fixed with Manav and after around 5 months I got married to him with all the rituals.

Soon after reaching to my new home where except Arun Bhaiya and Gunita Bhabhi I had only mother-in-law I started getting so pampered that I felt as if I have came to heaven of love. I was welcomed at home with an open heart and without mentioning the name, two brothers; my husband and Arun Bhaiya seemed nevertheless like two brother of oldest Hindu epic to me.

They were close like friends and after a week or ten days of our marriage Arun Bhaiya sent us to Mauritius for our honeymoon. After coming back Gunita Bhabhi and Arun Bhaiya continued pampering me like I never imagined and it was not a span of month or two, it was a period of much more than a year,

rather once again it will be absolutely right if I will say my pampering is yet not over and even today I am a most pampered person of the house after two kids. Anyway getting back to the sequence, if I will try briefing whatever happened afterwards I would say initially my mother-in-law was against my working after marriage but Arun Bhaiya faced her and defended my job and ultimately agreed his mother and I started working again.

I was grateful to him for this and soon after that Arun Bhaiya once again did something which I could never pay back. My brother wanted to pursue CA while working and because of my marriage against their wish, nobody among my uncles helped my mom and Arun Bhaiya placed my brother at such a wonderful place to work with a salary which he could never get anyhow on his own.

Not only that as my uncles were ignoring my family and I also got married my mother’s financial condition went on going down and initially Manav and later Gunita Bhabhi insisted me to help them at least with whatever I was earning. All this did not ended their and soon after that I got pregnant and Gunita Bhabhi took charge of caring me.

Throughout the pregnancy she treated me as her younger sister and because of Gunita Bhabhi’s extensive love and care I delivered a healthy child and soon recovered from all post delivery problems. I wanted to continue my job and as Gunita Bhabhi was a house wife she happily took charge of my taking care of child and I started working again.

It was a span of around two years and virtually for a simple girl like me nothing could be better than this and like I said I continued feeling that I am living in heaven of love and affection. But I was wrong; everything was so good and relaxed that I could not sense anything shady in that but I was unaware of mind states of all three, my husband, Arun Bhaiya and Gunita Bhabhi.

Apparently everything was casual but it was a preparation for ultimate plan. Since then they; my husband, Arun Bhaiya and Gunita Bhabhi did whatever best they could do to me, may be to oblige me or to settle me down in the family from my heart and they were through with it, I was settled in the family as if I was part of it since decades,

I was even more deeply in love with my husband, also I was having lot and lot of respect for Gunita Bhabhi and Arun Bhaiya. And soon after my baby was born they all came to the second phase of the plan. After my delivery my husband lost interest in sex, although I was realizing this change in him but I could not imagine that it could be done intentionally and I just took it casually.

It was not that he stopped having sex with me, but it was very rare now, most of the time Manav pretended that he is stressed because of his job and I did not found anything suspicious in his gesture. On the other end Gunita Bhabhi went on getting open with me in regard of sex and many times opened the subject of our bedroom lives and we chit chatted about our sex lives with our partners casually.

Time passed may be couple of months and to enhance my starvation for sex my husband accepted one overseas project and flew out of country; initially for six months but ultimately came back after 8 months. Although while my husband was away I never felt any such loneliness; like always Arun Bhaiya and Gunita Bhabhi did their best to retain my happiness,

they always tried to take me along whenever they went out for a movie or to eat but still there was something which was really very killing for me and it was nothing other than lack of physical love. Like I said after the birth of the child, sex in my life was already very less and in the span of further eight months I was feeling very starved for sex.

In this span many times my sexual desire went so high that I failed to sleep properly in the night and that was exactly what they all needed. Surely once Gunita Bhabhi casually asked me about all this and I too accepted; that sexually I am starved but still there was nothing in anyone’s gesture neither in Gunita Bhabhi not in Arun Bhaiya about doing anything that nasty until my husband reaches back home.

Finally the day came and it was almost a day before New Year eve when Manav reached back home and we all went out for a movie. We ate out and came back home dead tired. I was expecting that Manav would fuck me that night but he slept before our child would have slept and next day in the morning Arun Bhaiya announced that tonight we will do a New Year celebration in the night.

Later somewhere in the noon Gunita Bhabhi called me in the office and told me that there is a plan of drinking and dancing in the night and later told me to leave my office little early and meet her in the market to do some shopping. We met on decided time and venue and except this fact that Arun Bhaiya is going to fuck me in the night Gunita Bhabhi revealed me all the details of the party,

that children with sleep with their grandmother on the ground floor and we four will have party with drinks and music on the second floor. We both shopped for the western outfit, body line jeans and a top for the party which we were not suppose to wear otherwise and came back home.

Everything ran casual until 10 in the night; till we fed our mother in law and both the kids and they went to sleep with their grand-mother. After that I and Gunita Bhabhi started preparing snacks to eat with drinks and brought snacks after changing into western outfit. By then males were already up with one drink and Gunita Bhabhi made next set of drinks and we had it casually while chit chatting.

Couple of times I felt that Arun Bhaiya is staring at my body but as it was never happened earlier I found it my misconception and everything continued just like that. Deep inside I was feeling excited because I knew that tonight anyhow Manav will not sleep without fucking me, it was evident in his smile and overall gesture.

Time passed may be an hour or bit more and in this span we all danced on the floor on music after pushing whole furniture next to wall and like that clock banged and we all wished each other Happy New Year. Arun Bhaiya hugged me and Manav hugged Gunita Bhabhi casually and we had very light dinner.

Time was bit passed to 12:30 when because of drinks and dance on party and sensual numbers I was little turned on and I was feeling that now everyone would like go and sleep, but just then Gunita Bhabhi came up with an idea for watching a movie which was released couple of months back and it was not seen by anyone.

Before I would have said anything both the males agreed and we all came to the Gunita Bhabhi’s bedroom on the same floor. Initially we; I and Gunita Bhabhi were wearing cardigan over our new top but as we started dancing and heat of the body rose we both took that off and soon we all were on the bed into two different blankets in the same outfits; jeans and full sleeve t-shirt, me with Manav and Gunita Bhabhi with Arun Bhaiya.

I don’t know about Arun Bhaiya and Gunita Bhabhi, but Manav was touching me all over my thighs and breasts in the blanket without getting noticed by other two people who were in the room and it was turning me further on.

Hardly half an hour was passed when I was wet and slowly leaking in my panties, I was reaching to the height of excitement and wanted to get intimate with Manav and to do that I whispered in Manav’s ear that I want to sleep. Nobody among two, Arun Bhaiya and Gunita Bhabhi noticed anything, they were busy in watching movie and Manav asked me back in same whispering fashion

“you want to sleep….sex nahi karna kya?” I was dying to do that so I moved my head in yes with a smile and that was the moment exactly from where everything turned and went like I never imagined. “Bhabhi Jaspreet ko neend aa rahi hai…she wants to sleep…!” Manav spoke to Gunita Bhabhi and in response Gunita Bhabhi smiled bit and spoke out in surprising fashion,

“neend aa rahi hai…? Abhi to party shuru honi hai” I was little surprised with what she said; that party yet to begin now and next Gunita Bhabhi got up and turned the television off from the main switch and in continuation bolted the door from inside and before I would have thought about what is she going to do she turned back to us and lifted her top and took it out from her arms.

I was shocked to see that, I and my husband were present their and she was just in a tight bra over her upper half which was barely covering half of her breasts. Before I would have reacted to that Manav threw the blanket away from my body and tried lifting my top. I instantly reacted to that, I stopped him and before I would have turned back to see Manav I was further shocked to see what Gunita Bhabhi was doing,

“Aaj hum bed par mix and match karenge” while saying that she unbuttoned her jeans and took out her jeans from her legs rapidly. She was just in bra and panty, I was stunned and still in a shock and once again Manav tried lifting my top and almost reached to neck of it. Arun Bhaiya was sitting on my right, instead of looking at his wife he was waiting for my husband to undress me,

though just for few seconds but my breasts caged in bra came into his and vision and ultimately I succeeded pulling my top back on my body. I could not believe whatever was happening, it was something which I could not think in even in my dreams, I don’t know that instant exactly what my mind state was but I was scared and confused and it was evident over my facial expressions.

Next moment Gunita Bhabhi climbed the bed and reached to me, she caressed my cheek tenderly, I don’t know in excitement or fear but I was breathing fast and puffing heavily, “Japreet…just relax…take it easy” Gunita Bhabhi spoke that while looking into my eyes, I wanted to speak but I was in such a mind state that I failed to utter anything and Gunita Bhabhi spoke again “abhi thodi der mein sab theek ho jaayega”.

With that Gunita Bhabhi reached to my top and tried lifting it and I reacted again, I was still speechless and breathing fast in strange feeling and once again Gunita Bhabhi caressed my cheek, came closer and kissed me over that and spoke again, “Jaspreet just relax….darr matt….uttarne de”

she told me to let her take off my top and she tried again and this time my husband who was sitting exactly behind me helped her and my top just vanished from body. I was sitting in front of my husband’s elder brother wearing just bra over my upper half and Arun Bhaiya was staring at me without a flick of an eye.

I wanted to cry or scream but my throat was choked with my own saliva and covering my breasts with my arms I was just puffing and breathing fast and heavy. “Jaspreet aaj tere saath Bhaiya sex karenge…main Bhabhi ke saath karunga” Manav spoke that in a low voice and I went through a strange shivering.

In a moment I started sweating and once again before I would have thought of doing anything Gunita Bhabhi’s hands reached to my belly to unbutton my jeans and as I tried to stop her and spoke in a bit sobbing state “Bhabhi…please…ye kya kar rahe ho??” I felt Manav’s hands over my back and in a fraction he unhooked my bra from behind.

He tried drifting down straps of my bra and as I tried stopping him Gunita Bhabhi once again reached to my belly with her hands and doing some extra efforts this time she succeeded in unbuttoning my jeans. In the shuffle of trying saving my bra getting down from my arms and stopping Gunita Bhabhi from unbuttoning my jeans I lost both and my breasts got exposed to Arun Bhaiya’s eyes.

Closing my eyes in shame I covered my breasts and Gunita Bhabhi instantly unzipped my jeans and ultimately with the help of my husband tried pulling my jeans out of my legs. I tried holding my jeans while pleading “Bhabhi pease…what are doing…Bhabhi please leave me” but as Arun Bhaiya was looking at my sagging breasts I failed to use my hands to hold it properly,

I tried covering my breasts while holding my lower but ultimately failed and my jeans also vanished from my body. Everything was running fast and weird; don’t know why I was not screaming, it was a moment which I don’t remember completely, I was in extreme shock and I could not think what to do and next instant I saw Gunita Bhabhi taking off her bra from her arms.

In a moment Gunita Bhabhi got bare from her top and her heavy breasts started sagging in front of me and both the males. Males were yet in their clothes but we both, I and Gunita Bhabhi were in same state, having just panty over our body but our mind state was totally opposite to each other,

I was scared and worried over whatever was happening and Gunita Bhabhi was relaxed and confident and before I would have thought anything next Bhabhi stood up on the bed and took out her panty from her legs too. She was stark naked, did not had even a sign of hair over her fuckhole and even from distance I could see that it was wet and dripping.

Things were getting bizarre; I could not believe how Gunita Bhabhi could do all this so casually, I was not at all aware of what all they had in mind since I am here after getting married to Manav and that instant all that happenings seemed unreal to me. I felt as if I am sleeping and it’s a worst nightmare I have ever had but unfortunately it was happening in reality.

After taking off her panty Gunita Bhabhi sat down on the bed again and tried reaching to my panty. I was sitting and my husband was holding me casually from behind, I was still covering my breasts with my arms and to save me from getting stark naked in front of Arun Bhaiya, leaving my breasts I held my panty and from behind Manav took my breasts in his hands and started caressing them nicely.

He kissed me over my neck, close to my ear and I puffed erotically, it was feeling which I cannot write anyhow. At one end Gunita Bhabhi was trying taking off my panty and I was trying saving me from getting naked and at other end I was going through pleasure of getting kissed over my sensual zone.

Apart from that it will not be wrong if I will say I was feeling bit excited with a thought that Arun Bhaiya is looking at my exposed breasts and my husband playing with them. “Jaspreet jo ho raha hai use hone de…..we are one…! we are one family” Gunita Bhabhi spoke that while trying taking off my panty and I just continued struggling,

I was puffing in unknown excitement and breathing fast while pleading them to leave me and to help Gunita Bhabhi Manav wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me back and brushed his wet lips around my neck and uttered “Jaspreet hone de jo ho raha hai…just try to enjoy this moment”

extending his arm he held my wrist with the other hand and removed my hand from there and I lost the grip of my panty from that hand. Without wasting that opportunity Gunita Bhabhi pulled my Panty down and I got partially naked and just in a fraction I lost the grip of my panty from the other hand too and just in a fraction Gunita Bhabhi took out my panty from my legs.

I was restless like never before in my life, with a fuckhole full of hairs I was stark naked in front of Arun Bhaiya. I was lying almost on my back, wrapping his arms around my arms Manav was holding me somewhere from my shoulders and closing my eyes I was doing my best to set myself free from Manav’s grip.

I was not crying but I was scared with weird sensation running through my body, my nipples were hard and fuckhole was damp and I was puffing while requesting my husband to leave me, “Manav please leave me….” My throat was dried and voice was Arun. Gunita Bhabhi was trying holding my ankles and clenching my eyes as tight as possible I was moving my legs to keep them free,

I wanted to scream but unintentionally my voice was very much in control and just then I felt different hand holding my ankles. It was Arun Bhaiya, and in a moment rubbing my soft skins throughout the length of my leg his hand reached to my knees and then to my inner thighs, he did not touched my fuckhole but his touch over my soft skin shivered me in wild sensation.

I didn’t realize when he took off few of his clothes, wearing his lower as it is Arun Bhaiya was wearing just undershirt over his chest and when I opened my eyes he was coming close to me. While Manav was holding me from my shoulder and Gunita Bhabhi from my knees Arun Bhaiya lied beside me; with a support of his elbow caressed my cheek tenderly and turned my face to look at him,

“Jaspreet…I love you…. Jaspreet hum ek hi family hain…” Arun Bhaiya spoke out in soft voice while looking into my eyes closely; I not even failed to reply back to him instantly but also failed to look back into his eyes and turning my face away once again closed my eyes while puffing hard and fast but ultimately came up with a words “Bhaiya please…leave me…please Bhaiya…”

Arun Bhaiya continued caressing my cheek tenderly and ultimately leaned and kissed me softly over that and uttered in low and sensual voice, “Jaspreet…tum meri bhi wife ho”. To my surprise Arun Bhaiya’s words aroused me; his soft and tender touch over my body was driving me crazy. It was a very strange feeling, pleasure mixed with lot of fear and uneasiness.

That instant if I would have started screaming then certainly it would have been difficult for all three to tackle that situation and probably I would have saved my integrity but as I was part of the family and emotionally very close to all of them, intentionally or unintentionally I failed to scream.

And I believe apart from love and affection I had for all three, absence of physical love from last eight months was playing vital role in my delicate state. Deep inside I was feeling strange excitement raising its head and it was evident over my gesture; there was a significant sign of pleasure in the puffs of my uneasiness,

my long nipples were hard and erect and breasts were getting heavier, not only that, wetness over my fuckhole was increasing continuously; I could feel fresh streams of pleasure juices flowing out of my fuckhole. Deep inside I was getting mad in lust but there was something which was hurting me and I was not ready to surrender and just then Arun Bhaiya took one of my breast in his hand and squeezed it tenderly.

“Ohhh…” I puffed more in pleasure than uneasiness, Arun Bhaiya’s touch shaken me in pleasure like I never imagined and before I would have recovered from that sensation Arun Bhaiya leaned over me and took my breast in his mouth. “Ohhhh….” I grunted again while shivering, he was sucking my nipple with all his affection and for a moment I failed to resist myself from revealing my pleasure.

My eyes were closed and I was puffing with a divine feeling of getting my nipples sucked. Among all love making acts it was my favorite, while having sex with my husband I have always enjoyed my breasts getting squeezed and sucked and probably Arun Bhaiya knew that. While being partially on me he was sucking my long and erect nipples with lot passion and emotion and I was grunting in pleasure even though I did not wanted to.

One by one Arun Bhaiya sucked my both the breasts and played a lot with them with bit of roughness and I just went on moaning in pleasure and excitement of getting seduced by a male other than my husband and none other my husband’s elder brother.

Gradually Arun Bhaiya went down and kissed every inch of my body while brushing his wet lips over my skin and I went on trembling with his gentle touches. Holding my waist in both the hands he sucked my naval tenderly, rippled his tongue into that and I just continued gasping while shaking in bizarre sensation.

Everything was happening so fast that I did not realize when Manav and Gunita Bhabhi released my arms and legs; I don’t know how and when I was into the act, showing no resistance I was lying and letting do Arun Bhaiya whatever he wanted to do.

He turned me around over my belly and came over me started with kissing back of my neck and shoulder and licked my entire body till he reached to my waist. Closing my eyes and puffing in pleasure I just remained over my belly and after kissing my waist Arun Bhaiya reached to my ass, holding my fleshy mounds he kissed me all over my ass and squeezed them together for his pleasure.

By now I was surrendered, I don’t know what was running in my mind that instant, I just know that I was flooding with my pleasure juices like never before, as I was on my belly my love opening was touching bed and I was going through strange sensation over that, it was shivering like I never experienced and I wanted to rub my fuckhole over bed to reach to my climax but suppressing my desire I just remained like that.

“Suno… ab daal do…” Gunita Bhabhi spoke to Arun Bhaiya, she told her husband to insert and her words worsened my state. I was about to get fucked by husband’s brother and that is in his presence, it was weird and unbelievable thing to happen, at least with me but it was true and this awareness that I am about to get fucked by Arun Bhaiya in Manav’s presence made me shiver again.

Manav was sitting on the same bed, at the edge of it, he was silent but I could feel his presence and for a moment I thought about looking at him, I wanted to ask him how could he do all this to me but closing my eyes and clenching my fingers tight I just remained like that, over my belly, in a way I was waiting for next thing to happen and it happened.

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