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Saas Bani Meri Saut

All characters are over 18 years of age at the time the events occurred.

This story is in English but uses Hindi/Urdu Words.


This is a story of how Jayshree’s husband married his mother and now his mom and Jayshree are both his wives. This is a story of how his mother Malti married Aditya and also had a child with him.

Malti, Aditya’s mother is 47 but looks a young and youthful 35.

Aditya Jayshree’s husband is 28. Jayshree, Aditya’s wife is 40 and looks her age.

Aditya’s father Prashant is over 60 years of age.

They have a maid Deepa who is 25 years of age.

This story is narrated by Jayshree the way Aditya and Malti narrated it to her.

Aditya’s story

“Jayshree is a good friend of my mother. Jayshree and I got married as arranged by my mother. Jayshree is much older to me and our marriage was arranged by mummy as Jayshree was her friend and Malti wanted my wife to be her friend.”

“Malti knew I am attracted to older women and wanted me to have a safe and successful as well as happy married life. She therefore arranged my marriage with Jayshree. I got married to Jayshree after meeting her with my mother 5 years back.”

The past as told to Jayshree by Aditya

“My mother (Malti) always left her bra and panty hanging in the washroom as well as her nighties. She use to change her lingerie every alternate day. Her nightie was always hanging in the washroom.”

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