Friday , December 9 2022

Sarah’s first time

My first fuck was in the missionary position. It happened when I was 18. I was a nurse and my boyfriend sometimes visited me in the nurse’s home. I was not ready to have full sex, but we often kissed and caressed each other, and had stripped each other’s clothes so we had been naked together several times. It was so difficult at those times, not to fuck, that we had agreed a rule: that one of us must always wear panties (or briefs) so that the barrier of cloth would give us enough resistance to prevent him penetrating me in the heat of excitement.

This time, he was naked and I wore panties. I loved his body – the feel of his bare skin, the way his cock went so hard at my touch, the warmth of his crotch, the smooth firm curve f his bare buttocks. And he loved mine – he used to kiss my breasts, sucking them into his mouth, and he would rub his hand on the outside of my cunt, pressing so that I almost came from just tat contact, and sometimes he would slip a finger inside me, in my cunt, so that I wished for it to be his cock.

I was in the Missionary Position. He was above me, laying on me so that his chest pressed into my bare breasts, squashing them. His legs were between my thighs, which were spread, and his cock was rubbing against me, up and down, though the material of y panties that was all that separated us. I could feel his cock, every detail, as it rubbed me: the hard shiny head, the ridge, and the stiff long shaft. the had of his cock was rubbing back and forth, up and down, along the length of my cunt lips and I could feel it very clearly. The ridge below the helmet gave me an intense arousal, because as the head rubbed me the ridge followed, pressing even harder, massaging my cunt lips. And the shaft followed the ridge, a long stiff smooth rod that more stroked than rubbed.

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