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Reunited…..Me and My Daughter …

My daughter and I had been intimate for a period of
two years when she was very young. For some reason or
the other it gradually ceased when she was about 18.
We never discussed it and it did not seem to bother
our father daughter relationship as she grew older.

When she was 23 she married a very nice young man who
was 28 and they appeared to be very much in love.
Eighteen months later she presented him with a healthy
son. Two years later she called me in the middle of
the night from the hospital to inform me that Jim had
died from a massive coronary. I found out later that
they had been making love and when they had finished
she went to the kitchen to get them something to drink
and when she returned he was gone.

That was four months ago. The phone rang and when I
answered it I heard my daughter’s voice, ” Dad, I need
to talk to you,” she said. It was about 07pm and I had
been hitting the pipe pretty heavy and was feeling no
pain so I told her to come on over. As I hung up I
wondered what the problem was as she did sound really
in the dumps.

I heard her car in the driveway so opened the door to
meet her. I could tell she had been crying and then
saw that she was alone. “Where’s Jimmy jr.?” I asked.

She replied, “I dropped him off at Paul and Ethels,
he’s going to spend the week-end with them.”

That’s her inlaws, Jim’s parents. When she took her
coat off I saw that she was dressed in her pajamas and
nothing else.

She flopped down on the sofa and looked up at me with
pleading eyes and asked, “Dad, have you got any smoke,
I am so shook up and really need a few hits to relax.”

I knew that she would indulge in smoking a little pot
now and then as I also did so thought nothing about
it. I nodded to her and went into the other room and
filled my pipe and took it to her. We sat there on the
couch and said nothing as we smoked. I was now very
stoned and could see her body slowly relax as she took
hit after hit on the pipe. I got up and got a bottle
of wine out of the fridge and poured us each a glass.
I knew she would open up soon so said nothing as she
at last looked at me and smiled.

She took a deep breath and started her story, “Dad,
you know that I am a very sensual and passionate
person and enjoy sex very much.”

My mind raced back a few years as I remembered that
yes, she was a hot young lady. I stood up and walked
around a bit and told her to go on. I saw her close
her eyes and take a deep breath as she continued. “I
have been so alone and so horny Dad, I really miss
sleeping with a man and having sex whenever I want
it,” her voice trailing off. “One of the fellows at
the office invited me to a party last night and as we
were dancing he became aroused and I could feel his
erection against me, it made so hot I could hardly
stand it. I wanted him so bad it hurt but I could not
stand the idea of sleeping around so I went home
frustrated and horny as hell,” she muttered.

By this time I was standing behind her and my hands
reached down to caress her hair I was so concerned
with her state of mind. As my hands slipped down to
massage her shoulders she reached up and held my hands
tight against her. Then ever so slowly she pulled my
hands down till each was cupping a breast and she
squeezed my hands tightly against her mounds. My mind
was racing as it flew back a few years remembering the
wonderful pleasures we had shared. Her pajamas were
very thin and I could feel her nipples in the palms of
my hands, remembering how they used to swell as I
sucked on them. Like her mother she had very large,
elongated nipples that when hard were close to an inch
long. When she would nurse her baby I would get erect
just watching her.

As my grip on her breasts tightened she moaned. I
leaned down and kissed the top of her head and she
then reached up and pulled my head down and brought
our mouths together. Her tongue darted out and as my
mouth opened she push her tongue into mine. Our
tongues dueled feverishly and she sucked on mine like
a starving infant. I could feel my blood rushing to my
groin and filling my manhood and in an instant my cock
was hard and throbbing. As I looked down I could see
her pj top had opened exposing the swell of her still
firm breasts. My hands slipped over and pushed her top
aside so my hands had access to her naked skin and her
swollen nipples.

We kissed for what seemed like an eternity and finally
I stood up panting and walked around and sat down with
her. The front of my pants sticking out from my
arousal and I did not care that she could see what she
had caused. I took her hands in mind and stared into
her eyes and ask, “Sweetheart, do you know what you
are doing to me acting like this?”

Her head nodded up and down, “Yes Dad, I do know, and
I can’t help it. I need to be held and made love to
like we used to, I want you Dad, I love you so much
and know that you will help me. I know that I can
trust you and that you will not hurt me in any way,
Please daddy, make love to me… FUCK ME DADDY!”

I knew too well the pain of loneliness and wanting to
hold someone close so I put my arms around her and
pulled her close. I kissed her eyes, then her nose and
then her mouth, again our tongues played with each
other’s and I felt her hands as she opened my shirt
and slipped it off of me. I pulled her top off her
shoulders and leaned down to feast on her swollen
nipples. First one and then the other my tongue
ravished as I felt her hands pulling my head tight
against her mounds of pleasure. Her breasts tasted so
sweet, like honey to my taste buds, my little baby, my
own daughter whom I had loved so dearly years ago the
memory again fresh in my mind.

She pushed me away at last and stood up saying, “Come
on Dad,” as she took my hand and led me to the
bedroom. A small lamp gave off a soft light to the
room and as we neared the bed she let her pj bottom
fall to the floor and stood there in her naked glory.
5’7″, 135#, breasts a full 34b, with elongated nipples
erect, and she loosened my belt and my pants fell to
the floor followed by my shorts. My engorged cock
sticking up and out, fully erect, the bulbous head
leaking pre-cum. She dropped to her knees and grasped
my tool with her hand and pulled it to her open mouth.
I felt her warm lips engulf the head and her tongue
swirled around it and then slide up and down the under
side. Shivers ran through my body as I looked down and
watched her mouth working up and down my shaft, her
eyes staring up at mine and Icould see the primal
desire deep in here eyes.

This was no longer my daughter, this was a hot blooded
woman who wanted my swollen cock, wanted to be fucked
hard and deep, wanted to be drained of her sexual
juices, wanted to drain my manhood, to be pounded
again and again. I could feel my cock swelling even
more, soaking up more and more of my hot blood as it
raced into my shaft. My mind was going mad with desire
and I felt weak in the knees and knew that I was going
to erupt soon. I could hear her gulping and grunting
as her mouth slipped up and down, her teeth rasping
against my cockhead, the pleasure so close to pain it
was exquisite and I yelled out, “Oh God baby…. I am
going to come…. I am so close… ughhhhhhhhhhhh.”

She suddenly pulled her mouth away and her grip
tightened around the base of my cock making it
impossible for me to ejaculate. She held me tighter
and tighter till at last the feeling eased. I fell
back on the edge of the bed, “My god baby, how did you
do that, I was so close and about to explode?”

She smiled and told me,” I learned from Jim as he
would come too fast and that way I could hold him back
till I was ready to come also.” She again grinned and
said, “Lie on the bed on your back Daddy, let me love
you this time.”

I stretched out and she crawled up till she was
straddling my shoulders and her pussy was in my face.
Slowly she came down till her thick blonde cunt-hairs
covered my mouth. I let my tongue lash out and licked
her pussy-lips up and down tasting her sweet nectar.
Then she reached down and held her cunt lips open and
I could see her swollen clit and she said, “My clit
Daddy, lick my clit, please, please licking fast

As she was pushing down I had no other choice and my
tongue flicked out to flick her clit from side to
side. Looking up I saw her head thrown back, her eyes
closed as she muttered, “Oh god… yes, yes… so
good… oh Daddy…that’s it…Ohhhh! Ughhhhh, Daddy,
Daddy, I am going to come… oh please, please more
more oh goddd, yesssssssss…I am coming…oh so hard,
so good.”

Her hips humping against my face as I felt her juices
gush forth and I lapped as much as I could, swallowing
each drop. She slowly moved down lower and we lay very
quiet for a few minutes, my cock hard as stone against
her groin. Then at last she raised up, took my cock in
her hand and guided it between her wet cunt lips and
slowly sat down on it.

As my throbbing erection entered her I felt her inner
walls tighten around my shaft as if trying to eject
it. She was wet inside but still felt very tight as if
she were still a virgin. Then I was at last buried in
her pussy, I reached up and took a nipple in each
hand, using my thumb and fingers I rolled them back
and forth and heard her groan with pleasure. Then I
placed my hands on her hips and pusher her away and
then back, over and over again and at the same time
felt her grinding down against my pelvic bone. with
each push and pull her clit was mashed against me and
all of a sudden she again squealed loudly, “Ohhhh
Daddy, Daddy… my god, I am coming again.”

Her hips moved faster and then I felt a warm sensation
as her warm cum engulfed my swollen cock buried deep
inside her. The feeling running through my body were
indescribable. Never before had I had these fantastic
sensations, my cock felt like it was on fire.

I wanted to come, my cock ached with desire to explode
and spew my load and felt like I was filled with
gallons of juice. She leaned down and gazed into my
eyes and said….”Now father, it’s your turn!”

As she spoke I felt her hips raise up till only my
cock head was still inside and then she rammed her ass
down hard and my cock was buried deep inside her. I
pulled her down so I could suck her nipples and nibble
on them. Each time she rammed down my cock head was
pushing against something deep inside her that I
imagined was her cervix and it felt wonderful. She
pounded up and down wildly as I sucked and chewed
first one nipple and then the other.

All of a sudden I felt my inside churning with heat
and knew that I was getting close. My mind was in a
fog, all I could think about was my cock ramming in
and out of her tight cunt and this was my darling
baby. I was not fucking her, she was fucking me like a
wild mare in heat and I loved it. My balls were
swollen with hot cum and it was about to explode as
she pounded up and down. Her cunt muscles gripping my
shaft tighter and tighter and milking me. She was
moaning and groaning as then I felt the dam burst.

I bit down on her nipples and groaned and mumbled,
“Baby, baby… Daddy is going to shoot, he is going to
fill your cunt with his hot come. Aghhhhhh, I am
coming…. I felt a flash of heat run from my balls
and up the inside of my swollen cock and then I burst
forth and felt my juice shoot into the inner depths of
my daughter’s cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhh Shittttt, baby baby
daddy is coming and coming so hard.”

I felt her body tense and she yelled out in pleasure,
“God, daddy, your baby is coming too!” and she groaned
and cried out, “YESSSSSS…. YESSSSS!”

Our juices gushed forth to mingle together as we both
panted for breath from our exertions. I pulled her to
me, kissing her eyes and mouth and holding her close,
feeling her heart beating madly against my chest.

My mind racing as to what had done. The love between
us so strong and powerful. At last she slipped off me
and we lay holding each other in a warm embrace.

As I drifted off to sleep I wondered, what will become
of us?

If you have any comments, good or bad I would be
pleased to hear from you.

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