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Sarah Cuckolded Experience Gone Wrong

“You owe me baby, your turn to watch me blow another man in a month’s time. Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch?” I tease as I kiss the sides of his cock.

“Yes baby, you know I would, very much,” he mutters as I take his cock back into my mouth.

That was a month ago just as I was about to blow my man Roger while Suzi watched.

This Sunday at three Roger has organised another man for us. He told me Shane is a very attractive blond, bisexual model and fifteen years younger than us. When I asked what type of modelling, Roger showed me some clips of him in action on his computer.

Very pretty boy I mused as I watched an older naked woman undressing him before she sucked his very erect cock. “Must be nine-inches baby, but not as thick as you.”

“You can check on Sunday,” Roger smirks as I watch another man suck his cock while the woman kisses him. Then he sucks the man’s cock while the woman blows him.

“Can’t wait for Sunday baby, we haven’t had a second man for two months, our new man should be very pleasurable for both us,” I tell Roger on the Friday night as he is fucking me.

“Your turn on is my turn on, make this really good baby, no more sex until Sunday so we enjoy it even more.”

We are a very competitive couple and always compete to see who can dress or undress to capture the attention of our male or female guest first.

I decide to wear nothing more than heels, a short silk blouse with all the buttons undone, it covers my nipples but not my shaved pubic hair or arse, and accentuates my legs.

Roger decides on a tight pair of jeans and nothing else to show off his taut, tanned body.

“You look hot baby and very fuckable, love your arse in that shirt,” he tells me as he bends to kiss both cheeks and I respond by kissing his nipples as I remind him I am to pleasure and be pleasured.

“Remember your turn on is my turn on baby, don’t hold back,” I tell my man as we continue teasing each other. We are both sexually aroused when Shane arrives a little late which increases our anxiety and anticipation.

‘Very attractive man,’ I am going to enjoy this I muse as we size each other up.

“Love the way you wear shirt and the way you shave,” he tells me as runs a finger along my exposed cunt lips.

“And I like the fit of your jeans,” Shane smiles as he feels Roger’s obvious semi-erection.

“Can I use your shower?,” he asks, “It was hot work getting here.

“That’s fine, can I watch?,” I tease as I lead him to the shower.

“Would love you to watch,” he smiles back as he quickly undresses down to a tiny white jock strap which highlights his completely tanned body.

“I enjoyed your video clip, my guess was you are nine-inches,” I smirk agitated as I am about to find out as he steps out of jock strap.

Even without an erection he must be four or five-inches I muse as he watches me tease my nipples with my legs apart, as he soaps and showers, obviously enjoying flaunting his naked body for an older woman. As he steps out of the shower and I dry him off with a towel with my hands all over him.

“Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch me blow Shane?,” I ask Roger as Shane follows me back into the room.

“Hello Sarah, Roger invited me in, you have often told me I could watch you in action. I hope you don’t mind if I watch today?,” our neighbour Mary smiles. She is dressed in a very short tight skirt, sitting with her legs crossed and looking very pleased with herself.

I love sex with an audience and performing for my man and another woman will be a real buzz and a challenge for me today.

“Would you like to masturbate for me and Mary as well while you watch me blow Shane?,” I ask Roger as I tease and scratch Shane’s balls and lick the length of his now fully erect cock as I sit in front of a wall length mirror with Shane standing.

“Then I want Mary and I to watch Shane blow you while I masturbate, I might even squirt for you.

“You are going to have to wait a little to watch me blow Shane, I want to be pleasured first and you can watch,” I tease very aroused as I stand and motion for Roger to stand be behind me and lock his arms around mine.

“I love to be licked to orgasm while standing up Shane with my man holding me from behind and kissing me and I am multi-orgasmic. Make it happen for me while Mary and Roger watch,” I tell three people as Shane kneels and teases my cunt lips with the tip of his tongue as I ogle his nine-inch erection.

“Show all three of us how good you are Shane, you were very good in your video clip, very very good, don’t stop,” I moan as I cum, very much enjoying Mary watching a hung man pleasure me with his tongue.

“Like watching Mary? He is very good and you can watch me blow him soon, very soon,” I whisper as I orgasm again.

“I love watching Sarah and you have two really well hung men in your thrall.”

“Your tongue is magic Shane, fucking magic on my cunt lips, I have wanted this ever since I saw your video clip,” I moan as I orgasm again while I watch my man Roger teasing his erection as he watches Shane pleasure me.

“Lay on your back on the bed for me Shane, I want to sit on your face so I can watch you lick me in the mirror.

“Would you like to masturbate for me and Mary as well while you watch me blow Shane?,” I ask Roger again as I watch him teasing his roaring erection as Mary watches fascinated.

“I am going to have him soon, very soon,” I groan as I have a very strong orgasm that has my whole body trembling as Roger is almost screaming, “Watch me cum, watch me cum,” as he shoots a huge load.

“I love a challenge and a blowing a hung fifteen-year younger bisexual man right now is a challenge I am going to enjoy, especially while Mary and my man watch,” I tell Shane as I tease his roaring erection with my finger tips.

“Do you like my arse Shane?, most men do and I love having it licked and kissed before I blow a man, especially with two people watching, do it for me now before I have you.

“So good,” I moan as he kisses my arse with gusto.

“I love a challenge and a blowing a hung fifteen-year younger bisexual man right now is a new challenge for me,” I tell him again as I take just the tip of his cock between my eager lips and glance sideways in the mirror to ogle his rock hard erection.

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