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Real experience of a true mother son incest relationship

I am going to share my personal experience which happened one month ago. So this is my first time here.. If there is any mistake in grammar I apologize now for it 😋 So let’s begin the story. Guys this will be quite a long story because this is not a story, this is a personal experience of me and mom which I’m going to share today to let everyone know that mom son incest is the best among any relationship. I will tell you what happened exactly and every detail of it, so read it fully and go fuck your mom.

First of all I introduce me and my family. We belong to a Gujarati family. My name is Uday and I am 21 and in my family there is my sister who got married 5 years ago and lived happily abroad and my father(52) working in a private company and my mother’s name is Priyanka(47) and she is a teacher. Coming to my mother’s figure, she is having 36-32-36 which can make anyone’s cock raised. Her boobs are having amazing bouncy feel and ass is quite sturdy and well shaped not too big but amazing for me.

I had no feelings for my mom until when I was 15.. one day my mother came from school and she was changing her clothes in kitchen and I saw her accidentally but the view I saw was so fucking amazing.. she was removing her saree and then her blouse and then her petticoat.. now she was only in her bra and panty… I was looking at her innocently and suddenly she removed her bra and then her panty too… at that moment my cock raised to the fullest and now my mother was fully naked infront of his 15 yrs old child who is looking her from behind and then my nude mom went into bathroom for shower and I went to toilet and masturbated imagining her sexy body and at that day I released the cum which is more than any usual day. Now my mother became my sex goddess and from that day I started daily imagining my mom and masturbated. I was so frustrated because I wasn’t getting any chance of fucking my mom. Years passed and one day my sister got married and went to abroad with her husband.

Now I’m so happy that now I can fuck my mom easily because my sister will be not at home. My father doesn’t comes in the picture because he is very busy with his office work.. he daily leaves for office at 8am and comes back at 10pm.. so my father is not my hurdle.. only hurdle is to how to convince my mom for sex. When I was in 11th standard I decided to fuck my mom after school hours because my mother comes back from school at 1 pm and I decided to seduce her. I tried many things such as roaming in very little shorts in the house and when I awake from the sleep at afternoon my cock is raised and I tried to show my cock while holding in my hand but mom gives no response.. I was so fucking tired by this behavior of my mom because she is not giving any response.

My parents sex life… ummm I didn’t know much about their sex life.. because I have never seen them fucking. Once I saw at midnight when I was 16, my father wanted to do sex with my mom but my mom denied and then my father was pressing my mom’s boobs but my mother had denied. By that fact I was always wondering that my dream of fucking my mom will remain a dream only.

We were living in a 2bhk duplex.. so me mom and dad sleep in bedroom at ground floor. As a kid and now as a teen I always used to touch my mothers body parts when she is sleeping at night. I was sleeping in between my mom and dad and my parents had no sex life. So I was always worried about how to fuck my mom.. by watching 3 years passed and I had no clue to how to fuck my own sexy mother.

As my 12th ended I got admission in a reputed engineering college which is 500kms far from my house. So as the time passed my dream of fucking my mom was also passed. So I had taken admission in hostel which is near to my college but the thought of fucking my own mother never gone out of my mind… I used to masturbate watching incest videos of mom and son and imagining fucking my own mother. But the dream of fucking my own mother never became reality.

In vacations time I went home at that time I found that my mom had changed. She never used to leave her under garments in bathroom but she left her under garments in bathroom and went to school. I ran towards my mom’s panty which was so fresh and the smell of that panty was so fucking amazing and I started sucking her panty just like I’m sucking her pussy and I found some of the pubic hairs on that panty… oh that long black hairs of my mother’s heavenly pussy.. I can’t describe that scene and I ate that pubic hairs of my mom and the desire of fucking her has increased. The dressing sense of my mom has also changed and now she wears sleeveless blouse and due to which her melons are exposing and to my shock her ass had grown a bit.. I don’t know from where this change came but I was really happy to see my modern sexy mom.

Now once again I tried to start seducing her but this time she is giving response to my moves. One day at noon I was talking to her in kitchen and I was moving my cock upwards and downwards and she is looking at my cock for nearly 20-30 seconds and then I saw her smiling and went to do her kitchen work. Now I want to move one step forward so I started to cum in my moms panty which she left in bathroom before going to school. I started cumming in my moms panty daily and I was waiting for her response but to my amaze she gave no response but she kept quiet and I understand that she knows that I want to fuck her.

But then after my vacation ended and I returned to my college and then I decided to fuck my mom emotionally because she loves me a lot and very emotionally attached with me. So I want a perfect opportunity to make love to her and fuck her and make her mine completely and permanently.

So 3 years passed and now finally my engineering completed and I was on a break and decided to do a job but after 2-3 months later. So now I’m at my home with my mother and father as usual busy in his office work and no time for us.

So finally the time come which I was waiting for.. after 2-3 days passed I started executing my plan and now I want to fuck my mom by hook or by crook. My mother normally wear gown at home and inside no bra but only panties. So at night I started touching her butt from behind and she is in deep sleep and didn’t respond and now I’m touching her asshole as the gown as very thin material but she had wore panty that’s why I’m unable to touch her asshole properly. So I gave more pressure and because of that mom awakes and she turns behind and looks at me angrily and I was so scared and my mom told “kal subah tujhse baat karti tere papa ke jana ke baad (I will talk to you tomorrow morning after your father’s leave)” in a angry tone and I was so shocked and scared that what I had done such a bastard I’m. That night I didn’t sleep and as dad went for the office.. mom came to me and started yelling at me that what are you doing are you mad have you lost your mind? I’m your mother you idiot.. I was so ashamed and started crying and then my mom came to me and sit beside me and then I started executing my plan of emotional blackmail…

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