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roopali my sis and my girlfriend

Roopali my sister and my girlfriend.
i have a girlfriend, her name is aditi. i broke up with my ex girlfriend. so when aditi came into my life i was all sexed up because of the long duration of no sex life, let me tell u about aditi, she is fair, little weighty like indian girls, but her skin so smooth, and she use to smell very good. she was very sexually aroused all the time.
its been a month now and she told me to have sex, so we decided a date and went to a near by hotel and had sex. i could not hold longer as i was doing her after a long time but i managed to do her for a longer time afterwards. she was very happy. after some months we use to try our fantasies like role playing, abusing, dirty talking and were very frank to each other, she use to expose in front of my friends, i use to make sure she would wear short clothes in public and friends, and i use to get turn on when people us to see her and smile mischievously. i could see the bulge in their pants. and she use to like it and one day i told her about my fantasy and she said she also likes this and enjoyed showing her assets to public, she told me that she had the idea what i was upto but didnt say anything, after that day, our sex life was very regular and we both had great sessions.
one day i was shopping with my girlfriend and my sister roopali was also shopping with her friends, she saw me and came to me.
roopali: hey bhai, how come u r here.
me: bas aise hi, didi, was shopping with my girlfriend.
aditi: hi, i am aditi, how r u.
aditi was astonised to see my sister because she was staring at my sister in a sexual way, i kind of liked it. when my sis was gone, she told me that your sister is very beautiful and sexy. i smiled and said yes she is.
let me tell u about my sister roopali
he is 27, very sexy, she was a normal girl but she went to UK for her studies and when she came back. i was totally surprise to see her, her skin became very smooth, her breasts were swollen up and her ass was to die for with great pair of legs, she was of whitesh complexion, her face was very pretty with great smile. i bet she was not a virgin as her ass was perfectly used, woh kehte haina ki ladkiyon ki ass chodi hone lagti hain when she gets regular fuck sessions.
to continue the story, my girlfriend stared her back and ass when she was passing by. i got the hint that she liked her, a strange but sexual feeling started in my mind and my dick was up, i had to hide my dick in the public.
till many days aditi was saying words for my sister in admiration, when suddenly one day when we were about to begin sex.
she told me that
aditi: yaar, your sister is very sexy, i wonder how she might be in sex.
me: kya bol rahi ho tum.
aditi: hain yaar, kya mast sex karti hogi woh,
my dick suddenly gave me a shook and i realised my dick was erect
aditi: yaar i know this is wrong but she is very sexy and i want her sexually, i always have some incest thoughts but if u agree we both can fuck her.
i was so suddenly turned on that i inserted my finger in aditi pussy and she was totally wet, i did her hard but i couldnt imagine this, aditi realised this and when she was on top of me she said do u want to fuck your sister, i did not said a word but increased my pace on her.
after sex, i told her that i will do it and we started talking about my sister. i was very surprised by listening to her dirty talks about my sister how she used words such as choot, land, gaand. it was normal but about my sister i was enjoying this.
after few days, i started seeing my sister in a new way, sexual way. i know that this is incest and its forbidden but sexual lusts controlled me. i use to see her ass and legs at home. i use to get chills.
i wonder why didnt i get the idea before. one sunday when my sister was home, she was wearing a long skirt and a low cut top at home, she called me in her room.
roopali: bhai, mughse ek galti ho gayi hai, i put my hand nail polish first, can u please put nail polish on my feet, i was excited to listen to it.
me: kyu nahi bahen, why are brothers for, she smiled mischievously.
she sat on the bed side and put on feet on bed, she told me to apply black one. i saw the feet just infront of me and i started to get arouse, it was the very first time i saw her feet close to me, her feet was perfectly pedicured, i started putting her nail polish when suddenly her skirt went a bit high and i could see her thighs, i was staring at it, and stopped for a while.
roopali: kya hua bhai, ruk kyu gaye,
me: bas ayesi he, your feets are really beatiful
she saw that i was admiring her thighs as well, she got a bit hesistant and said abb tum jaao, main khud hi laga lungi, my hands now are all dried up.
i thought she realised but didnt bother as i wanted to have her.
same day when i told my girlfriend about it, she said wow yaar, maze aaye honge tughe toh. i said aur kya bas mann kar raha tha i chaat hu uski tange, my girlfriend and me got aroused.
she said that she had one idea to feel her closeness. i said what is it, tell me fast. she said listen apni bahen ki used panty leke aana mere ghar, woh usne kal pahenni ho, hum dono maze karenge, mere ghar main ek hafte ke liye koi nahi hai.
next day when my sister came from work and went for a bath. i picked up her panty and took it to my room. my heart was racing very hard.i locked my room and saw my sister’s panties in my hand. my lund was up seeing it that this is her most private thing which touched her choot. i saw the inner side and saw that it was still had a wet spot on it, i was feeling ashamed but lusts was more powerful and that too my sister, i was going out of control. i inhaled the aromo coming from her panties and licked the wet spot, i was in heaven, it was a bit salty and very pungent smell. it was stronger than aditi, i started mastubating with it and i cummed very hard with few strokes. i was very delighted and thanked aditi for showing me my sister in an incested way, main apni bahen ke baare main socbne laga ki kitni acchi smell hogi if i licked it straight from the source.
next day i bought the panty to my girlfrind, she was excited too, she immediately took the panty and started to smell it and licked, she put her fingers in her pussy i was so turned on by this, i took out my dick and we both started mastubating, we licked and smelled my sister’s panties. she said kya bhai hai yaar apni bahen ki panty woh bhi geeli laya hai, bahen chood, i immediately was on top of her and fucked her like crazy, i started saying roopali didi, i wanna fuck u, she immediately realised this and said, chod mughe , apni badi bahen ko chod, phaad daal meri choot, mere boobs ko daba, i started my pace and fucked her hard. her choot was on fire and i was on fire too. i cummed on her back and lie down next to her. i said aditi i wanna fuck her how to fuck her yaaaaar.
i put her panties back and when i was putting it back in the laundry basket i saw my moms panties too, immediately took them and inhaled it, i got turned on and licked it as well, what difference does it make, mom or sister, i was a perverted brother and a son, incest is incest. from that day i started seeing my mother as well in sexual way, she had an awesome ass which i would liked to lick and fuck.
many months passed but we did not get a chance to make her have sex with us. but one day we all three went out for a night out. me, my sis and my girlfriend, i told aditi that today she needs to convince her and have a threesome but she said it will not be a three some but i will only watch first having sexing between brother and sister. that day my sister was wearing a very tight tube top, which was black in colour and the length was till her thighs and her back was open as well. i got a erection seeing her.
aditi said wow yaar, she is hell one piece of a meat. we both were staring her, when she said
roopali: what happen guys, why u looking
aditi: didi aap kya lag rahi ho, aaj toh aap ke koi bhi fida ho jayega.
i was feeling ashamed, my sister smiled and said thank u. we went inside the club and it was a very nice one, we three started drinking, we had one drink only, and i sarted to dance on the dance floor when my sister also got up and started dancing, i saw that we was looking very sexy and her boobs was flying, two boys got up and started dancing with her, i saw one guy touching her and she was liking it, i told my girlfriend about it and she said let her charge up, we were watching my sister and i was getting hard and she was getting wet, i said that my sister was touching a guys lund and he was all over her, i look to my girlfriend and she was horny as hell.
my sister came back to our place and sat very near to me with crossing her leg. i could smell her sweat as she was exhausted, my dick was about to burst as i love her sweat smell as it was very nice and horny, her chest and forehead was a bit shiny because of her sweat. my sister after some time went to the ladies room and i saw that guy following her. i followed her and saw that they both entered the toilet and locked it, after sometime i saw roopali coming back i saw her lipstick was gone. i said what a slut my sister is but i was in heaven thinking my sister kissing and giving blow job to a stranger.
when she came back and sat near us. my girlfriend said that i should leave and let her talk.
i said ok and left.
when i came back i saw that my sister left and my girlfriend was sitting alone, she said that roopali is gone, as she was not feeling well. i was disappointed but i said i wanna fuck u so we both went to her place. we sat for some time and went to her room, i started kissing her with lusts in my mind, i removed aditi’s clothes which was already skimpy, i was about to finger her, when a hand touch me on my dick, i realized and saw my sister standing at my back and smiling.
i said didi aap.
roopali: mere bina aa gaye waha se,
me: nahi toh, i was surprised.
i saw that aditi was smiling and it occurred to me that she talked to my sister and made this plan.
roopali: bhai, mughe pehle realise ho gaya tha ki u were interested in me, i saw to staring at my ass and boobs so many times at home, tu kitna bada bahenchod hai, apni sagi bahen ko gandi nazro se dekhta hai.
me: didi main kya karo, bas main dewana hu aapka, aapki har cheese mera khada kar deti hai.
roopali: kya khada kar deti hai, bhai.
me: samagh jaao, didi
roopali: nahi bolo, main sunna chahti hu, ayr dekhna chati hu ki mera bhai kitna harami aur bada ho gaya hai.
i moved close to her and said mera lund khada ho jata hai, didi, aapki gaand dekhkar. aapko pata nahi main aapke peeche kab se pada hu, 8 mahine se main pagal ho gaya hu, i started touch my bahen on her back. she was getting aroused, in the mean while, aditi got up from the bed and sat on the sofa next to her bed. i immediately made didi sat on the bed and throw her on bed. her back was facing up and she was looking like a bitch in heat. i removed her sandals and started licking her toes, i was in heaven, i then moved up and smelled her armpit as i was very aroused to it before, i licked it.
roopali: bhai, tu kitna ganda hai, apni bahen ke saath kya kya karna chahta hai,
me: didi bas poocho mat karne do.
i started licking her armpits while my hands were roaming on her thighs.
didi was on heat she kissed me and immediately put her tongue on my mouth, i could smell the taste of cum in her mouth, i got more horny. i said
me: didi aapne uss anjaan aadmi ke saath kya kara, maine aap dono ko ander jaate dekha tha.
roopali: she was quite for some time and said maine uska land choosa and uska cum pee gayi, i am horny, bhaiyya, fuck me hard and be my lover, i am so wet.
aditi was watching and hearing us and was masturbating very hard, she was enjoying the sex and talks by us.
i pulled her top up to her stomach and inserted my finger into her choot, she screamed and said yahi, yahi aaj lagi hai, i got the courage and inserted two fingers, her juices were on my fingers and took them out and smelled it and licked, when i licked it tasted exact like mothers( the story i will tell later) i said didi aapki choot ka pani toh mummy ki tarah taste karta hai, she got up and said kya, kya tumne mummy ke saath bhi sex kiya, madar chood, i said yes, i did her before and she is very good and raunchy, she like to be dirty, i fucked her like crazy and her ass hole was so tasty and slimy. my sister was in shock but she like it, she said wah yaar, pehle maa phir bahen, bhai mughe apna bana le.
i removed her clothes and saw her naked for the first time, she was a fox, her whetish complexion was killing me, she was a total knock out, i widened her ass and straight started to lick her pussy, she was enjoying it, she was guiding me through as a sister, her juices were flowing and i was drinking it, i then put my tongue on her asshole, she loved it and said to do it again, i licked her ass like a Rocky, her asshole was smelling neutral, it was black in colour and was very cute and tight, she said that she has been fucked in the ass once, she got up and took my dick in her hand, her perfectly manicured hand with black nail polish was looking crazy, i spat on my dick and started moving it up and down. i said didi muh main lelo, as i was not able to control, she took it in her mouth, i suddenly felt her warm mouth around my lund. she was a pro.
i could not believe that my own sister, was giving me a blowjob, i said didi zara aur spit karo, make it totally wet with your spit, she did as i commanded, i was such a horny scene to see her blowing me.
she said bhai abb mughe chodo,plz mughse raha nahi jaa raha, i made her in missionary position and placed my lund on her wet choot, i was feeling and choot from top, i was sliding my dick on her pussy which was making her mad, i inserted my dick in her and she was aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, jor se…
oh my god, chod apni bahen ko, apni randi bahen ko, maadar chod, she was screaming dirty, i inhaled her smell from her armpit, it was driving me mad, i changed her into Rockygy position, and started humping my sister from behind, she was liking it so much, i suddenly had an idea and i inserted my finget in her ass hole and doing her, she went crazy amd said, chod mere gaand ko, ungli daal aur under, main pagal ho gayi, hu, bhai, tu kiyna acha chod ta hai, i took out my lund from my her pussy and licked her stretched asshole, she then took my dick in her moth and tasted her own pussy juices, i then again did her from behind and i said didi i am about to cum, make me cum, u horny bitch, she said fuck me hard, she screamed and i realised that she had an orgasm, she was shivering, bahen chod, she said.
she got straight and took my dick in her mouth, gave me few strokes, then she said to me to bend over and she licked my asshole, it was a strange feeling, but i was very horny, she did it for sometime, i locked her in the eyes and eyes randi, tharki randi, she said haan hu main randi, she inserted one finder in my asshole and as she did that i cummed all over here face and boobs, i cummed so much that day, it was a great fuck with my sister, my girlfriend who was watching us, had also cummed many times, she got up and licked my cum over her breasts and kissed didi with my tongue, it was the best erotic scene ever, my sister, my girlfriend and me.
we enjoyed many times after that day, my didi was always horny, i made my frinds fuck her as well. my mom also had a threesome with us.
i hope u enjoyed it, will tell u more.

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