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Reunited with his birth mother, son finds true love

Noah had struggled all of his life with issues of abandonment. That was a pretty standard condition for people who had been adopted but he had made sincere efforts to address his concerns and unpack his baggage. He hadn’t managed to establish a healthy, long term relationship in his 30 years of life but he was ever hopeful.

The first and most important step in that journey toward wholeness was finding his birth mother. It was a relatively easy process; she only lived less than two hours away for his entire life. She had been looking for him just as he had been looking for her so it was a matter of signing the appropriate papers and waiting for the red tape to be cut by adoption agency personnel. Their reunion had been awkward and rather uneventful. They decided it would be best if they chose to meet their first time at her home to avoid any emotional outbursts at Olive Garden or some such place. Noah’s heart was in his chest as he made his way to her front door. There were still lots of unanswered questions and unresolved issues when the initial meeting was all said and done but Noah and Andrea were well on their way to establishing a healthy relationship and a good friendship. Certainly, the rapport was there without much effort. The age difference was minimal and Noah was awed at how at ease he felt with his birth mother and that their similarities. Finding her had been one of the best things he’d ever done in his adult life, a step that would lead to closure for a lot of emotional triggers in his life that left him distancing himself from women.

As is the case with most busy singles, Noah had resorted to the internet to aid in finding love. It was as a viable an option as any other in the day and age and he opted to use paid sites to weed out the insincere and the fake. There were very few sites like that that catered specifically to African Americans so he’d search to the top three dating sites to cast a wide net. The $100 or so investment was well worth it if he could find his dream lady. He was pretty aggressive in his search He had a list of criteria that was pretty extensive and there wasn’t much room for deviation. She had to be a woman of color, intelligent, articulate, spiritual, affectionate, and exude sex appeal. The other things were intangibles that would amount to chemistry and connection upon meeting.

Within 100 miles of San Francisco was a decent distance to travel to find his one true love. As with many search options on dating sites, he had to expand some of his criteria in order to get a fair sampling of profiles returned. Always having an attraction for older women and having exhausted profiles that were in his distance range, he expanded his age range to get a better selection of profiles. Satisfied that 80 profiles would be enough to explore for the evening, he settled in to go over them with a fine tooth comb. He had limited his search to profiles with pictures to prevent any time spent getting to know someone that he wasn’t physically attracted to and to save time for all involved.

He hadn’t clicked on more than three or four profiles when fate would alter his reality forever. “Degreed Blk Fem sks intimacy, communication, and passion,” read the headline. Noah shook his head in disbelief and stared at the screen for a few minutes in a daze. There was no mistake about it, no way to misconstrue that the profile belonged to Andrea, his birth mother. He felt like he was invading her privacy and he closed the profile and moved on. Distracted and shaken, he returned to her profile again, this time to explore every detail.

First, he looked at all the photos. The album held five photos, all tasteful, all showing facets of a very beautiful woman. Noah told himself that the man that got his mother as a partner would be a damn lucky man because there was not way to deny, even at 46, she was a breathtaking beauty that looked more than 10 years younger than her age. Her delicious honey colored complexion was flawless and Noah marveled at the pictures, seeing his own complexion reflected in the womanly curves lady that gave birth to him. He made note of the fact that none of the photos were vulgar but yet they all oozed sensuality. She showed subtle flashes of leg, a rounded bare shoulder, even a sweet, casual shot that wasn’t glamorous at all but still showed off her natural beauty. He wondered to himself what his reaction would have been had she had a nude photo of herself among her collection. Noah rated her photos an A plus and went on to explore her profile more.

There was something a little uneasy for Noah to deal with and it was the activity in his pants. He shook his head and made a conscious effort to focus on the computer screen and deny the fact that he had an erection had to do with a taboo that was almost too unthinkable to comprehend. He adjusted himself and kept on, obsessed with finding out anything and everything he could about this mysterious woman to whom he was more connected than any other person on the planet but he knew so little about. Even as he scrolled down the profile, he rationalized that there was probably some genetic DNA predisposition that was responsible for the fact that all the traits he sought in a woman, his mother possessed.

When he got to the essay portion of the profile he swallowed hard and began reading. She articulately described herself and exactly what she was looking for in a man in detail. She wrote, “I’m an accomplished, successful woman who is at a crossroads. I need companionship and friendship with a partner that can allow me to explore my new found sexual liberation. Understand that I’m not looking for someone to romance me and sweep me off my feet with little or no substance. I need a man that can be open, a good listener, honest, available and accountable. Once you’ve shown me that you are worthy of my heart, I’m looking to share my body with you in ways you probably can’t imagine. There aren’t many men that meet my standards and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share a side of me that needs more exploration and expression. Younger men are more than welcome to apply because I need a man that can keep up with my rather insatiable appetites.”

By the time he finished reading, his dick was in his hand and he was stroking it furiously. Her unapologetic yet sophisticated call for a lover to rock her world yet be more than a fuck toy, to actually be a man committed to the person not just the just package it came in, was arousing on so many levels he could barely control himself. He jerked his hardness, reading the words over and over again. He tried to imagine the unimaginable promises of pleasure Andrea had alluded to. He called her name as he envisioned her satisfying herself in the absence of a man on the very couch they had shared tea when they met. He imagined her sexy breasts glistening with sweat as he pounded her while she dug her nails into his back and screamed for more. His cum erupted as he thought about it being deposited in the very womb that nurtured him for nine months.

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